Citizens Band

I mention quite a few people in my journal, so this is going to be an alphabetic glossary of people in my life by their first name until I figure out a more creative way to organize everyone.

Aaron Hayes - He and I met in London at the Bull and Gate Pub in Kentish Town in July of 1997. We had been email friends before that and he was probably one of the very first online friends I ever made. We've dated off and on for a couple of years, and as of June 1999, we are back together and happy. Sad thing is, he still lives in London and I live in Dallas - so you do the math and figure out why it drives me crazy to be involved in a long-distance relationship. He's the Leo to my Aquarius. He's the reason to my compulsiveness. He's tan to my pasty skin. I love him to pieces.

Angie - My 17 year old sister. Four years divide us. Well that, and her taste for Sheryl Crow and Lauryn Hill. She plays guitar and is a senior in high school. And unlike me at that age, she's pretty popular and has boys swarming around her. She's a cuter, nicer, less-sarcastic version of me. She likes Graham Coxon far more than she should.

Carolyn - My 4 year old sister. She was born the summer before my senior year, and from what Mom says, she acts almost exactly like me at that age: bossy, indignant, and smart. She likes Teletubbies, Power Rangers and Star Wars, as well as Powder Puff Girls and Blur. She's cooler than most of my actual friends.

Matt - My 16 year old brother. He's been at a school in Utah for a few months to help sort out his behavior a bit. He was starting to turn into one of those scary overpriviledged white suburban kids that listens to too much metal rap, but he got in trouble with mom and dad and the school and off he went to reassess his life. He seems to be doing a lot better now. I love him to pieces. Bands he likes that I approve of: Sugar Ray, Blur, and Oasis. Disapprove: 311 (except for the "Do You Right" video which is fantastic because it's so awful), Korn, and Kid Rock. That angstful stuff makes him violent.