One Day One Of These Fucks Will Change Your Life - Stephen Duffy

Stephen Duffy is my only friend right now. It's Christmas Eve and I'm at work. Yes. I love the Swedish Nazis that make us come in even on unofficial holidays. Not that I really am complaining that much.  I have a LAN connection that allows me to muck through the internet even faster than I can at home. I've prettied up my photo gallery, created an actual Fat Les page, and caught up almost completely with my email. (Kari - I am going to take care of yours this afternoon!) I suppose there are actual tasks for me to complete here in the office, but come on! If noone is even here in the office, do you actually think I'm going to try to get anything done? No. I want them to see me actually working.

I'm cranky because I didn't get enough sleep last night. We heard there was going to be another shower of sleet that would cover the roads in 1/4 inch of ice, so that would mean no work today. So Amanda spent the night and we stayed up late working on her new website. It is absolutely brilliant, so go there and sign her guestbook.

I just talked to Aaron and I think he's getting better. I hope so. It really sucks to be sick over Christmas.

It's almost time to go home. I am so hungry I can hardly stand it. 2 pm. Roll around, please. But why am I even in a hurry? I get a couple of hours of peace and then I'll be with my family for over 24 hours. This sucks. Really. I am spending the night with them for the first time since I got in my wreck. That was in January. This kind of thing just makes me nervous. I'll bring a book and a journal with me so I can go upstairs and hide if I feel the need to. Tonight we'll sit around with my mom's redneck sister, her family, and my grandpa. Then we'll wake up at an ungodly hour, open presents, and then go spend the day with those same people plus the rest of my redneck relatives. Exciting. Hopefully, I'll get home at a decent hour tomorrow night and Amanda and I can wreak havoc in our own special way.

On top of all of this, I have bad cramps. Christmas blessings! God bless us everyone.


Merry Christmas

Stephen Duffy. You really are my shangri-la.