Well I Might As Well Just Grin And Bear It


Keith and Yogi - Buckcherry

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Keith, J.B., and Josh
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Hey! Album - Marvelous 3
Parklife - Blur
Seven More Minutes - The Rentals
Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen
Buckcherry - Buckcherry
First Band on the Moon - Cardigans
Band on the Run (reissue) - Paul McCartney and Wings
Music News
Seven More Minutes by the Rentals will be released next Tuesday. You'd be a fool not to buy it. How I love my Matt Sharp.
Dan Abbott recently painted a dragon on Crispian Mills' guitar, and Fender is now planning on releasing a special series of them. I want one.
Buckcherry's new album is out. So don't be stupid. Get it.
Is Damon Albarn going to be a father? Who knows and who cares? He's a composer now, so don't forget it. sigh. 13's not a bad album, I've just had it up to here with Damon and Graham. Let me stop myself before I rant anymore.
I thought for sure that Matchbox 20 had a new single, but what I was hearing this morning was a song by LIT. I could have SWORN it was Rob Thomas too.


I saw D Generation last night. They played a show on one of their nights off from the Offspring (no comment) tour. Not too many people showed up so it was really cool to be one of the only people there.

This is my thing with bands like D Gen and Buckcherry. I love them once I see them live. But I can't just listen to the album and get into it because I tend to think they take themselves and their big chords too seriously. But when I see them live with the lead singer doing the signature Chrissy dance, I can't help but fall too. Plus, there's a lot to be said for the live energy of a real rock show. You can't always capture that on an album. I listened to the new D Gen album at Tower a couple of weeks ago and it didn't really do anything for me. But now I dig them. So there you go.

I got a hot pink 7" and a matchbook with their album cover printed up on it. And police tape with their logo on it. I love free stuff. 

Amanda saw her dream boy last night. We've run into him in Deep Ellum last night. Looks like a tall love child of Billy Idol's. And he was wearing a Hanoi Rocks shirt. I thought she was going to fall over dead everytime he came up to stand near her. It was really kind of cute in that unbathed sort of way.

Friday night is the Go Metric USA show. They're playing again with Legendary Crystal Chandelier. Hopefully I can scrounge up the dough and I'll be down there. Right now I'm in a bit of a financial crunch but it's nothing I can't remedy myself of. I just have to curb my spending habits a bit more. Which is difficult for me to do.

I've got to get back to the scanner this afternoon to see about scanning more pictures. I got almost my entire roll scanned from the Houston show (2 months ago... I know, I suck) so those should be up here fairly soon. When I get around to it. You have to see these guys if you haven't. Right now they're the UBL band of the week, so you can check them out there. Cuties, aren't they? Makes you want to bring them home to mom.

I hate Spring. Let this be official. It's the start of a hot season, and people are jubilantly exclaiming how beautiful it is.
It's not beautiful if I have to break a sweat.
It's not beautiful if stupid flowers are blooming and my sinuses are exploding/imploding as a result.
It's not beautiful if it means I might have to get a tan because it's too warm to wear long sleeves.

And yes, I've lived in Texas most of my life. 17 years to be exact.

It's pathetic that I've had to crank my air conditioner for the past couple of weeks without stopping.  It's only the beginning of April. I was quite happy with it being cold this winter and not even turning my heater on unless I had to. And now I'm cursed to live in this wretched sunshine and I hate it. Ugh.

I don't think that 4 hours of sleep quite cuts it for me. I've been living off of it most of this week and I'm about to die. Then again, I'm not an afternoon person. At all. I'm okay in the morning and night, but this middle of the day business just has to go.

I had another dream the other day about beating Chris Murphy up. This makes four that I can remember. I know I don't like him, but I didn't realize that I was harboring such aggressive feelings towards him.   I need to start cataloging these things.

Talked to Kate on the phone   yesterday and I always forget just how much she can out talk me. I miss talking to her.