Whatever You Want To Go, Go Now Pay Later

On the way into work this morning, I found my Troggs tape in my mom's glovebox. I hadn't seen it since last summer when I let my family borrow it for a drive to the West Coast. Score one for Chrissy, that's one hell of an album.

Today is my brother's birthday. He's 16. And still in the school in Utah. I finally got a letter from him yesterday, which was really cool. He told me he was very glad I was back home and that he was looking forward to coming home himself, and that he hated living with a bunch of guys because they're all so aggressive. One of the kids got a broken nose from a fight with a counselor! Eep. Scary. Matt hasn't been seriously maimed yet, but he has thrown a milk carton at a kid who was cheating at basketball. My mom asked him why, and he said he wanted to show the kid that "cheaters never win". Yes Matt, dip the guy in some warm dairy product, that'll teach him his lesson. Good call. He gets to come home at the end of the month, which I'm VERY happy about. My parents are driving up the last week in August to pick him up, and then they're going to camp out in the Rocky Mountains for a few days. Which means I get the house to myself. Oh yes, party in Whitesboro!

But seriously, I will be in this huge creaky 100 year old Victorian house that is already haunted all by myself for a few days. How much am I already worrying about this? By then I should be more settled in my own bedroom, so that will help. We're currently putting down the basis for new flooring in the room, but it will need carpeting before I can really stay in there. It had the old hardwood flooring which was really messed up (hey, you would be too after a century's worth of ingrates walked all over you!) so Dad and I have spent a couple of days covering it in felt paper and plywood. It's actually kind of fun working on the house, although I hate to admit it. I've grown up in a DIY sort of family so this is natural for me. I bet I could even wing my way through a conversation with Bob Vila if I had to.

I finally got my paycheck in the mail, which means I will be heading to CD Warehouse on my way home to pick up Guerilla. I've been jonesing for a copy so badly recently, and the fact that it's been waiting at the shop for me since Saturday hasn't helped my mental capacities any. I've driven by a half dozen times so far and haven't been able to go in and hand them their $12 and walk out with my beautiful piece of pop perfection because my damn company screwed up my paycheck once again and I've had to wait 5 days for it to arrive at my door. Idiots.

Alex James has just completed a musical based on a day in his life. It starts off in a bar and ends up in a different bar. Thank You Susan for sharing this with us. This is only the best entertainment news I've heard since the last Fat Les single was released. I love you Alex James!

Tomorrow Amanda is leaving for Los Angeles. I hope the Greyhound gets her there in one piece and she has fun with the Black Halos and Trinket and whoever else she may run into. I, myself, will be enjoying my daily drabfest at work trying to figure out my direction. Nothing new, of course.

I'm actually thinking of taking courses at Grayson College for the fall semester. If I complete at least 8 hours, I can work in England next Spring thanks to Bunac. It wouldn't be bad to take some courses up at school anyways, so we'll see. They have an astronomy class that sounds really interesting, as well as a multimedia course that wouldn't be too bad either. And I need to get my government credit completed (if you drop the class, it doesn't really help out your GPA - just a hint). So I'm going to see if I can fanagle a part time job and full time courseload for a semester.

20 minutes left of work and I have a spreadsheet to finish for a report. Meaning that's a priority. Ciao for now.