Put Pepper In My Coffee


One work day left of this week and then I'm out of here for Easter. There are probably 10 people in the office today as everyone else took off an extra day. I guess having a Friday off wasn't good enough for them. Oh well. I'm not going to complain.

I've been having real issues with my coworkers lately. Namely one, who is dubbed from this point on as the World's Most Annoying Person. She is the department secretary and has a power trip because she works for the Director. She spends a good 70 - 80% of her day visiting coworkers at their desks and gossiping. Hearing her bad Texas twang immediately raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

Well, yesterday, she was being rushed by David (the Director) at the end of the day and she called me down to her desk to help her out. Which I don't mind doing, normally. Except she gave me a list of numbers to call for her people, and then asked me to get a coffee pot and fill it with water and bring it back to her so she could water her plants.

Excuse me? I sluffed off down the hallway, really pissed off, and began to call the travel agencies that she was needing information from. She walked by my desk and went to the bathroom (passing our kitchen) and stopped to talk to me at my desk for a couple of minutes. On the way back down to her desk, she yelled "Don't forget my coffee pot!" and I had visions in my head of me spilling water all over her and throwing it at her, glass going everywhere, and generally, a big mess. I refrained, grabbed a pot, brought it back to her, and slammed it on her desk.

It was just really offensive that she would ask me to do something so demeaning to help her out. She is commenting all of the time how she wants a personal secretary to help her out. Well, when you're making more than 30K a year, the boss might be more open to it, but you're not, so shut up, stop gossiping, and do your own damn work.

I'm tempted to pour a pixie stick in her little plants today while she's gone. But I won't. Trust me, it would die in no time. I've done it before and don't think for a minute that I won't do it again.

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So that whole episode really got me thinking. I'm essentially acting as a tool for a tool. It's pathetic that I have time to work on my own personal website at work. I get paid to monkey around. I would really like something more fulfilling.

So I'm going back to school. For real this time though. I'm looking at a place called Fullsail in Orlando. I can get my associate's in 56 weeks and then go on to a major university from there, and the training that I'll get will be really really beneficial and not just a bunch of crap coursework. If that doesn't work out, I'll probably try to go to UNT  this fall. Except that I hate Denton and the school isn't exactly my idea of how I want to spend four years of my life.

I just cannot keep working pointless jobs like I'm doing. Sure, I get to be webmistress for our department, but they won't train me to learn anything new and fun, and that really sucks. I'm stagnant right now and I hate it.

Enough of that.

Tonight is Moogie's birthday, so we're going to check out Valve at the Curtain Club. Across the street, Corn Mo will be playing at Club Clearview and I haven't seen him in a while so I may sneak over there for a few minutes. Which means I will be missing the Novachrome CD release party. Cry me a river.

At the end of April, I'm going to Atlanta to the Music Midtown Festival. Buckcherry, Trinket, Kent, Iggy Pop, Rick Springfield, WAR, and a million other   people are going to be there. It's going to be so fun. I really hope that Della will be there. Della is a Trinket fan that is going to get the wrath of Chrissy and Amanda the next time we're all in the same place. Della, I really can't wait to see you.

Sunday is not only Easter but also my Grandpa's birthday. So I'm going to have to sit with my family and eat too much and get annoyed and really happy when it's time to go home. I'm not looking forward to it. I like spending time with my mom and my sister and sometimes my brother, but my stepdad/dad (he adopted us) annoys me because he's so pissy and quiet and my grandpa is turning grouchy and thinks I should spend more time with my family and I get the whole "where have your old fashioned values gone?" speech which annoys me to no end. And then my uncles and aunts will be there, including Gail, my *favorite* (sarcasm, folks)  aunt who hasn't spoken to me more than five words since I graduated high school. She resents the fact that I can keep a steady job and she's a really unhappy person. Miss Bundle of Joy, she is. I can't stand her. I know that sounds terrible, but she is like a walking pig and never puts make up on and has really uneven skin tones, so she really needs to do something. She wears a baseball cap that says "Taos" under a yin-yang and sweat pants everywhere she goes. The fact that I don't wear knitwear makes me seem like I'm snobby royalty compared to her. So yes, Easter is going to rock.


I want to buy Some Girls this weekend, but I bought SO many albums last weekend, it's probably not a great idea. Maybe in a couple of weeks.   I'm in shatters.