My Moon Is Your Mouth As I Try To Work It Out - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Yesterday during my lunch break I went with Todd to Circuit City to look for CDs. I didn't have any money with me, so looking at a bunch of albums I couldn't buy was really sort of disheartening. (Though I did find a Saint Ettiene album I really want - it's an import collection of all of their singles.) I went to look for a CD to listen to at their listening booth and chose the Harley Davidson sampler Vol. 2. You can get Steve Miller Band, George Thoroughgood, and Billy Idol all on one album! Bwaha! I sat there and listened to "We're An American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad six times in a row. What a great song. So cheesy and so perfect. If the Plungers ever play, we're covering it. I played around this morning and kind of figured out the piano part to it, so I've just got to get my friends to learn the rest. Oh them chiquitas in Omaha.

Last night Amanda and I went on a search for the new NME (Manics on the cover for her) and Select. Stupid import magazines don't come in until stupid Wednesdays. And I doubt they'll arrive today because all of the roads in the metroplex are iced over. Hence the reason I'm sitting at home at 10 am. My boss said to not even bother coming into work - no sense in risking my life. I'm already so bored! I've wrapped all of my presents for people. I've taken the trash out. I've read my Glastonbury Program from when I went in 1997. I've checked my mail 10 times. I've caught up on all the CDs I haven't listened to yet that were in my collection.

Let's see, what else? Monday night I went to see Carolyn perform in her first Christmas pageant. Her class full of three year olds got up to sing five Christmas carols. It was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time. They started out with "Feliz Navidad", but it wasn't the normal festive folky sounding one. The song was a get-your-groove-on-baby sounding mix, with some Lenny Kravitz sounding singer soulfully yelping the words out. Complete with backbeats and slap bass. There is absolutely nothing more comical than seeing a bunch of toddlers with Santa hats on singing along with this. And in the middle 8 breakbeat part, they all started doing the raise the roof move! I was laughing so hard, I was crying. My mom was doing the same. I looked back to my other sister, Angie, who was sitting with her boyfriend, Brent, and their mouths were wide open, faces red with laughter, and tears streaming down. That made my Christmas right there.

Unless I get that talking Laa-Laa (Teletubbie) doll. That's the only thing I asked for this year.

I just found a website that translated Gorky's lyrics. And the actual lyrics in Welsh. Good God. I want to learn the language, but that looks nearly impossible. But if Wales can give the world Super Furry Animals, Gorky's, Catatonia, and most importantly, BADFINGER(!), I really wouldn't mind learning the lingo.

A falle os ni gyd yn gweiddi
Bydd rhywun yn clywed

I think Amanda and I have superpowers or something. I feel terrible about this but tell me if this is weird or what
-- Sonny Bono. Butt of every joke we make until all of the sudden, we hear he dies. Whoops.
-- Both of us being avid Ed Sullivan fans, we used to go around saying "the devil made me do it" all of the time. And then Flip Wilson dies. Uh-oh.
-- We've been going around making fun of Macaulay Culkin for the past couple of days, slapping our hands to our faces and screaming like he did in Home Alone, talking about how much my dad wants to "bust that kid's ass"...and then I just found out that his house burned down today! bwahaha. not funny, okay, i'm sorry.
Yes it is funny. We have GOT to learn how to keep our mouths shut! "It must be woodoo!"

And perhaps if we all shout
Someone will hear us

I'm on a Sloan mailing list. And I swear, these people have no grasp of irony or sarcasm. I don't understand. It's not that I think all Sloan fans should be brainiacs or anything ... it doesn't take a genius to think a word play is cool ... but seriously, these kids are kind of lacking. The "It's not the band I hate, it's the fans" line really applies. It's hard for me to look at a lot of Sloan sites too. I had a dream last night where I was sitting in Denny's and Chris Murphy and Patrick Pentland walked in. Probably because Amanda and I were talking earlier last night (while sitting in Denny's) about how gay they both were. But the dream was freaky. I got so irritated with Chris being so loud I threw my purse at them and Amanda took her coat and threw it at them and then we left. Ack! I'm a big Andrew/Jay fan. The other two kind of creep me out, even though Chris was more than nice when we met him. I think it's just the whole hyperactive thing that gets to me. But when it comes down to it, I'd much rather sit and talk to Jay about shoes and Andrew about himself.


Baby's On Fire
or Boredom In An Ice Storm

Every album I've listened to today:
* Fat Les - Vindaloo single
* Blur - Country House single
* Spacehog - Resident Alien
* PJ Harvey - Is This Desire
* REM - Document
* Gorky's Zygotic Mynci- Introducing
* Velvet Goldmine soundtrack
* James - Best Of
* Velvet Undergrond and Nico
* Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki

What I Wish I Had:
* Spacehog - Chinese Album
* Fat Les - Goblin in the Office single
* marshmallows for hot chocolate
* talking Laa-Laa (only thing I asked for for Christmas)
* new Stereolab album
* another clean pair of socks (methinks it's time to do laundry)
* John Taylor