Who are you?
Christina Comley

Have a nickname?

Your e-mail?

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How old are you?

Camp Lejune, NC

Euless or Allen, TX

Hometown in 10 years:

What kind of question is that? Hopefully somewhere with a cool name like Poughkeepsie or Scranton but will have a good cosmopolitan and/or Texan feel to it.


Reading. Writing. Tinkering on the piano. My website. Going to shows.


mom, dad, sister Angie (17), brother Matt (16), sister Carolyn (4) and one more sibling on the way which will be a millenium baby. neat.

Get along with them?

Mom - sometimes. We're working on it, so things are improving. Dad - yes. Angie - usually. Matt - almost always. Carolyn - as long as she's not too hyper.


Not really. I am not a big fan of animals. Carolyn sort of has a cat which she named Meeko, but can't pronounce. Instead she calls it Nico. I think it's funny.

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs. Cats are assholes. Dogs are loyal and you know where you stand.

Single or taken?

What a ridiculous question. Noone owns me. "Hi, I'm Chrissy". Not, "Hi, I'm so-and-so's girlfriend." Pah.


Would love to be able to afford school right now. So I'm working.

Favourite subjects:

History, Literature.

Least favourite subjects:

Math. Science. Stick a rip-cord in my back and call me Barbie.

Favourite perfume:

eh, i wear men's cologne by the way...it's Obsession by Calvin Klein. but mostly i use the "speed stick" for social reasons at the gym.

High heels?

yes. however, i don't wear them often as puji's not very happy about it. he's just a tad taller than me..about a cm, i think. but i would buy heels - thick chuncky ones.

Sandals or sneakers.

Sandals definitely. the present one i have is incredibly embaressingly tatty and broken to bits, but i haven't the heart to thrown them out as they have been with me everywhere i go - amsterdam, ireland, sydney, kuala lumpur, phuket, bangkok, jakarta. everywhere except the US and bali unfortunately.

and yes, i'm still wearing them.

Pants or a skirt?

Skirt mostly but i prefer pants, but i don't wear them...go figure. i usually have long skirts because i'm tall, well not amazingly tall, but adequately tall.

Ponytail or leave hair down?

i have short shoulder length hair now and most of the time, it's bundle up to a fat knot with a scrunchy. but when i did have long hair, it was often bundled up in a fat knot with a scrunchy hehehe..somethings never change. but i suppose that would constitute a ponytail.

Pierce your nose or tongue?

i had a second earhole pierced when i was 16 and my mother was convinced that i would end up as a prostitute or drugg addict or both. so i really don't want to get her into a heart seizure by piercing the nose or the tongue.

Are you a veggie?

i ALWAYS forget that i'm a vegetarian....

Why/why not?

okay, if there is choice between veg or red meat, i would take veg anyday. why? i don't really like the taste of red meat, plus bits get stucked in between my teeth, so and yes, i'm a lazy flosser.

Favourite salad dressing:

1000 island.

Favourite food:

i'd say cabbage. it was quite possible for me to devour a whole head of cabbage in a day. i'd boil the whole thing with chicken stock, anchovies and put lots of pepper in it and just sit and eat reading a book. *slurrp*.

Eat an apple or orange?


Simple or complicated?

of personal preference or character? if it is the former, i like things simple and white. i like white things or light colours, it brings out a more positive attitude in me. in terms of character, i'm not that easy to understand, although it would depend on my present mood. sometimes, i'll solve a problem going from A-Z or on other days, i'll recite the alphabets from Z-A. it depends really. i guess i'm fairly likable when i allow myself to be.

Law or anarchy?

Law. you can't have peace or security without it. however, this does not include dictatorship. alot have been said about Singapore being a restricted and controlled by law, BUT the facts speak for themselves. we remain, as at this hour unscathed by the asian economic crisis and alot of it comes from investor's security in this country , down to the however insignificant fines that are imposed here and there.

it is silly sometimes, some of the fines that are imposed, but really, do you want to go to a stinky unflushed toilet or a clean one?

Favourite shampoo/conditioner?

Herbel Essence by Clariol. i don't use conditiner...it makes my hair sticky and oily.

Do you drink?

yes. well, i don't need to, only when i feel like blowing my money in a pub. on christmas eve when the guest have gone and my mother and i dish out out irish bailey cream and go stupid on each other while my father clean up the aftermath of the party. i would drink if someone else is, although i would not take it if they weren't. i'm not alcholic. i try my best, but i fail.

Favourite music:

definitely light pop. okay okay. they are also known as boybands alright? it's light. i hate angry, angsty emotion ragging songs and gender bashing songs. music does, to a certain extent, dictate whether you increase your dosage of zololf or not, that much i believe.

i happen to love boyzone.

Favourite sport to watch.

soccer. was there any question about it? and tennis too (both of which i do not in anyway participate, except in cussing at players from my tellie).

Are you an outdoors or indoors person?

indoors definitely. i'm no good in sports and i whine too much if i'm hot and bothered.

Be serious or funny?

i don't choose. sometimes i'm dead serious but most times i take the mickey out of life. what else is there. besides, i get misunderstood most when i'm serious.

Read or write?

read. there's no question about that. writing takes a whole lot more of energy than, say, running. i'm doing this journal because it's still fun to do and i'm not huffing and panting at each sentence.

Grey or gray?

GREY. i was taught british english in school. therefore it's MATHS instead of MATH.

Colour or black and white photos?

i love black and white photos. it's more striking and most time, it captures the mood better than colour photos can. i guess it's because of the lack of distraction in the composition.

Favourite book:

Mike & Psmith by PG Wodehouse. He's my all time favourite author. the rest of the series is just as great.

Paperbacks or hardcovers?

Paperbacks for obvious reasons.

Do you believe in God?

Yes. very much so, although i don't go to church...do i hear alot of "yeah yeah..." i used to alot, but things changes, so...

Tell me something about yourself:

tidies up only once a year, goes to work in shoes that belong to a recyle bin, lives in the gym, never takes the last cookie off the jar, dishevelled hair, all in all a rotton inmodest all round good egg.

Who's the most important person in your life?

my boyfriend, the folks and my gym instructor who is gone to hawaii.

Are you happy right now?

yes, very much so. i notice in the past when i keep paper journals, the 90% of the stuff that is recorded in it are the times when i'm unhappy. maybe it's because hormones are not in a rage of limbo during my adolescent years, but now i choose to record happy events together with the unhappy ones. i mean, i like to remember those more than the sad ones.

Have any regrets?

yes. i should have made an effort to perfect the chinese language. its like a frenchman who don't speak french, y'know? i can speak chinese fairly well, don't read the characters too good, and as for writing it out, i rank failure.

Stay up late or wake up late?

stay up late. i can never never wake up late even if i sleep at 6 am in the morning. it's my body system i suppose.

What's your bedtime?

earliest: 10:30 am. latest: 11:00 (on weekday) this is due to the fact that i get up at 5:50 to hit the 7:00am gym class.

earliest: 12:00 am. latest: 2:00 am (on a weekend)

How many pillows?
too many. i might suffocate myself one day.

colgate. i use whatever my parents use.

Half empty or half full?
Who's the bugger who drank from my cup?