january 07, 2000


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after a month-long hiatus from the internet, i'm back. 

i've contemplated closing down the journal for different reasons, but i actually enjoy writing and i'd probably get bored with not being able to throw my opinions around to whoever reads this.  

i don't know if i'm going to be talking about terribly personal feelings or activities anymore.  i don't want to deal with gossipers or stalkers.  and plus, i'm trying to sort things out on my own, and until some things in transition have come to a close, i'm going to keep my mouth shut. 

but know that i'm in one piece and (i think) am in a different frame of mind than i was before.  "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", right? 

i have a new job!  

i'm about to start back to school! 

and that's where i am.  

* * * * *       * * * * *      * * * * * 

every wednesday for the past couple of months, i've gone with rajesh and his friends to the movies.  why wednesdays? free popcorn if you have a movie watcher's card.  so now i can actually hold my own in a film discussion.  sort of. 

i hate oliver stone.  which should have been enough of a deterrent to keep me from seeing Any Given Sunday.  but we ran out of things that we all wanted to see, so that was the choice of the night. pacino was amazing, as usual. cameron diaz was even actually not annoying. but it was THREE HOURS LONG.  and too many crazy camera angles. and the plot was ... thin, i guess. so if you're feeling like wasting some money on a movie, choose something else. i think next week we're going to see Magnolia, and that had better be good. i can't  handle another night of drivel.  

amanda is going to LA in a couple of weeks to see buckcherry.  i am in dire need of a road trip myself, but there's no way i can go out there right now.  we're all thinking of driving out there for spring break to visit friends, so hopefully my ancy-ness will go dormant for two months and then i'll satisfy my whims.  

and we're stopping over in vegas. mwa-ha-ha.  

oh, and in the new mitsubishi commercial, is that gus gus's "ladyshave" playing?

congratulations to courtney who graduated from UT last semester!

my disdain for video games has been beat off. for kwanzaa, i played on a playstation for the first time and ended up beating everyone.  i have no idea how i did it, but they all were conquered. at least it was on the umanji day. "umanji" means unity. so at least they were all unified in getting their asses kicked.

beck at the bronco bowl, january 26. i have GOT to get my hands on some tickets.

my cubicle seems so bare right now, save for a picture of yogi (pre-glam days) that i put up as the patron saint of my desk.  i've got a pocahantas figurine in front of him. the irony is, she's on her knees. oh, the hours of entertainment that it's going to behold upon me.

i just finished reading rock hudson's biography. very sad.  after that, i watched pillow talk, send me no flowers, and giant all within a few days. giant is one of my very favorite all-time movies.

i've got rufus wainwright's "April Fools" and jeff buckley's "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" on repeat in my head. croon, croon, croon.