February 18, 2000






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Thank you to everyone who has made my birthday one of the greatest weeks I've had in a long time! As Duffy says, I love my friends. And every important person in my life has chimed in this week with a "happy birthday!", or even MORE importantly -- "happy DAMN birthday!" (thank you Amanda for coining that phrase, which will live in infamy). And for the lovelies that gave me presents: you are the magic.

Tomorrow night will wrap a week's worth of festivities up. It makes me kind of sad, because I've had a hell of a good time pretending my life is the "Every Day Should Be A Holiday" video. I've been out every night this week and only good things have happened. I'm as happy as Billy Preston right now. Ain't nobody gonna bring me down!

On top of my actual birthday (which was Wednesday) being great, I got a call from the landlord of the house that Amanda and I applied for. He sounded kind of upset, so I thought we were denied. Nope! The house is ours! We'll move in at the beginning of March. Which is in less than two weeks. Eep! It's in the Lower Greenville area, down the block from Josh and Mark, and the cutest dilapidated thing I've ever seen. Well, kind of. It's affordable, so I'm making the romance seem much more intense than it really is. Really though, I dig the place. It's got two bedrooms, a little kitchen, a fireplace, archways, and a big backyard with a deck. We'll be hosting a big backyard BBQ in March sometime, so the whole world is pretty much invited. It won't be an event to be missed.

The night before my birthday I went to see 20 Miles at the Gypsy Tea Room. Judah Bauer (guitarist, well-known for his work with that little band he's in with Jon Spencer) was even more beautiful in person than I imagined and he bought me a drink for my birthday. For that, I am eternally thankful.

Rajesh bought me Rushmore and the Yellow Submarine on video. Thank you. I am happy!

Erin got me a bouquet of flowers that are bright yellows, oranges, hot pinks, and purples with little finger puppets of bees and butterflies. It's the most darling thing I've ever seen. She's going to help me plant the garden at the house when I move in. You have no idea how excited I am about that. I am so domesticated it hurts.

Amanda bought me the coolest 70s compilation album on the face of the earth. It's got Styx, ELO, Boston, Grand Funk, and a whole slew of bands that are as big and bad as those. You have really no idea how much that excited me.

Tonight I'm going to a party at Josh's dad's house and then tomorrow night I'm going to have a party at the Redblood Club where Crooked Teeth are playing. And that will wrap up my week o' fun.

Before that, I'm going to sign my new lease and then go to a wedding of Erin's ex-boyfriend and this girl who I am not so sure about. Hopefully things will be right for them because if you ask me, it's just kind of a weird thing to do. Getting married and all. Not normally, but in this case, yes. And that's all I'm going to say on the subject so that I will avoid having statements being misconstrued.

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