Put A Smile On Your Face 10 Miles Wide

We didn't end up taking the boys to Six Flags, but we spent a great part of the Monday hanging out with different members and feeding them and actually getting to know them, so it was one of the best days I've had in a long long time. They're going to be off this tour in less than two weeks, then back on the road with Lenny Kravitz, and then on to Europe. Where I'll hopefully be seeing them at Reading. In the meantime, I'm really going to miss seeing them in town (or close to it) every couple of weeks. I am pretty sure I've seen Buckcherry more times this year than I've seen my family. Sad, isn't it?

me and aaron at the London Tavern Aaron scanned some of his pictures from his visit, including his trippy double-exposed shots, so go check them out.

That one is my favorite, I think. It's our engagement shot, with Amanda's attempt at smoking Mistys in the foreground. I think she's given up on experimenting with cigarettes after the episode with GPCs. (They were $1.99 at Exxon, an offer almost impossible to refuse.)

Tomorrow morning I have an interview! Bright and early at 10 am. I pray it's going to go well, because I really could use the cash. And something "worthwhile" to do all day, other than counting how many times a Jennifer Aniston movie can come on HBO in one day.

Tonight we missed the Make-Up show. Neither Amanda or I had an undying urge to go ... it was more fun watching TV and looking at pictures from our trip to Dealey Plaza last night with Crispy. I love taking out of towners to the Grassy Knoll. Nothing beats the feeling of driving up Woodall Rogers with the window down, you, your best friend, and your favorite "guitar technician" screaming Warrant at the tops of your lungs.

Does Jennifer Aniston have the greatest apartment locator in the world or something? Every apartment she gets in NYC (which is in every plot she's in) is really souped up and perfect. I'm so envious. Stupid wench.

We were also stalked by Enuff Z'nuff this weekend. I'll go into more detail at another time, right now the experience is too scarring to talk about. It was a very happy 4th of July. Didn't quite compare to a day at Aunt Pearl's in Paris (TX) making homemade ice cream and shooting fireworks off of the dock on the trout pond, but I saw Deep Ellum nearly go down in a blaze of glory when a group of drunkards set some off in the middle of the street, meaning the flames fell down on the telephone poles and club roofs. Alas, there was no drama.

Have to get back to Jennifer Aniston falling for a gay man. Nothing is as interesting as this, I'm sure of it.