ELO Kiddies


Courteney Cox is pregnant. She is going to wear an ice blue dress at her wedding to match her eyes. Like, shoot me if I ever get that vain. And David Arquette - a father? Wah. I am going to take more cold medicine to get me through the night.

I've been at home for the past couple of days. Sick. Don't feel like going into detail because what does it matter to you? I'm still able to type and that's all anyone should be concerned about.

I had a dream last night that pissed me off. I was at my mom and dad's new old house in Whitesboro (ass-crack, TX) and my whole family was there. My friends were hanging out in the garden and I went inside to hang with my mom and aunts and cousin Jim. Aunt Sarah said "Look Chrissy, a duck is in the sink!" and I saw a baby duck and oohed and ahhed over it and picked it up. Never mind the fact that I a) hate animals - no exceptions and b) hate birds especially. The bird started clawing me and it had hooked feet rather than webbed feet and I was bleeding. I pulled it off and then it hooked me on the inside of my mouth and wouldn't let go. So I turned the sink on and dunked my head in the water and the bird came off. I grabbed a piece of particle board and trapped the bird in for 10 seconds and then pulled it out. It died in my hand a couple of minutes later. I went around the house yelling "The scent of murder is on my hands!" I felt two things. First, I felt bad that I had killed something but then I realized how powerful I felt that I had destroyed something. I promise not to start wielding an axe or anything, so don't worry. Just don't leave me alone with your pets.

I spent today cleaning and organizing my apartment. These are things that distinguish this as the Chrissy Zone.

Two salt shakers instead of one salt and one pepper. There is no need for pepper in my universe.

Jon Spencer poster above my bed. So I can fall asleep under Jon Spencer each night.

The scent of lavender candles and Vick's Vap-o-steam stuff.

Okay that's it. No more lists for tonight.

Except a list of things that I hate about Felicity. Stop looking like you're about to cry. Stop being so paranoid. Stop acting like you're miss balanced and rational. Cut loose and have some fun for once. ie get a personality and try to gain any sort of cred you can muster.

An old Katharine Hepburn movie is on now. She's independent, pretty without being too girly (look at how she walks!!), is unafraid, and is intelligent. What a totally cool role model.





Now I Got Worry - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Dope Box - Jack Drag
Seven More Minutes - The Rentals (All cool except for song about sex. Scarring.)
Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick. Mid-70s rock at it's finest.