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Guess what!? I got robbed! All of my CDs were stolen except a handful, and I'm left with the complete rejects of britpop past to pass as a collection. Five years of collecting down the drain. Swoosh. Plunge this up, dumbkopf.

I'll go into the details another time on where/how this happened. I've told so many people, that if I hear myself speak the story one more time I'm going to really lose it.

The end of last week brought payday, which was a good thing for me, aside from discovering that hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise was missing, because I got to go RECORD SHOPPING! It's been too long since I've had the luxury of wasting money like that. I bought the last Imperial Teen album, Old 97's Fight Songs, a really kick-ass T-Rex a-sides album (wanted to see how many hyphenated words I could plug in there) where the cover had Marc Bolan sitting on a tiger - both were black and white xeroxed, and last but CERTAINLY not least, {cue steel drums} GUERRILLA by Super Furry Animals.

This is by FAR the best album I've bought this year. I even like it more than I like Radiator. Musically, it is better. It makes other bands' "masterpieces" look like half-assed DIY jobs. When I first listened to it, I thought it was pretty blase, but upon listening to it over and over again I'm really understanding that this is a really rare gem. It's witty. It's layered. It's lush. It's clever. You have to be a communist not to at least enjoy this a little. I've spent the last two lunch breaks outside eating a sandwich, which in 100 degree weather isn't a pleasant thing to do. But sitting in the sun and listening to "Northern Lites" at the same time - it almost makes me feel like I'm actually sitting on a tropical beach summoning the characters from Banana Splits to dance in front of me while I kick back a spiked banana shake. (Aaron, for my next vacation, that's what I want!)

"Wherever I Lay My Phone (That's My Home)" makes me reconsider techno music in general. I find the norm in electronic music boring. But THIS! This is fantastic.

"Nightvision" is just about the greatest sound I've heard in a song in a long time. Gruff's voice and choice of words also kill me. I'm sure no one can sing "enigmatic panda team" and "wham!wham!wham!" like he can. His voice is also so warm and cute. I hate mentioning the word "cute" so much, but it really is adorable.

Mom was helping me line the bathroom shelves with contact paper last night, and said something along the lines of, "Out of all of the songs I've heard you listening to, this one is most applicable to your life." And it was "Chewing Chewing Gum". When I was a wee one I used to fall asleep with gum in my mouth all of the time, and it would get stuck in my hair. Every time.

Carolyn heard the album and thought it was the Teletubbies singing. I tried to tell her who it was, but she is firmly convinced it's Laa-Laa singing.

Enough Furry talk. Nothing else is going on really. I've actually got money in savings! A somewhat substantial amount, too. I plan on going to England at the end of October, so I'll use part of my savings to buy my ticket soon. While I'm there, I'm planning on seeing Bernard Butler and -- I promise not to mention them anymore after this -- the Super Furries. (Hence the timing of the vacation.)

Alas, this won't be for a couple of months, so I'm going to have to figure out how to keep busy until then. Tonight I'm going to watch the copy of Jude that I rented from The Video Shack on Saturday, making it a day late today, so I'd better get my Hardy-drama fix before another day's worth of fines racks up.

Okay. I swear this is the last SFA mention you'll get today. There's a KEY CHANGE in "Fire In My Heart". (Amanda!) And not just a superfluous one, either. It's at the end! Big and dramatic! Get back from Los Angeles so you can hear this.
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