Maple Surple

I'm back at home with my parents now!! Not the most *exciting* of news, I guess, but it gives me some time to relax and save money all at the same time. It is going to be a little tough at times, just because of some of the ground rules Mom laid down, but they're not anything I can't really handle. There was one that kind of upset me, but I thought about it and it's really inconsequential, but she doesn't want me to go to any concerts while I'm staying under her roof. I'm not sure why, aside from it being a lofty waste of time, and if I'm trying to reestablish myself, it's kind of like flushing your money down the toilet. So on the entertainment side, I'm going to have to avoid concert venues for a few weeks or whatever, and miss out on a lot of things. I guess Cheap Trick was my last live musical endeavor for a while. Oh well. It's really not the end of the world.

But here's some big big news: MY MOM IS GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!! When my Aunt Teresa came into town, the two of them went to my mom's doctor, where my mom was going to have her tubes retied, and while she was on the table with the needle in her arm, the nurse rushed in and stopped the doctor. She said that the tests were mixed up with another patient's, and that my mom was pregnant. What a good time to find out. Mom is sort of down about it, I think, just because she feels old and thinks that 4 kids is already enough. Granted, a family with 4 kids IS pretty big, but I think it's good that she's having another one. Carolyn won't be the baby anymore. She told me yesterday that she's going to be a big sister like me. So cute!

Today my Aunt Teresa flew back to Kentucky, and after only seeing her for 2 1/2 days, I'm really going to miss her. She's my very favorite aunt. She plays violin in some band, which a newspaper described as "new wave country", and tours the Kentucky/Tennessee area every couple of weeks at small clubs. She just quit her job to devote more time to her artistry. And I say cool. Not everyone I know plays violin for a new wave country band! She told me last night that she opened up for Paula Cole once, and Paula was a bitch. Then she gave me the jewelry that she wore at that show, so I could wear it and "remember how much my Aunt loved me and to not forget about that damned Paula". God, I love my aunt. I think she's driving my mom crazy because she's so talkative and she smokes (Basics) all of the time. But I think she's cool. I am seriously considering taking a few days off in a couple of months to go and visit her and see my cousins. She lives out in the country though, and after spending all of this time out in Whitesboro, I might be more inclined to spend a few days walking downtown to refresh my memory on life in the big city.

Angie (the 17 year old sister) drives like a maniac. She's got permanent road rage and cuts people off all of the time and screams when someone goes too slow in front of her. We nearly died like 8 times the other night when she was driving. And she's got terrible vision on top of her lack of driving skills, but refuses to wear her glasses. I had a long talk with my parents about this and now she's mad at me, but I really don't feel like placing my life in Angie's hands if she's going to speed and race through nervously like she does.

There's also some really weird stuff happening at both of my parents' houses. In Allen, Angie and I were there the other night, trying to sleep, when things started making weird noises and there was a generally odd vibe in the house, esp in our bedrooms. Dad and I went by the house yesterday after we told him what happened, because he wanted to find the logical reasoning behind the noises. And he was as baffled as we were. He crawled around upstairs in the attic, near the noise on the second floor, and there was nothing turned on to create it. I went to the area where the noise was coming from, and there was a really odd density to the air. Kind of like when you're on a ley line, the magnetism is really high, and you can feel it? Well, that feeling was never there before, and it's sticking around my old bedroom, which was later Angie's, and Matt's room. Dad felt it too, so I didn't feel like a complete fruit.

Then at the other house, the same kind of thing is going on, except doors to the attic are opening, even though they're latched, there are hollow footsteps that only females can hear, and everyone's having dreams about murdering each other. Even my aunt. I'm not sure what is up, but it's really creepy. I'm very intrigued, but not scared. Whatever it is, if anything, isn't exactly going to pull a Poltergeist on us -- I firmly believe in the paranormal, and it seems to me that something is horribly amiss.

Dad was explaining to me the history of Allen (my hometown) on the way home from work yesterday. Remember how before the Civil War, Kansas and Missouri were inducted into the Union, but one was a slave state and one was free? Well, the two states sent cavalries back and forth in rivalling - and someone from Kansas would kill someone in Missouri, just to teach them a lesson, and vice versa. They were very heartless and murdered a lot of people for no reason at all. And one of the camps was led by a very brutal colonel, and every winter they would camp in the area that is now Allen. Rad, huh? So like brutal killers used to vacation off of Bethany Lakes for some R&R between the slaughterings. A ripping idea if I've ever heard one.

One hour until lunch. Why do some mornings pass by so slowly? I really could use some more sleep, as it seems I was up a good majority of the night moving a four year old girl off of my side of the bed. Carolyn saw me about to go to sleep last night and screamed "I want to sleep with my Chrissy!" and jumped into the bed before any of us could refuse. I didn't mind, so I said okay, and she grabbed a pillow and asked me to rub her back (how she falls asleep). I did, and started dozing off, so she hit me with her pillow and said "wake up! rub my back!" and this continued for 20 minutes until she was out like a light. How much do I love kids? Yes, I'm tired, but that was still just the sweetest thing.