I Want to Raise Your Teenage Writing From My Wall - Stephen Duffy

Met up with Zac and the old gang last night.  After hugs and proclamations of "You're not dead!" we settled in to watch Total Recall at Jason's new apartment. Kris brought Francesca with him. I've never met Francesca before. She lives in San Francisco and works at Starbuck's!  And writes songs! (How sincere!)  And Daddy was a famous Japanese musician!  So he has contacts for her!  Francesca, I am going to make you a t-shirt that says "I AM INDIE! REALLY! I AM TOO!" Francesca, when we talk about movies, and someone mentions Velvet Goldmine, don't reply with "That guy is soooooo cute!" Francesca, Francesca, Francesca, really I am not impressed that your cousin's stepdad's brother used to live next door to Paul McCartney. You're moving to England with Kris? Uh huh. Kris can't even find his way to downtown Dallas, and he's lived in Dallas for 22 years. Francesca, I know this sounds terrible, but please go back to San Francisco. You are so damn obvious.

Guess who has their birthday today? Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones. I had forgotten that they had the same birthday. Anyone wanting to celebrate, we're going up to the London Tavern tonight. And Paul McCartney sued his bandmates this day in 1970! And they disbanded this day four years later. What a day. So if you want to drink your sorrows away for the Beatles, we'll be at the London Tavern somewhere around 9 or 10.

Look at my horoscope for today:
Horoscope for Aquarius

The Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Gemini. Communication is not your
problem today. Today, your problem is trying to be two places at the same time.
You're just so popular, that's all, and it's difficult for you to turn anybody
down. You want to make all your friends and your sweetheart happy. Maybe that's
part of the problem. You can't figure out which are the friends and which are
the sweethearts. At any rate, you know you love them all and you wish you could
be wherever they want you to be, 24 hours a day. Right now, that's not going to
be possible. You'll have to choose, or else do some fancy dancing. That wouldn't
be a bad alternative. Maybe you should try that one out.

Yes, that's my problem. I'm just so popular.

I found out that two of my guy friends got really high at SXSW this year and ended up in a field giving each other blowjobs.   Amanda and I are never going to stop laughing at this.  Anyone feel like going down to Austin next March?

Stephen Duffy, why is your voice so beautiful? Why are your lyrics so perfect? How do you do this? Why are you so beautiful? How do you defy age the way you do? Is it the Duran in your blood, or is there something else that we should know about? Stephen, really, we have a mutual friend. Can we go out? Can you talk to Alex and get the Plungers to open up for Fat Les?


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49 days until my birthday. I'll be of legal drinking age. Steve and Joe here in my office said that they're going to make me go to a strip club to see how I react. And to watch out if a "UPS" guy came to the office that day. Yikes. Yes, Ericsson is indeed full of lushes. My parents would die if they knew I fraternized with people their age that were like this. Heh heh.

My Favorite Movie Star (TM) is friends with one of the Teletubbies. The gay one at that. I'm more impressed with this than his trips to Iceland with Jus and the rest.

That picture below is from the last night of Fine Time. I'm the idiot in the background with my hands up in the air getting shimmied by TJ.

You know a night at a club is good when it's named after a Cast song. Yeah.