Obliged Through Her Brother Under Silhouetted Oath

- Sloan


Jay Ferguson and Andrew Scott. Oh yes.

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My favorite Sloan songs
(for the most part)
500 Up
I Am The Cancer
Bells On
People of the Sky
Snowsuit Sound
I Hate My Generation
Before I Do
Worried Now
Deeper Than Beauty
I Can Feel It
G Turns to D
Good In Everyone
The Lines You Amend
Take the Bench
Money City Maniacs
Iggy and Angus
Sinking Ships
Seems So Heavy
On The Horizon
I Wanna Thank You
Dignified and Old - (cover)



Stocked up on the Sloan merchandise this weekend. Got a big poster, a small poster, and a few postcards. Luckily, they're not the same design as the last Sloan postcards I got. When we were in Atlanta last time, we went to Tower and in the postcard bin, there was a stack. Amanda and Erin each grabbed a couple, and I went up and grabbed the rest of the stack (I'm guessing 30 cards or so) and shoved them in my bag. Yes. I have no manners. They were the cover of Navy Blues. Now I have the Sloan as the Simpsons cards too. Yay!

And let me just say this. Chris Murphy is a big jerk. Honestly. Next time I see him and he acts that way, don't think I won't break his glasses, his hideous glasses. I don't know how his band can stand him on a daily basis. I've never met anyone so arrogant or egotistical in my life, and I've met quite a few. I live in Dallas, you know...

9 February, 1999
What a weekend. I flew out to Atlanta on Thursday afternoon, barely making my flight because of backed-up traffic on 635. Shocker. Air-Tran got me there without any sort of failure, though the engine sounded an awful lot like a lawnmower. And I was sitting next to a midget with white eyebrows and brown hair who asked me if I had a boyfriend. Yikes. Got to Atlanta around 6 pm and took the MARTA downtown to Five Points, where I thought the club would be. Wrong. There is a big difference between Five Points and Little Five Points. After wandering around downtown by myself for a few blocks, I finally ran into a nice New Yorker who told me that Little Five Points was a couple of miles down the road and which bus to take to get there. Thank you, sir, where ever you are! My bus took me through the deep dark recesses of the ghetto, passing the "Beautiful Restaurant" and lots of salons, and finally got into the area of town that I remembered from our last trek out to see Sloan. Found The Point with no problems, but Amanda was not inside like I thought she would have been. She was off record shopping with Tommy, not to be confused with "record shopping" in London. Completely different thing.

Because of an in-store performance, I got there before Sloan did, and boy was I happy. Chris walked in after an hour and I jokingly told him we were in the opening band. Note: Chris Murphy obviously has a bad memory and does not like to be teased. For the rest of the night he gave the two of us dirty looks and off-handed comments. Jerk. Jay came in next and I spoke to him for a while about Nardwuar and Texas and a bunch of other stuff. Jay Ferguson has to be the sweetest person on the face of the earth. Hands down. He said "Golly", "wild", and "holy mackerel" in the same sentence. Yes, I love him mucho.

With cute Canadian roadies setting stuff up all around us, I was in heaven. Then, just as I started to relax, Andrew walked in. Iieee. Let me make this disclaimer: I've had a crush on Andrew Scott for the past 5 1/2 years. When I saw him last September I got jelly legged and couldn't hold a conversation without sounding like an idiot. My nerves were completely shot, which is very out of character for me when meeting a silly little popstar. Anyways, Andrew walked in and passed the group of us that were talking and mouthed a "hello" and went up to the stage to see how things were going. For the next hour or so, I just kind of sat there staring at him, again, a little unusual for me because I don't really like to be that obvious about anything. But hey, it was Andrew. And he is beautiful.

We spent the next few hours going backstage and watching soundcheck and meeting up with Joe and his friends. I started to relax again, but I was ready to see Sloan. Trinket opened the set and put on a really good show. I was just a little ancy waiting for my boys to go on. (yes, mine) Sloan finally went on and I was in heaven for the next two hours. They played a lot of stuff, Jay was right in front of Amanda and me, smiling away and posing for pictures. Andrew got mad at Chris for making him play a drum solo (Chris was being extra annoying that night for some reason) and sought revenge by playing "Good Golly Miss Molly" in true Ramones' "Warthog" style. Chris could barely keep up on the drums. It was so funny. The closed with "Underwhelmed", so I busted out an empty beer bottle I had on the floor and started playing spin the bottle on the stage just like in the video. Jay looked at me spinning the bottle and you could see the thought process take place..."oh, a bottle"..."oh, she's spinning the bottle"..."wait, we're playing 'Underwhelmed'"..."oooooh nooooooo".  It was hilarious. Jay was trying so hard not to laugh and when the bottle landed on him I leaned forward and blew a kiss in slow motion. Chris, of course, was shooting dirty looks. Idiot.

After the show we walked around and talked to people, then the guys came back out and I spoke with Jay for a bit longer, got him to sign a postcard for Kate, and then left him alone. Patrick signed it too, he is so sweet. He was sick with the flu that night, but was still in a good mood and was more than nice. He got a new haircut and looks better than ever before. I asked Amanda to get Chris to sign the card for Kate, just because there was no way I was going to talk to him. He wrote "I HATE KATE" across the bottom in big bubble letters. Amanda ripped it out of his hand and walked off. He's such a jerk. Then I was standing there by the merch table talking to Joe's friends, and who walks by? Andrew. He sat there looking at me for a second...I had been there all day and talked to the rest of his band and I was avoiding him so I finally stepped up and said hi and we both settled into a long conversation at a table. He remembered me from the last Atlanta show, I was the girl from Texas that talked to him about Freemasons, and that sort of branched into a long discussion again. I got him to add his signature to the card too, and when I told him Kate had moved to England before this tour was announced, he wrote "Sucker!" and started laughing. Yes, I love him because he is such a snide bastard. This is the same guy that, when asked to record a message to the brother of someone that couldn't make it to the show,  said "Hi, this is Andrew. It's too bad that you couldn't make it to the show tonight, because this was our last show. We broke up. Bye."

The club started closing and I got up to leave and he followed me, still talking and being really sweet. Andrew! Sweet! I walked outside and told him bye, and was in a sort of stupor for the rest of the night.

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with Trinket. Making the trip up to Rome, Georgia, one of the scariest towns in the United States, with them.  Played mother at a party, ate at Waffle House a couple of times, did a lot of driving and listening to albums. Really a fun weekend.

I am fairly positive that within the next few weeks I'm going to be moving out to Athens, GA. I'll go into detail about why later, but it just seems like the right thing to do.

So now I'm back in Dallas, miserable because of how sucky everything is, and am trying to sort out some sort of relocation. Soon.

And Sloan are my favorite band. It always fluxuates between them and Blur, but really, I think I can tell which ones I like more. Compare albums - Navy Blues is much better than Blur. And that's just one point. Plus, I've liked Sloan longer than I have Blur. I am still floating from the whole Andrew thing. He is just the coolest guy in the world. I am going to shut up now.


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