See the Sarcasm In My Eyes

My parents are really weird.

They got mad at me for bringing Sliding Doors into the house because it was "too smutty" for their tastes. The sex scene was too much for them, I guess.

But on the way to work yesterday, Dad and I were talking about the Lethal Weapon series (which our entire family is well-versed in for some strange reason) and he started screaming "Sonofabitch! Sonofabitch! Sonofabitch!" really loudly and then started laughing.
"Woah Dad, erm, what are you doing?"
"That's my favorite part of the movie. It's so funny."
"Sonofabitch! Sonofabitch! Sonofabitch!"
"DAD! STOP!" (by this point trying to scream over his volume)

Yes. Sliding Doors was too smutty but Dad thinks it's hilarious to scream "sonofabitch" at the top of his lungs while driving to work at 7 am. What a weirdo.

Morrisey moved to Los Angeles. He is a big fan of pasta and El Vez. Why does this humor me as much as it does?

Angie went back to Allen yesterday where she started school today. Since she lives so far from Allen, she is staying with her friend Mary during the week and coming home on weekends. I'm surprised my parents are having enough mercy on her to let her finish out her senior year at good old AHS. But they are, although they're not going to let her slip up one bit or she's coming back under their roof. She is going to have such a complex when she's older, I'm afraid. She's going to be like me, hit 18 or 19, flake out, and not want to come home often because her parents don't understand that she just wants to act her age. And then she'll be acting 19 for the next couple of years and realize what a mistake she's made. Or maybe she won't. I can only speak from experience but it's very difficult to sit back and see that my parents didn't learn anything from the effects of their tough love parenting tactics on me. I hope Angie can cope better than I did, but I highly doubt that she will.

Her school has spent 1.5 million dollars on security alone for the facilities. I think I heard that they put in 39 surveillance cameras, along with the metal detectors at every entrance. Students are going to have to have clear or mesh backpacks instead of the trusty Jansports that we all know and love. I'm really glad I'm out of high school. In less than a year, Angie will be a graduate of boot camp high. Unless one of her friends gets pissy and blows her away over taquitos in the lunch room.

When I was in high school, Ili and I used to sing "Violence rules, guns are cool and we've got guns in our school" (Dead Milkmen). But we were only joking. It was a cool song. Ehh, I guess the humor in that is kind of lost now. Oh the times they are a-changin'.

With Angie gone, I've had time to organize the bedroom we're both using and not have to worry about her going through and messing it up. Last night I turned the turrett area of the room into our media portal. Three CD racks all in a row, 3 stereos, two televisions, a VCR, 4 guitars, and 2 keyboards. And my tambourine. Her amps didn't fit amongst all of that though, so I guess I'm going to have to go back and readjust. I probably should anyways, just because it's a fire waiting to happen with so many wires in one area.

Until I get all of my CDs back out of my van (which is still at the towing company) I'm left with every compilation album and soundtrack that I own, a handful of regular albums, and Angie's collection. So I've been catching up on her stuff, which is really an extension of mine for the most part. Partaking of more 60ft Dolls than what the average person has subjected themselves to in the past 3 years, Super Furries, Supergrass, and Robbie Williams. I had no idea that "Jesus in a Camper Van" was cowritten by Loudon Wainwright III, did you? The things you learn. Angie also has a lot of stuff I really hate, like solo Diana Ross, Sheryl Crow, the Pretenders (I don't hate them, but why bother buying their albums when they sound the same?) too much Motown... but the one thing in her collection that irritates me faster than anything else is Lauryn Hill. Death! Would rather memorize Sheryl Crow's love ballads than hear Lauryn in her supasassy urban sistah mode. Very very very annoying.

Angie said I hate it because I listen to too much white trash rock and maybe that is the case, but Cheap Trick, as white trash as their fans may be, were (are!) a killer band. And just because I salivate every time I see the Grand Funk Railroad double album, I'm not exactly trailer park material. So lay off!

So together we're like Roots meets Dukes of Hazzard. Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.

Today is payday. Tomorrow is pull everything out of my van that I own day because we're leaving it at the towing company and giving them the title as a present, because it's not worth the cost of their "services" to retrieve it. I'm going to get a new car in a month or two. Brand new one. Yay! No more primer and prog for me, I'm going to have a cute little sedan with a/c and a real radio. Saturday I'm taking Carolyn to see "Muppets In Space". Which is going to supremely rule. As long as my dad doesn't have a Mel Gibson-influenced bout of tourret's again, I think the excursion will be fun.