january 20, 2000


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So I'm checking my email last week and I get a message from someone who saw my Buckcherry page and said they liked it, etc.  I get those a lot, so I didn't pay too much attention to it.  I emailed a response back, thinking it was just some 15 year old punk from Poughkeepsie, and it turns out I kind of actually know who this guy is!  He is a guitarist for a band that opened for Sloan the first time I saw them, and kind of knows a few of the same people I know in Atlanta.  Random!  Needless to say, this has been sort of neat, because he's sent me pictures of Yogi, and likes everything I do - from Guns N Roses to Jeff Buckley to Dwight Yoakum to Jesus and Mary Chain.  So he's definitely in the club. So if you are in Atlanta and are going to the MTV Super Bowl block party, he's the one in the picture on the very far right.  

Other than that, things are going nicely, I suppose.  Work is teaching me a lot.  There are a few software programs that I'm having to really get familiar with, and the best way to do that is to just jump in like I'm doing.  So I pray I'm not screwing anything up too majorly and things should turn out just fine. The downside of it has been that because I'm a contractor, I've had to go through my contracting agency to get paid, and they didn't deliver my paycheck to me last weekend as promised. So I've been checking for it everyday and finally yesterday I got mad enough and called them and left a biting voice mail telling them I didn't appreciate their laziness. This afternoon my stupid contracting rep came in with her frosted hair pulled back, fake french manicured nails clutching my freshly pressed check, and said very little.  I then noticed that they didn't take any taxes out of it and thought, "Great! Now I'm going to have the IRS after me! What every girl dreams for!"  I called the agency back and they said they'd make sure it was taken out of next week's check and not to worry. So I won't. 

My cubicle is looking more like home.  The photo of Yogi is now surrounded with Super Furry Animals postcards, the plunger picture, photos of Carolyn and Angie, other friends, and a little Thomas Hardy poem that Erin found for me. I've got a cute picture of Matthew Broderick on the top of my monitor from Ferris Bueller's Day Off where he's lounging in the recliner talking on the phone.  It prompts me to work harder. 

Tonight I'm going to deposit the paycheck in the bank and decide what to do first -- get an apartment or a car.  I really want to get a car first, but I'm going to have to wait until my birthday to do so.  And I don't know how that's going to work with getting to work and bumming rides for a month.  If I get an apartment first, I can at least take a bus. But I would be able to save money on rent if I get a car first, because I can live with my Grandmother as long as I want to.  So which one is smarter? Augh. Decisions.

On the upside, Amanda and I have come up with yet 

Listening to: 

The Masses Against The Classes - The Manic Street Preachers.   What a GREAT single!  I know everyone's dropping dead of shock from me saying that, but you'd have to be awfully stupid not to hear how great this song is.  And the b-sides too!   

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses. 

Snowbug - The High Llamas. 

Radiator and Guerrilla - Super Furry Animals. 

Check Your Head (Radio Edit) - Buckcherry.  Amanda hooked me up with a promo she got in at her store (along with the video!) and yeah, it's a great song, but it's better on the album.  I don't like how they edited it for the radio.  And the cover looks like a bad Tommy Hilfiger ad. Not to mention the video.