I'm Spitting In A Wishing Well - The Breeders

Road trips. Once again, I find a radio station in another town that I just love. I discovered one in Austin that played Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Grand Funk Railroad, and other big epic classics that take me back to my high school days when I listened to that stuff regularly. There's nothing like hearing Mark Farner first thing in the morning!

The Austin Buckcherry show was fun. There was no problem finding the guys and letting them know we were there (throw us on the guestlist, hint hint). Amanda baked cookies like we planned and the two of us braved the heat and the mass of girls in khaki and tank tops to bring the Tupperware dishes to the bus. The cookies were a big hit - there were two large toll house cookies decorated with "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You, Buckcherry" and "I'm All Lit Up Again" with a mirror bedazzled with two lines of flour glued on next to a rolled up toy 100 dollar bill -- Amanda did an incredible job! I think Rick, their manager, liked them the most, catching on to the full irony level, and Devon and Yogi gave us big hugs and smiles. The most you could expect, you know?

Amanda and I also made this observation: A normal compliment usually consists of "You have nice eyes" or "That outfit looks good on you". With Buckcherry, EVERY TIME we're around, 3 out of 5 of them plus their crew continually remind us that they think we have "amazing breasts". And we'll laugh because we've heard it a million times over from them. They say it so matter-of-factly too! I'm not the biggest in the world as far as breasts are concerned; in fact, I have the most average size - 36C - so I don't get their angle. They know we're not putting out and we're just there to hang out, but they never stop. I dunno, I just get a kick out of it.

This weekend should be fun. The boys are going to be in town for three days for some time off. We're taking them to Six Flags for a day of gut-wrenching roller coaster rides. I wonder if anyone will recognize them. They might, just depending on how much the kids are watching MTV these days.

I pray next week will also grant me a full schedule of work. I'm temping, and I haven't had an assignment in ages and I NEED the money. I'm so broke. I'm beyond broke. I don't think I've ever felt this destitute in my life.

Wilco were on Leno earlier and I'm adding them to my list of CDs to buy when I get an excessive amount of spending money, however long from now that may be. I was playing on my computer and had the TV on, and for once I looked up out of sheer curiosity and really liked what I heard. What's going on with me? First I realized I liked the Old 97's and now I'm interested in Wilco? I really am a big pansy.

Not that I've ever attested to being anything otherwise.

Very bored with my site and I want to revamp it to make it look nicer. Perhaps I'll do that this weekend when I'm not accompanying those tatooed lovelies around Dallas. It's free to play on software I already own, so you can't do much better than that.

I still miss Aaron. Very badly. I think I'm behaving somewhat normally (ie not crying everytime I feel like it) but I am missing him so much it hurts. It's very hard for me to fall asleep at night without him beside me. And it's even harder to wake up in the morning without knowing exactly when I'll see him again. Hopefully, it will be by August at the latest. If I get the loan for the amount that I'm asking for, I'll be in London by Aaron's birthday at the end of the month to help Mister Leo rake in his 20th year. Yes, he's younger than me and I'm AOK with that. In fact, I prefer it that way. But all of this depends on how much the loan will be for. Please Lord, I would really like to be a good girlfriend and spend that day with him! He was with me for mine! It's only fair.

So my heart is broken and so is my pocketbook. Chrissy's life rules!

I'm going to sit back and watch a few hours of British Comedies on PBS now and try to tune out my stresses. I'm so afraid of developing an ulcer from all of this. My mom did when I was younger and I vowed to not let myself worry too much about anything to prevent it from happening to me. Now I'm so racked with worry I can hardly think of anything but how much my situation sucks and I really want things to change drastically. Ideally, I want money again and to have my Aaron with me or me with my Aaron. But there's absolutely no way for me to obtain a Green Card to live and work in England without finding a job there first, and I know how virtually impossible that is. Bleh. Any suggestions on this? Email me. No idea is too ridiculous.

Criminy. PBS has stopped the British comedy lineup for the evening and it's a late night sessions show hosted by David Byrne starring Brian Setzer. Someone, shoot me PLEASE.

I finished Youth In Revolt and am left without any books to delve into. So I've been reading a lot of websites. I'm most intrigued with Billie and Puce and how the two of them have met and moved in together. Must be nice to live in the same country as the person you love. Hmmph. Me? Jealous?
Listening To
Outspaced - Super Furry Animals.

13 - Blur.

Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick. I think my new favorite is "Mandocello". (It changes every couple of days. That album is soooo good.)
I really wish that I looked better in shorts. My legs are long and my thighs and hips are chunky and I'm very disillusioned by how my body has become. So I'm spending more time on the Stairmaster (just went down to the gym tonight!) in hopes that my legs will improve. I don't think I'm "fat" per se, but I am definitely in need of improvement.

Also, my hair is in a bad transitional state. I'm wanting to grow it out, but it's so fine and thin I'm not sure how it's going to look. I remember when I cut it shorter, people always liked it better. I'm thinking of just reshaping my hair while keeping most of the length. I need help with this. Friends, speak up!