Calm Down And Then Leave Me Alone - Super Furry Animals

Apologies to anyone who has been checking this site with expectations that there would be something new. I've taken a weeklong sabbatical from my habit of opinionation through HTML to sort of process some thoughts and take care of some personal matters. Stuff that I won't mention on here, or to many people, but it was important and that is that.

I started coming down with a cold last Thursday, had a very hectic fly-by-the-moment sort of weekend, and have been sick as a dog since Sunday afternoon. I've missed two days of work and have made best friends with the entire line of Vick's products. My apartment smells like some sort of geriatric club. At least I can breathe, and right now that's my only priority.

And my voice! Augh! I sound like a cross between Sheryl Crow, Marilyn Manson, and Zia McCabe. If I weren't so against other people singing that blasted "daisy song" then I'd charge people to hear me sing it. It's so wrong. I want my voice back.

People have been really sweet to me since I've been sick. Amanda comes over to check on me and brings me kleenex, Ny-Quil, and Jon Spencer CDs (the greatest gift a friend can give, short of Jon Spencer himself) and Mom came by late last night with a bunch of medcine and antibiotics to take. And most importantly, rubbed my head. When I was a kid I used to lay my head in her lap and she'd massage it until I fell asleep or relaxed, and for two days straight, all I could say was "I want my mom to rub my head." Well, finally, she came over last night and we talked for a while and then she did the most spectacular of mom-like tasks. I think my Mom rules. She and I may clash on a lot of points, but she sure can be a good mother. She's bringing me over some soup and more kleenex tonight. I can handle this!

Yesterday I did venture out with Amanda to Mark's CD World (Greenville and Mockingbird). I hadn't seen him in so long. We talked for a while and he's going to look into ordering some Rosa Mota stuff for me, because I'm not sure how else to get a hold of it. While Amanda was paying for some Manics shirts she found, I stumbled across a little display of Snowpony's "John Brown" singles! You were supposed to buy the album to get one for free, but it's CD World. If you smile the right way, they'll give you whatever you want. (How I've come across a Jonathan Fire*Eater poster, a Kula Shaker poster, two Candyskins shirts, a Bernard Butler 7", and a handful of other things.) One of the b-sides on there is one of my favorites, "Happy Are the Dead", but it sounds so different live than it does recorded. I also saw Snowpony listed on the back of this month's Launch CD-Rom as well as in a million adverts in Magnet and CMJ. Hooray. They're not for everyone, but I like them and it's good to see them getting the press.

Hopefully, if I'm feeling better, I'm going to head to the Galaxy Club to see Marky (Ramone). Warren, his manager, called me last week to make sure we were coming, so I'd feel really bad if we didn't show. However, I'm not going to risk my life and go out to a stirring rendition of "I Wants My Beer". It will be good to see Marky, Warren, and Smokin' Ben Trokan again but I'd rather preserve my health. And they're playing with Sloppy Seconds. How do I hate punk shows? Let me count the ways. I cannot stand those kids who think that Tooth and Nail bands are punk. They are not. The Sex Pistols were punk. The Clash were punk. And without the Ramones, neither of those would have been. And without the Kinks, the Ramones would have never been. I'm friends with the owner of a local punk label and I tell him this too. But what this all boils down to, is that I think that today's punk takes the stupid way out. Punk used to be intelligent, lyrics were everything. Now it's all the straight-edged kids pogo-ing and screaming at anyone who's different to them. I'm far too much of a lush to respect this sort of attitude, even though I was the equivalent of a straight-edge when I was in school. However, I didn't gripe at anyone that chose to partake of alcohol or nicotine or whatever. This area is saturated with dumb kids into Punk and I'm really tired and frustrated with it. So the idea of standing in a small club with a bunch of high school juniors isn't really appealing to me right now.

Would now be a good time to mention that Mudhoney were one of my favorite bands in high school?



The Easy Cheese of Rock

I did something outlandish (surprised?) and bought "Out Spaced" a couple of weeks ago. I won't comment on the outrageous price I paid for it. I will tell you how brilliant it is though. Very.

Gruff Rhys. Oh you beautiful Welshman you. You can wear any flourescent color, any type of sportswear, any pair of trainers, and still command my full attention. Keep singing to me your misplaced lyrics. We shall meet one day and you'll understand.

After I finish learning Norwegian (I'm reading Norwegian in 10 Minutes A Day) I'm going to learn Welsh. Which will probably be more applicable than the high school Spanish I took. At least I'll be able to decipher SFA, Gorky's, and Catatonia lyrics. And that's much more important than speaking to kids on skateboards that scream "CHICLE!"
Pardon me, I'm really on too much cold medication.

Best/Worst news of the week. They're signed to US label now and will release "Radiator" in March. Along with a copy of "Out Spaced" to the first few hundred people. Grrr! But this COULD mean something of a US tour. I don't care where they go in this infernal country, I am there for my Gruff. No one told us we would get so hiiiiigh.