It's High Cool!

Best Artist: It's a toss-up between Super Furry Animals and Sloan.

Favorite Artist that isn't Blur: I guess I answered that first one out of order, but that's what I stick with.

Favorite Member of Blur: Alexxx.

Loveliest Pop Star That Isn't In Blur:  Gruff "Chrissy is begging me to love her" Rhys.

13: Brilliant New Direction or Unlistenable Wank, Bring Back Streety!?:  It's not even a wank. It's the messy aftermath.  Let Stephen have his job back. Please.

Favorite album that wasn't Blur:  Guerrilla by Super Furry Animals. 

Favorite song off 13: "Bugman".  It sounds like a dune buggy race. That or "Trimm Trabb" because it's a classic.

Favorite song by band that isn't Blur:  Right now I'm really digging "Sensory Deprivation" by Sloan. But "Wherever I Lay My Phone (That's My Home) has been my top choice for the past couple of months.

Best Video (Blur or otherwise):  For Blur, obviously "Coffee and TV" because it made me cry.  Otherwise, SFA's "Fire In My Heart" (aliens! spaceships! close-ups of Gruff!) or Marvelous 3's "Freak of the Week" (rock and roll elementary school!) did me in.  And Buckcherry's "For the Movies" video was really good because I appreciate melodrama when I see it.

Video You Don't Admit That You like But Watch Compulsively Anyway With The Sound Off:  311's "Do You Right". And I keep the sound on. P-Nut dancing in the background, that monkey, that couple on the beach. It's so tacky it's sheer genius.

Song Or Artist That You Love But Your Friends Shun You For Loving:  Take your pick. Buckcherry probably (there went all of my indie cred in one fell swoop!). And Marvelous 3, Duran Duran, Bernard Butler, Gomez.

Best Show That Wasn't Blur:  This year?   Sloan in February. Flaming Lips in March.

Blur Shows: "Oh my god, I saw them four times and they were fabulous!" or "Those Colchester Wankers didn't come within 4,000 miles of where I live!":  They came nowhere near me over the past year, but I had to travel 900 miles one way to see them the first time. And when they DID finally come back to Dallas, they only played 12 songs after we had to sit through MXPX, Reel Big Fish, and Smashmouth. I will never forgive them for that.

Cutest Band On Earth:  SLOOOOAN!

New Discovery That Your Friends Are Sick Of Hearing You Rave About: Well I've liked them for a long time now, but my SFA obsession is worse than ever. And I'm sure my closest few are sick of hearing about it. Sorry guys.

Saddest Breakup Or Crack-up:  I admit it. I got really upset when Kula Shaker broke up. But I'm okay now.

Band or Artist You *Wish* Would Breakup or Crack Up:   Afghan Whigs. I wish Greg Duuli would explode already.  Lauryn Hill.  And all punk/ska needs to come to the obvious conclusion that there's nothing else left to do in that genre and retire their art.