Practice my T-Rex Moves                                        21 April, 1999                     

I had too much coffee tonight at Cafe Brazil and I think I'm either going to throw up or my nervous system is going to give out. Actually, I couldn't decide whether to get coffee or coke, so I got both. And we didn't get there until 9 pm. Which means that after all of that caffeine I am never going to get to sleep. This sucks.

Today was yet another uneventful day at work. Minus the fact that I didn't have anyone throw up while talking on the phone to me. Bummer. Leif (one of the managers) brought me a big Swedish candy bar though for no reason ... probably because I'm taking over Deb's job while she's out, so that was nice. If you ever get a chance to try Swedish chocolate, take it.  It's so good. And then Greg went out during lunch and brought me a sandwich back for lunch. Another nice coworker. And at 3:30 the ice cream truck drove by as usual. On time. So I ran out the front door and got some ice cream. A Sabrina the Teenage Witch ice cream pop with a bubble gum jewel in the center. Not that great, but it was still kind of cool. And then Mr. Jim's brought a pizza by as a promotion, so we all got free pizza. I think I'm going to explode.

In the meantime I sat around surfing a bunch of different sites. I read quite possibly every article on that mass killing in Colorado. And then I started looking at people's online journals. And I don't like most people that keep a journal. Which is conflicting because I write one.
I just happen to think that most of the people who keep one of these journals are lame. They have high recommendations from other people about "how great their music tastes are" and I go and check the page and they have Jewel lyrics italicized in the midst of their journal entry. And talk a lot about their pets. And talk a lot about how popular/unpopular they are. Deal with it! You create your own environment! Stop listening to Jewel, feed your damn dog and go out and make some friends.

Yes yes yes. Okay. I am a geek but I do have a few friends who I love but not too many so I feel pretty well adjusted. And I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who hate what I have to say, but well, I can't do anything about it.

Too much caffeine and I simply cannot think straight. Bear with me folks. I'm sure there's going to be a point to all of this black text on day-glo background.

I've been going back and listening to a lot of REM lately. I had a dream last night where Placebo were singing "Losing My Religion" and it actually kind of sounds like something they would do anyways. I remember I used to love REM and listened to them everyday for like a year. I listened to Out of Time everyday after school on the bus when I first moved to Allen. And bought Monster the day it came out. And the same for New Adventures in Hi-Fi. I think a lot of my REM psuedo-worhipped stopped when I first heard Weezer, so thank God for that. However, I do enjoy indulging in my old ways now and then.

Tonight I completed Phase 2b on cleaning my apartment. My porch. Does anyone know how to clean up a chocolate milk stain on concrete? I don't exactly have a water hose and high pressure nozzle to work at getting the grime up. I also started going through my closet and I must have at least 10 Kula Shaker posters stacked up in the back. And I found lots of pairs of shoes (albeit lame ones) that I forgot I used to wear. Tomorrow I plan on attacking more of my bedroom. It needs it. My bedroom furniture is still being used by my sister at my parent's house, so all I have is my queen sized bed and a round bedside table. And a couple of those stackable cardboard containers that I hold my underwear and pajamas and socks in. The rest is just a great big free for all. And I'm lazy, so when I change clothes, I just throw them onto a stack in the floor. And right now, if I were to jump off of my bed, I wouldn't get hurt because the stack is at least a foot deep. I realize that I have a nice huge walk in closet that can remedy much of this, but I just have to take the time do actually do it. I threw some Modest Mouse in the old stereo and busted the hangers out. And I now have a walkway to my closet. Presto.

Saturday night I'm going to be having dinner with Courtney. I haven't seen her in a long time so it will be fun to catch up.

Tomorrow night Amanda and I are going to Trees to see Slash's Snakepit. Is it going to be good? Well... it's going to be fun. A good excuse to dress trashy and be stupid. I really wish I had my camera because I would love to have pictures of this.

I'm trying to grow my hair out. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I've had a stupid bobbed haircut for a couple of years now. No more! I want to grow it a little past my shoulders and curl the ends and have pretty hair for once instead of a "cute" cut. I am getting impatient with it already. The ends are kind of going their own way and this humidity is not doing much for it. 

Argh. I missed Judge Judy tonight. That's no good.   Last night she told a man he was full of bologna and to shut up. That's what I'm saying.  When Judge Judy cracks the whip, the whip comes down.

I think I'm going to do some situps and then read for a while and head to bed. I've got to wind down and typing pointlessly probably isn't helping that out.

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reading Bongwater and Bad Taste Celebrity Jokes

Happy Birthday T.J.! Give me my Pulp CD back or I'm going to beat you up. Or at least kick you.