- The Rentals


This Week

Wally Pleasant - Monday.

WEEENER - Thursday.

Friday? Hopefully going to see Jawbreaker or any other cheesy movie. I miss sitting in a cinema and tuning out for a couple of hours. Deinitely going to see 200 Cigarettes. Cannot miss anything that epitomizes Elvis Costello - only the coolest man in pop in the past 20 years.

Seven More Minutes - The Rentals. Katie gave me a copy of the advanced copy she had. The world IS going to be a better place once everyone hears this. I have loved The Rentals from day one - when I was in the Weezer fan club back in the day, I got a promo for "Friends of P" and I've been hooked since then. Matt Sharp is the epitome of cool.
Brent for all the cool stuff. For dating my sister, you sure are sweet.

Aaron for the singles and little aquarius book. That was so SWEET.

Amanda for the Neurotic Outsiders and Wesley Willis. No comment on the Tellus. You Nasty Ho.

Erin for getting me nice and tanked and well-fed. That was the best.

Katie for the copies of stuff I shouldn't have.

Novus for sending me the Discover Card.

21 February, 1999
An actual evening to sit here and not do a thing. So I do the usual. Pop in front of the TV and turn the trusty laptop on and time the distances of time that my ISP decides to let me stay online. I must have the absolute worst connection in the history of online mankind. GTE likes to boot me off every 9 minutes (and that's on a good night) and I'm constantly squawking at it as a result. Sure, it would be wise to get a new ISP, but this one is added to my phone bill. And the more bills that can be comined on to one large bill is something I welcome. I'm lazy.

Sunday night television was, as usual, a bit lacking. Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane DID mention a plunger (which is two episodes so far that has brought up such a fateful tool) so that was okay. And MTV has their special Grammy spotlight on. I don't really understand how a lot of the grammy categories work. How are Garbage in the "rock" category but not in the "alternative"? And how are Hole up against John Fogerty? I don't get it. As much as I'm not a Fogerty fan, I don't really want Hole to win. Why? Yeah, good for Courtney Love. Get a makeover and turn into the disgruntled public's Sweetheart. You still act as obnoxious on Chris Murphy. Yes, both of you can spout an occasional funny line but it just seems like you both try too hard. I don't hate Courtney Love, she's got her merit, but I don't understand the uber-appeal. Her voice annoys me. And I don't care to see that much of anyone's breasts. So thanks anyways.

Did you know that Sheryl Crow has won as many Grammys as the Beatles? Strange.

And Alternative category. Hmm. Radiohead nominated for a b-side EP, which just cracks me up. Sandwiched somewhere between Smashing Pumpkins and the rest is PJ Harvey. Who I love. Her lyrics remind me of Hardy. It's that same sense of grim reality with a romantic overtone. I would love for her to get some sort of recognition, but I know she really doesn't have much of a chance compared to the artists who sell better.

My birthday was a success. Had a lot of drinks and got quite a few gifts from so many sweet people. My little sister's boyfriend got me so much stuff! A Kinks and WEsley Willis 7", the On Your Own single that I didn't have, a mix tape, and a pocket watch from Burger King. AND he bought me a birthday cake! My favorite kind too - carrot cake. That was the sweetest thing ever.

Yesterday I went out with my mom to the house in Whitesboro that my parents bought. It's actually really cute and victorian and gingerbread. They're rebuilding a lot of it, and stripping out the mauve paint so liberally used throughout the floorplan. In a year or two, it's going to be a beautiful place.

120 Minutes is on. Debbie Harry looks terrible. New Blondie song is terrible. Sometimes bands shouldn't attempt a comeback. Oh feck, a Morissey solo video. Kill me. Kill me now.