August 25, 1999  




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sfa ok There is a slim chance that I'm going to catch the Furries on this US tour. I'll have to fly up to Chicago for it, but it's worth the flight costs. The only problem is that I have to convince my mother that I'll draw something useful out of the trip. And if I have to do a write-up for one of the zines that I write for, or bear Guto's baby, I will. Dad gave me his okay, but it's now in the hands of my uber-religious mother. Scary.

I feel like a complete deadbeat for living with my parents right now, and it's kind of embarassing to think to myself, "Have to think of a way to get permission from the 'rents..." when I want to do something that I am used to doing. But living with them is saving me money, and I get to go to bed every night with a full belly, so I don't know why I'm really complaining. (Am I really complaining?)

I think the Anti-Chrissy Consortium is in full force right now. Barely any of my friends have replied to my emails in the past month. I know, I know, I'm the worst at replying myself, but I've tried to contact a couple of people because I actually *miss talking to them* and I think they now hate me. So if I wrote you, and you haven't replied, and you read this, please write me an email and say, "Chrissy, take a walk off of a short pier and stop emailing me because you are a psycho hose beast and I want nothing to do with you". It would at least keep me from feeling so nervous about whether you hated me or not. I just want to know one way or another. Gratzi.

For the record, try to avoid having a migraine and PMS at the same time. It does nothing for your patience or sanity level. I think I'm finally levelling out after a few days of feeling like going on a shooting spree, but for a while there I was really starting to frighten myself.

My parents are leaving for Utah on Saturday morning to pick Matt up from Provo Canyon School. I'll have the big scary haunted house to myself for a week. So I'm going out on Saturday night, will suffer through the repurcussions on Sunday, and will have a normal week. And Cher will be on HBO on Sunday night too! It's going to be a fun time.

Sad, Sad, Sad
First Bonehead, and now Guigsy. Dear Guigsy put in his official goodbyes. He's no longer with Oasis. My two favorite members are now staying with their [probably] ugly Manc children and will be the Andy Taylors of future VH1 specials. I shed a tear for the men who stood proud for their chords.

Listening to
Who's Better, Who's Best - The Who. It has everything from "The Kids Are Alright" to "You Better, You Bet" - a true gem.
The Bends - Radiohead. Mom had my copy so it was safe from the thief!
Guerrilla - Super Furry Animals. I can't turn it off.