Hey Superwoman!

I tried to email you back about what you wrote in my guestbook, but it was returned. You didn't give me your real email address? Now if you ask me, I don't think it's fair for you to tell me what I write is crap and then not let me know how to contact you. I'm hoping you'll check my page again and see this, so we can talk. :-) Here's the message:

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You wrote:
"This is regarding your Manics bashing, and in particular, your anti-Richey rant. For starters, the more culturally literate will know the "MASH" theme DID have words to start with. The Manics-literate know that Richey did receive treatment and sadly, it was too little too late. Why did you take the time to write a whole anti-Richey spiel anyway? Just to make claims that you have friends who allegedly cut themselves as well? Apparently the Manics aren't "cute" like Blurgggh (!!?!) so you wanted to have a swipe at them. Let alone the things you do not understand."

Okay, let me first say that
a) I appreciate the input
b) this is MY web journal, and MY opinion really shouldn't matter to YOU, no matter how ridiculous it may sound. I use it as MY forum, and if you want to rant against me, cool, but this is my poster sign that I'm holding up and I am entitled to it.

Richey was a person. Nothing supernatural. I don't get the cult of richey thing, never have and frankly i don't care if i ever will. I'm sure he was a tremendously talented intelligent person - in fact, I've done my reading and came to that assumption myself. I never met him, have you? And I am in no way in a position to cast the first stone in judgement against someone. But I can disagree with the stigma attached.

I guess to become more culturally literate, I need to catch up on old hollywood recreations of Nam. You're right. Sorry, I was thinking Waugh, Rimbaud, CS Lewis, the Beatles and the Bible were all pretty good starting reference points for culture, but I need to delve into scripts starring alan alda a bit more. Thanks for pointing that out!

And as far as my friends "allegedly" cutting themselves, yes they do, and I thought it had stopped, but it hasn't and that's why i was upset enough to write about it. I can't describe this to someone, but having to face a person you love who doesn't trust you enough to confide in is a harsh reality. And it makes me angry.

I'm sorry that you don't like Blur, but a lot of people don't so that's okay. I do. Really nothing else to comment on, other than that the only cute thing about them is Alex. He's a pompous jerk you know. And I bet he isn't hip to the Mash score either. So I guess that makes him not only cute, but dumb! Like me!!

I can talk about anything that I do or do not understand in my journal, it's my right to. I'm sorry you didn't like what I had to say, but that's your problem, isn't it?

Thanks for the reply though. I like getting flamed in my own forum. Have a nice lunch and keep your pecker up.

Chrissy oxxx

'reverb is not good for the kids.'
matt sharp


So Superwoman, I really hope you write me back and we can talk more! Really, I'm game for any sort of Manics manifesto you may throw my way. It's kind of cute, you know. I'm sorry, did I say "cute"? That's too much like Bluuurrgh. I'm sorry. I'll try to be more 4 Real from now on.

I really have no problem with someone writing me or signing my guestbook disagreeing with what I have to say. In fact, I invite anyone who reads this to speak up.

Sometimes my 4 year old sister answers the phone, and when the person on the other end of the line asks her a question, she nods but doesn't say anything. Leaving that other person wondering if she evens understands what they're saying. That's how I feel sometimes when I write on here -- I don't ever receive any feedback but see that people do read this. And I see I have a lot of repeat visitors, some of them are my friends, I'm sure, but a lot of them are from domains that I'm not familiar with. (Yes, in my geekness I profess to know the domains of my closest few. It's like knowing their shoe size.) So really, PLEASE, if you agree/disagree with me, or think I need to know something, don't hesitate. This may be where I rattle off about whatever I want to, but I really am open to anything anyone might have to say.

In other news, I got a runner in my tights today at work. I am wearing grey Gap tights and my translucent legs nicely contrast the beautiful torn fabric, leaving me looking like a Gap shopping Hole fan. Wait, it's not 1994 anymore. Hole fans do shop at the Gap. Never mind. I'm cool. Just kind of self-conscious about the gaping hole peeking out from the hemline of my skirt. Things like that really irritate me and make my day a pain to get through. I won't even go into the frustration I experience when I spill food on myself. (which happens kind of regularly)

I am busy at night unloading my belongings from boxes that were locked away in storage for the past couple of months. Angie and I moved all of my possessions on Saturday afternoon in 100 degree weather. Not fun to sweat, lug boxes up and downstairs outdoors, and experience the monthly hemmorage all at the same time. I did however, stop by Wherehouse Music that afternoon and found Something Else by the Kinks and a Small Faces album for $6 each! And a dEUS album for $1.99. There went my fun money for the week, but three albums for $17 is a deal you just can't pass up. When I get money again, I'm going to buy myself How To Operate With A Blown Mind by Lo Fidelity Allstars. I couldn't find a used copy but I listened to the in-store CD available at the counter and really liked it.

Regarding Woodstock, all I can do is shake my head, pray for the future of American youth, and laugh at the planners. What do you think is going to happen when you get a bunch of angry bands on stage in a row? Idiots. I would have hated the first Woodstock, laughed at the second one, and shot myself in the face had I been forced to attend last weekend's hoo-hah. Shane wrote a really good article on his take of the whole thing on the Excellent Online site, so if you get a second, you should read it.

Tonight, I'm back to more unpacking and organizing my worldly possessions. This weekend my copy of Guerilla should be in at the CD store, so I'm really looking forward finally getting my hands on it. I think that if everyone out there listened to the Super Furries a little more, the world would be a better place.

Cult of Richey kids, I'll keep you in my prayers. Cool down, try not to be so defensive! You do that and I'll read up on Mash history and maybe we can try to get along. I have nothing against the Manics personally, in fact, I really like some of their stuff and kind of like this baggy khaki look they're going for these days, but it's like the quinessential asshole Chris Murphy said, "It's not the band I hate, it's their fans."

Keep on Keepin' On!