The Fear Is Ubiquitous - Stephen Duffy

I survived Christmas! It wasn't nearly as horrendous as I thought it would be. It was actually a little more than tolerable. Perhaps I'm getting older and know how to handle my family. I kind of enjoyed it. Surprised, yes, I am. Of course, my relatives were as redneck as ever. That's never going to change.  I was just much more tolerant of it this year than ever before. Probably the fact that I could go home at the end of the day had a lot to do with it.  And getting back to my apartment was the best feeling.   Yes, I am getting older. Call me old codger.

The next day, Amanda and I celebrated Boxing-Kwanzaa day. We had breakfast at Denny's and saw the Crown Glory of all that is Mullet. This guy behind us had the most amazing, yet scary, hair. It was perfectly short and spiked at the top, and the bottom ended a little below his shoulder blades. And the very ends - ringlets. Perfect ringlets. The absolute perfection of a mullet. I kept staring at it. This fascination with the bad I have is really getting scary.

We went around to a bunch of stores after that. Picked up the Fat Les single! Found my friend Ian's old band too - Rosa Mota - on CD. Hooray! Got a hot pink towel, a new pillow, and a bunch of make-up from Existential Gay Make-Up Boy. He was so Neil Codling in training. I went up to Amanda at the counter where he was helping her out and he put some lip gloss and rouge on me and it was like the best feeling. What soft hands! I have never had a girl put make-up on me like that. I want to adopt him as my pet to put make-up on me in the morning, and I can help him dress better because he had terrible shoes. If he's going to be that cute and gay, he should at least dress nicely! He helps me, I help him.

That night we went to the London Tavern and ran into our doorman friend, Rob, who was off-duty. He bought us drinks! How nice is that? We were dressed very glammy and stood out amongst all of the knit wear. Why do you wear knitwear when you go out at night? Dress up! It's your right! Courtney and her friend Holly finally showed up so we all had another drink and went to see Velvet Goldmine again. At the Inwood, we ran into Christian, who was not carrying his Shelley's bag like he usually does. It was like he was almost naked without it. We all hugged and kissed him and then ran to find our seats at the front.  Amanda and I decided the Oscar Wilde bit at the beginning was too boring and how fun it would  be to run through the aisles with the running sequence that immediately followed. So we got up and moved to the back and when we saw the glam kids on screen running, we tore off down the aisle to our seats. Yes, every great movie should be interactive. We squealed and clapped a whole lot during the entire show and then stalked a repressed looking indie boy afterwards who got into his station wagon and was too scared to look at us. Were we too glittery? Were we too loud? Too emotional? Too outspoken?

What a fun night.

Yesterday my little brother came over. He and my mom sort of butted heads yesterday morning so I'm letting him stay with me for a while to give everyone a break. He listens to too much Limp Bizkit and Deftones for my liking, but bought Blur's "The Great Escape" last night so I think he has hope. He's really bright and knows like everything there is to know about Nostradamus and UFOs and anything to do with futuristic occult type things. Kind of scary, but it's good that he uses his mind a bit to think.

I went out with Erin today for lunch. She got me a Teletubbies 1999 calendar! Ahhh! It's so cute! It even comes with vinyl stickers that you can put on windows. I am so happy. And she gave me some pictures to scan from the Liquid Lounge from a couple of months ago. There's one of me dancing with TJ in the background and we look really into it. Ah. The good old days.  Now I actually get to bed at a decent time on Thursdays and don't come into work the next morning not quite up to par. It's nice to get sleep. Though I do miss hearing "Sha La La La Lee" over the loud speakers of a club.

And no matter how many new albums I get, I cannot take Duffy out of my CD player. I thought I had lost the album again, but again it was in my CD player in my room. I'm so pathetic. But Duffy is not. He is splendor. Can I marry you Stephen Duffy? A guy I know is friends with him, and if I had his number I'd call him up (but I lost it). Maybe he could set us up on a blind date. Stephen sweetie, I do love you so.

March 23. Blur's '13' is going to be released! It's going to be out the same day in both the UK and the U.S.! I am dying to hear it. I am dying for more Blur. It's definitely time for them to give me something else. Supposedly, they're going more classic rock, which is not a bad thing in my book. I'm not really into the lo-fi indie stuff, so this will be better than the last album, I'm positive of it. I liked 'Blur' but really, it was no 'MLIR'. Nearly three months until I'm going to get a fix on what I love the most in life. My Blur.


stephen duffy and alex james. there go my hormones and my heart

CDs I got for Christmas with my Christmas money:
* Fat Les - Naughty Christmas (Goblin In The Office) single

* Rosa Mota - Wishful Sinking
* The Best of Badfinger
* Pulp - Different Class (to replace the copy BEN WHITE stole from me)
* Billy Preston - Encouraging Words (gospel album produced by George Harrison in 1970, Billy covering My Sweet Lord, I've Got A Feeling, and All Things Must Pass)
* This Is Fort Apache (has Radiohead's "How To Play Guitar" on it ... and it was $3.)

* TALKING LAA-LAA!! I got it!
* TV
* gift certificates that let me get lotion, body glitter, towels, pillow, and other stuff to come.
* I saw the Band-Aid "Do They Know It's Christmas?" video on Christmas Eve. John Taylor right before bed. Oh yes.
* I saw the "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime" video too. Wings exploding in a big present! It was the coolest.
* Mom made chicken curry on Christmas Eve. I'm not quite sure why.

Big News
* Very first few seconds of Fat Les video features Ozzy Osbourne character next to a PLUNGER. Hi! Can someone enlighten me why this is? Why a plunger? Someone please write me and tell me why. Please.
* My adopt-a-highway section is sponsored by The Plano Freemasons. THE FREEMASONS! Openly! Cleaning my stretch of the road. What is going on?

stephen in 94. you are how old and how beautiful still?