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Friday - die from sickness. If better, go see Jawbreaker and/or 200 Cigarettes.
Saturday - Chomsky.

Yes I am stupid for going out when I am sick. Yes I am not intelligent at all for going to a smoky club when I can't breathe in the first place. Yes I am an idiot for getting four hours of sleep when my body needs at least twice that much, especially when I am sick. But it was all for a good cause. Weener - the one up Dallas has over the rest of the world. Sure, other major cities have huge bands with cult followings, great scenes, cool fads. But my hometown hosts (probably) the world's only Weezer cover band. And that makes me really proud.

You'd think that a concept so silly would be laughed at and ignored by most. But no, last night's show was packed. More people came to see Weener than any of the recent local shows I've been to. We're talking it's almost a Toadies or Baboon-type following. (And if you're in Dallas, you understand how big this is.) They played lots of songs, the crowd all sang along, many of us punched fists in the air, we jumped around and screamed - it was wonderful. And they play once a month! Kind of reminds me of one of those Christmas All-Year stores in the mall.

It was really cool too, because we got to meet a couple of people last night. First, I met up with Bevan - this really cool guy that moved to Dallas from New Zealand and he's into the same type of music as my friends and me. I only wish the venue would have been a bit quieter because it was really hard to yell over the sonic boom volume in the club. And then Erin met up with one of her email friends, Lisa, who I had to say was extremely super sweet and I'm glad to know there are other cool girls in the area. I love making new friends.

I bought "Tender" yesterday. Like everyone else I know, I have thoughts on this.
1. It sounds like a bad cross between "Hey Jude", "Give Peace a Chance", and something left off of Give Out But Don't Give Up
2. It's not necessarily bad, but it doesn't have any of the qualities that I like so much in Blur songs.
3. If you're going to go for the Mississippi Mud Choir, at least use a choir that's going to really get into it. Not a bunch of clipped voices. They could have borrowed Kirk Franklin's Nu-Nation.
4. The artwork is boring.

I miss the old Blur. When they had that certain look of mischief in their eyes. When they thought they had a lot figured out and were a lot more cerebral. Now, they've hit thirty and are losing their rock star qualities. Humility and earnestness in rock just don't appeal to me.

I also scored an advanced copy of Peasants, Pigs, and Astronauts. The big KS really have loused things up for themselves this time. I'm not sure if this is a drug-induced album, or too much self-subscribed BS, but it really is full of brainwash and propaganda. It sounds like Andrew Lloyd Webber's lost musical about the plight of a white man into an Indian suburb of a Midwestern Metropolis. Their lyrics actually mention things like cosmic robes and evil worms and the age of hypocrisy. Eek!

I am still feeling like hell, so I'm going to pack the old desk up soon and head home and die. I really don't feel like being here. The worst part of this isn't the coughing, the rattling of my chest, the sore throat, the watery eyes. No. It's the periodic headaches that I get. And they're not just headaches, they're shooting, stabbing pains above my eyes that feel like they're running behind my eye sockets and as a result, I can't open my eyes. I've had a couple of attacks of it this morning and yesterday it kept happening too. It really hurts and I want to cry.


Peasants, Pigs, and Astronauts - Kula Shaker. It feels good to laugh at something so bad.
Tender - Blur. Wish this were more laughable.
The Very Best of Tin-Tin - Stephen Duffy. Two versions of "Kiss Me" and beautiful artwork. Duffy is a God.
Fell in love with BICYCLE THIEF, a band that opened up for Weener last night. The lead singer looks like Louis from Rialto and you can tell that they're a very British influenced band. Very poppy, very moogy, very wonderful. How is it that I'm finding so many local bands that I actually *like* these days? That's so unlike me.
I've followed a sort of advice all of my life - never trust a man with too much facial hair. So this broke my heart when I saw it today ... Alex, are you okay?