1 Valve/Novachrome (CD Release Party) Curtain Club, Dallas, TX Novachrome have to be the most humorous band in Dallas. Johnny is pure evidence that a person shouldn't watch too many music videos.
Valve were in good form. It was Moogie's 24th birthday and I bought him a ring pop. His dyke looking girlfriend thought I was putting the moves on him and wanted to beat me up. Oh joy. Really honey, girls are allowed to have guy friends. Deal with it.
1 Bedwetter Liquid Lounge, Dallas, TX Novachrome annoyed me (Yes, they were funny, but there's only so much comedy I can handle) so I went next door for some peace and Bedwetter were playing. They sounded like they had strong elements of early Who. Got a drunk mod to sing "Bus Stop" with them. Really choppy lyrics but still kind of cute.
2 Deathray Davies/Chomsky Sushi Nights, Dallas, TX Glen from Chomsky's girlfriend's birthday party. We don't know her but still went to the shows because Matt invited us. Deathray Davies are so so good and I very much love Chomsky. A good night to be out and we got in for free.
3 Go Metric USA/Legendary Crystal Chandelier Wreck Room, Ft. Worth, TX Got there as Go Metric were playing their song that sounds oddly enough like the Kinks' "Picture Book". Hmm. Good set though.
LCC were really nice. There were like 7 people in the band and they switched off on some instruments and it was a great big wall of sound. Nice. Lots of Peter Schmidt (local Dallas legend/hero) fans drooling all around me.
7 Darlington/D Generation Trees, Dallas, TX Last minute planned show. How much do I hate Darlington? VERY MUCH. I really wish they'd break up and save my ears.
D Generation were so rock and roll it almost hurt. Rhythm guitarist looks like a bohemian Peter Holmstrom. Beauty. He had a clear vinyl guitar and nice shoes. And I met Howie Pyro, the guy who threw Sid Vicious's ashes all over Nancy's grave.
9 Weener Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Dallas, TX Oh my God. This was the worst set of theirs I have ever seen. I guess they really couldn't hear themselves in the monitors, but it was really quite painful to sit through.
9 Rufus Wainwright Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX Ran over to the Tea Room when Weener were over and sat through most of Rufus's cute little set. He wore a western shirt from the 70s and a cowboy hat that said "Rufus" across the top in silver glitter paint. And he is so cute and so gay all I could do was giggle like a fool. I walked him to a sushi restaurant afterwards and he held my hand when a big gang of tough vigilantes walked by. Such soft hands. So so cute and so so gay. I love him.
9 Falcon Project/Go Metric USA/Legendary Crystal Chandelier Trees, Dallas, TX Came to Trees in post-Rufus bliss, left in weakness from not eating all day and in dire need of caffeine and/or sleep. Yuck.
16 Valve/Weener Trees, Dallas, TX More Moog. More Weezer cover songs. I had an actual conversation with the fat punk girl who I see everywhere. She liked my Who shirt.
16 Kleenex Liquid Lounge, Dallas, TX I didn't actually stay long enough to see them, but I saw Johnny roaming and we ran into CROWDER and Lindsay's friend Elizabeth introduced me to a new drink:Sno-cones. equal parts malibu, cranberry juice, and coke. Tastes JUST like a sno-cone. So good.
17 The Commercials/Dooms UK/Chomsky/Corn Mo Fry St. Fair, Denton, TX A day of hippies, punks, bad food and sun. What a blast! We hung a lot with Moogie and spent too much time at The X buying CDs in the bargain bin.
17 Riverboat Gamblers/Gardener Wreck Room, Ft. Worth, TX We got there after the Riverboat Gamblers went offstage. Which is the reason we even drove that far too see the show. Gardener sucked and don't have a token girl singer with you if she's going to be wearing a tank top and khaki pants. And if you are a girl singer, don't wear that. Get some style.
22 Slash's Snakepit Trees, Dallas, TX Opening band was awful. Two acoustics and a shred lead guitar. And lots of leather vests. Favorite lyric from them? "If you stay I will eat you, If you go I will beat you." Quite an incentive!
Slash came onstage and the place went crazy. His purple top hat and belly button ring just added to his cuteness. They played "Mr. Brownstone" for an encore and I thought all of the frat boys around me were going to explode.
I got Slash's autograph afterwards and we posed together for a picture. The goods will be up here soon.
30 Trinket, Kent, Black Crowes Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA When we left Dallas, it was almost 90 degrees. When we got to Atlanta, it was in the 50s. So after purchasing coats and closed-toed shoes, we picked up our comp. tickets to the festival and made it through the gates 10 minutes after Trinket's set began. We sat amongst the wood chips and beachballs for half an hour before moving across the festival site to see Kent on the 99x stage. So good! We were stuck in a swedish tender idol sandwich. What more could you ask for? Met Kent afterwards and fell in lust with Sami. Goo Goo Dolls got sick (poor Johnny!) so the Black Crowes took their place and we had a much better show to watch. Chris Robinson, Full Moon, Big Crowd ... it was a perfect night.