Writing My Will On A Three Dollar Bill - Beck

I've discovered the joys of cable TV. So I've been kind of behind in updating my website. One of my favorite Fawlty Towers episodes are on! The one where the Eastender detective comes into the hotel. Yes, I should be going to bed, but I am going to stay up and watch my favorite episode of my very favorite TV series. And update my site.

Can I take a second aside to tell the world how much I love Beck? No big confession, just something I wanted to say. Okay.

And Soul Coughing. You guys are cool. Very very very cool.

I think I've sprung back into my little American Indie loving. I have been going through phases of it throughout the better part of this decade. No, it's not necessarily my favorite thing on earth, but there is some stuff in there that is really underrated. And who am I kidding? I've always had a partiality to it.

I was supposed to go over to my parents house today to get some laundry done, but their dryer broke. And Dad and Matt took it apart and accidentally forgot to put some of the screws back in. So it's dead. They won't get another one in for a couple of weeks either - they ordered it - so I'm going to have to figure out a way to get clean clothes until then. Argh. So frustrating.

Today I did stay at home and had a very domesticated sort of day. I took down my Christmas tree. Which shed it's fake needles all over the floor. Mental note to borrow the vaccum from my folks. Watched a lot of tv. Saw a lot of commercials that made me want to go see political thrillers. Yes, I'm pathetic and not hip, so I probably will go see them. I'm still going with Joni this week (hopefully!) to see You've Got Mail. She's going back to school soon, so we're going to have a sappy day together before she leaves. Yay!

Also cleaned out my fridge. Ick. Some of that stuff has been in there since right before Thanksgiving. So gross. I've got to pay more attention to my stuff. Then I cleaned that up and made a green bean casserole - one of the essential southern foods - for dinner. It didn't turn out quite right though.

Yesterday I got to use my gift certificates to Old Navy and Barnes and Noble. My parents bought them for me, and I'm not sure why they got me an Old Navy gift card at all. Do I look like I shop there? No. So I picked out a bunch of tacky holiday make-up they had discounted for after Christmas, and a cool lavender scarf with bright purple flowers all over it. So cute! You would never know it was from Old Navy. Then I went next door to Barnes and Noble and got Bat Chain Pull by Kurt Loder (lots of stories about rock stars in the 80s) and Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. I've read a few of his other books, but never the one that made him the most famous. So I've been reading that off and on all day. Will eventually get to the Kurt Loder book, but I am not too shallow to pass real literature up for music gossip. I could never do that.

Saw Velvet Goldmine again last night. The ticket lady recognized us! Ha ha.

My friend Melissa from high school is getting married in March. She was the only other girl in school that used to like Blur back in 95. I feel like an old maid. She met Joe (her fiance) last summer and got engaged the Monday before Christmas. I honestly am very happy for her. She never had a boyfriend in high school or anything, and this guy sounds like he's really cool and really really wonderful. So it looks like I'll be seeing one of my close friends from school in a nice big ceremony in a couple of months. And I can already tell you, I am going to bawl. I had tears in my eyes when she told me all of this on the phone today. I am such a sap.

Ooh yeah. Fatboy Slim video on now. It's so worth staying up late! I might have red eyes in the morning, but this is so good. I keep putting off buying the latest album, along with El Oso by Soul Coughing, but I think the next time I'm at a record store I know what I'll be investing in.

New Year's Resolutions: hmm, well, other than champagne/cheese induced declarations of "ALEX JAMES", to stop living through the computer so much - meet/mingle with actual PEOPLE rather than just chatting with people from everywhere else. Why? Because it would be nice to have friends locally, and it's not doing me any good to chain myself to a machine like I do. Anything else? Take better care of my body. And my possessions. ie stop getting lazy and put things up properly. Keep up with schoolwork. (It starts in a couple of weeks!!!!) And erm, well, just be a more compassionate person. To let my opinions of people and music be less swayed by my friends' opinions and be something I've formulated firsthand. To definitely act like more of a lady because my mother taught me better! (and what beats the coolness and elegance of Katherine Hepburn, my heroine? Grace Kelly? Do I want to act more like them or some foul-mouthed rocker?) And to pay attention to everything I do more than I do. I have been too aloof for too long.

I'm going to stay up for the Pulp video and then I'm going to pass out in my bed. Next to my laundry that really needs to be taken care of. Grrr. Time to wash my face and end this terribly long weekend.


Rhinestone Life

Okay, so the Beck fascination has started back in for me. I would be a fool not to recognize how ubercool this guy really is. Not that it's important, no.

And right now, I can stare comfortably in my own living room, dressed in an oversized Blur t-shirt and combat pants. I will never emerge from the confines of my home looking so ragged, but this is also coming from the same girl who made herself a casserole. How terribly unchic.

I feel like a dork.