Back Off Bitch

So I was sitting here tonight with Amanda and we turned on 120 Minutes and who do we see? Buckcherry. Oh yay. Let me tell of the rejoicing screams we let out.

Of course all of my blank VHS tapes were packed up with the rest of my loot. So we grabbed one of Amanda's video tapes and sat back and watched our boys hit the little screen.

I have issues with this. Three months ago we heard their single in Trinket's manager's living room in Atlanta the day after the Sloan show. We saw a SMALL ad in the Observer the next week that they were playing on Friday night so Amanda and I went to the Galaxy Club and know what? They were fourth on a bill of five bands. The only band that was under them was a local act called Dismal Past. The crowd was full of head-banging mullets. And when they got onstage we were their only two fans. TWO. And for the next two shows, we were there. We drove to Houston. We drove to Oklahoma City. I spent my 21st birthday in OKLAHOMA CITY. Out of all of the places on God's good earth to celebrate, I picked like one of the most dismal spots. (No offense to anyone from Oklahoma City -- I've got plenty of friends from there.) And we've put up with a lot of bullshit in the process.

So I'm really excited for them that they're cracking the market and are hitting the big time. But this is my problem.

I went to a D Generation show a couple of weeks ago and I saw firsthand the hos that were there.  I saw the hos that were at the Slash show the other night. And we are Buckcherry's girls here in Dallas. I swear to God I will bitchslap any girl who puts their hands on our dear boys. I know it's stupid but like we were sitting in Yogi and Devon's hotel room talking about the Faces and explaining to poor Yogi who they were and here they were earlier tonight professing their love for the band. Uh huh. Interesting.

Actually, I'm sure Keith knew who they were but Yogi nodded along like he knew what they were talking about. And he was blown away at the concept of a band called the Faces before. ("Who's faces?" "The Faces. The band." "Yeah. But who's faces?)

I'm stuck in the red tape of waiting for a damn press kit from them too. I'm supposed to be running their website and I can't even get the proper items for it. Is there any justice?

So glory be, they're making it big. Or are on the way.

And don't say I never talked about them to you. Because I did. I've got a few live shots up here and I'll scan more as I get the chance.

So if you're planning on going to the Dallas show do realize that Amanda and I are going to be out in full throttle knocking down any female that so much as WINKS at them. Got it girls?

Now I'm going to go try and lose the hot fuse and get some sleep. This is going to be a long week. And do join the buckcherry mailing list at egroups. 

I'm moving this week so like don't send any mail to my apartment. If you're going to mail a parcel to me, wait a few days. I'll pass the information along to anyone who asks. I am moving because my apartments suck and you know what? The pressure sucks and I'm not dealing with it any longer. Most of my possessions are in boxes and it's all going into Public Storage tomorrow. ($11/month deal!!) By this weekend I should have a new phone number and all of that good stuff.

Night world. I'm going to try to not have violent dreams about ripping blonde hair out of the heads of girls that are going to be at Trees standing around me.

And don't even get me started on their roadie Jeff. That's for another day. I really need to let my blood pressure drop. sigh.