She Lives In Queens But Her Dad Lives in Texas
On Saturday, I went up to Denton for the 20th Annual Fry St. Fair.  I love crowds. I love a diverse group of people (even though most of them were hippies and punks). I like crappy vendor food. I like drunken college kids making fools of themselves by going up to local musicians and saying "HEY! Aren't you in <x>? You guys fuckin' ROCK!"

Favorite highlights from the festival:
* Drunken girl telling Moogie how much Valve rocked while her friend proudly talked of how she knew Lisa Loeb's Jewish cousin and he had her autograph!! I told her to keep on enjoying herself (as she knocked back her Bud Lite).
* The X's bargain bin. The promo of Robbie Williams'  new album only $3.99!? It was just waiting for me.
* The apocalyptical scene of Hickory St. as we were leaving. Out of my 21 years of life, I have NEVER seen that many beer cans. I wish I would have had a camera, because it was amazing to see beer cans ALL over the street, stacked, piled, strewn ... had I not had to go to the bathroom so much, I would have investigated further. College towns are so much fun.
* Seeing my junior high crush again. Last time I saw him was last fall when he was playing guitar for a SKA band! Haha! Vindication for breaking my tender heart at the age of 14. Bastard.
* Running into Jason who I used to hang out with in high school. He has grown into such a cute cute guy. Who would have thunk it?
* Indie stomach. Enough said.
* Seeing Emily, my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She is short, pointy, angular, dresses like she's  40, talks on her cell phone at ALL TIMES, and wore KHAKI CAPRI pants and braided leather slingback sandals. She is such a nerd. We always run into her at Denny's and stare her down and laugh a lot because she is such a little cretin and Amanda can unnerve her by just grinning at her. I wish she wouldn't have disappeared after the show, because I would have LOVED to chat.

Things I could do without:
* THE COMMERCIALS. Granted, I liked them the first time I saw them (which was about 4 songs at the beginning of their set before Amanda and Erin wanted to leave), their live set is tiresome. They play different variations of the same song for an entire set. I won't be happy enough if I never have to sit through another one of their sets.
* The lead singer for the Dooms UK. If he had anything in his pants, he wouldn't have to hide puppets in his crotch. He really gives me the creeps.
*The layout of the streets in Denton. Without fail, I always get lost if I'm going somewhere other than the Rubber Gloves. And I usually never get lost. It sucks.

Saturday night Amanda and I hauled out to Ft. Worth to try to see the Riverboat Gamblers. We got there too late so I had a cheap White Russian and we left. We listened to the radio the entire time on the way home and heard "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On". How long has it been since I've heard that? Since I was like 9 or 10. It's a country song about a cute girl who stops traffic because she looks so good in her jeans. Well let me tell you this. No girl is that innocent where she has no clue that she looks as good as she does. If she's getting your goat, she probably is trying to. That song absolutely infuriates me when I hear it. Hi, let's praise the teases of the world! Yay! Be cute and lead us on! argh.

But on the way there, we listened to Buckcherry and that song that made us want to cry when we first heard it still makes us want to cry. It's called "For the Movies" and there's something in the way the key changes and the way the chords are strummed that just kills us. It's worse than "November Rain".

On Sunday it felt like we suckled the tit of the devil by finding Josh and trying to score free tickets to Edgefest. I saw a walking cell phone and got free candy and saw the new Rolling Stones video with Dave Mathews. (Dad! What are you thinking!?) Josh is the local DJ who I hate and he was giving out Sprint beer coozies. What a job. They're giving out a cell phone in a drawing and I applied for it, but if I get it, I'm going to sell it. Yeah, I work at Ericsson, but I hate cell phones. They're dangerous and most people that have one don't really need it. It's like the pager frenzy at junior highs, except for the older set. More people get in car wrecks and they're trying to outlaw the use of them while driving in Texas and I fully support it. Just go to a gas station and use a pay phone. It's safer and if you are that desperate to talk to someone on the phone, you should probably just stay home.

After we left the remote broadcast, we ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and made fun of the upper eschelon of Dallas. People. Do not name your kids Chloe and make them wear hats on Sunday. afternoon. Do not make them wear Calico dresses. Let them be kids. Yes, you may have gone to private schools your whole life, but don't stifle their time to be stupid kids. I'm so glad I was poor growing up. The Cheesecake Factory is a bit too much on the clinking wine glasses we want to be Mediterranean for my liking. Serves me right for eating in North Dallas.

We ate too much so we headed to Half Price books and I stocked up on some tapes for the van (REM, Rod Stewart, a Styx rock opera, two Louis Farrakhan sermons). Back to the crib to drop stuff off and then to Target where I almost bought a lamp but then realized that it was a fire hazard and I had nowhere to put it. So we went to see Never Been Kissed last night and had fun. The cool kids at my high school were never that cool, but I still dug the soundtrack and the cute boys and the overall cheesiness of it. I'm not a big Drew Barrymore fan but it was good regardless of her. I want that indie dork boy in the Denominators as my friend. He was so cool.

Amanda were also inspired this weekend to write romance novels. We were looking at the Harlequin section of Half Price Books and all of the stories are themed. A lot of them are about cowboys and babies. So we're going to start indie romance. (ie Chad peered at Justine's short brown bangs through his black rimmed glasses and gave a sigh, much like the one he let out when he first heard Cinerama. She stared back, took a swig out of her bottle of beer, and wondered what colored boxers he was wearing under his Rustler jeans. And if he was going to be at the record store on Tuesday for the Lilys album release. Although they had not known each other very long, they made out during the Flaming Lips show after Justine had  bought him a Gin and Tonic. There was something in the way he wore that white belt that made her want to scream. And his old tattered adidas... she wanted to know more, but how? He was so detached and uncaring. Although words were never said that night, much more was spoken through the gazes and the reflection of the stage lights bouncing from the lenses on their glasses.)



New Purchases
Utopia Parkway - Fountains of Wayne.
I am under the impression that Adam Schlesinger cannot do anything bad. Do you like the first Fountains of Wayne album? You will LOVE this one. With mentions to Laser shows and Pink Floyd, is it possible to not like this? Compare it to Marvelous 3, like cardigans from Banana Republic compared to cardigans at Old Navy. Yes. That much better and oh so good.
The Ego Has Landed - Robbie Williams.
With such pop gems like "Jesus in a Camper Van" and "Karma Killer", Robbie is about to take the US over with his Tom Jones like suaveness and win the hearts of 14 year olds everywhere. But really, stuff like "Lazy Days" and "Millenium" are so catchy they'll stick with you for days. Look for the "Millenium" video on MTV because it's now BUZZWORTHY. So prepare for the oversaturation of it.
Kilroy Was Here - Styx.
A rock opera to break all barriers. "Mr. Roboto" and "Cold War" are two of my favorite paranoid-of-technology prog hits. If you like this, check out Peasants, Pigs, & Astronauts by Kula Shaker.
The Role of the Black Man and Black Woman - Louis Farrakhan, sermon from St. Louis, Nov 91.
Amazing how such brilliant philosophy can apply in our lives today. The Muslim plight is very comparable to Welshpop today, if you think about it. Amanda and I listened closely to decipher any clues we could find, and yes, 60ft Dolls and Badfinger fit in nicely with Malcolm X and Christopher Columbus.