Bled White - Elliott Smith

It's been a long time since I've updated this. No real reason why, it's just that I haven't felt like it.

With the New Year, work has been getting busy again. We have five conferences coming up within the next month, and guess who gets stuck with a lot of the work? I have to register for my Spring classes today, which I'm very excited about, though I'm starting to get nervous about time and money and everything associated with that "responsibility" word.

I'm learning how to conserve both though. By staying at home rather than running around so much, I can make a dollar stretch a little more. Have a craving for Denny's? Stay home and brew your own coffee and watch TV. If I'm paying the cable bill, I might as well try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Last weekend was fun. I guess it kind of started on Thursday night when my friend Gilbert from Oklahoma came down to hang out. Amanda and I met up with him and his two friends for dinner, then went down to Deep Ellum to go to the resurrected Indie Night at the Liquid Lounge. We got there and the turntables were messed up, so they rescheduled for this week. Oh well. Amanda went with some friends we ran into to some show, and I went with the boys to Lizard Lounge because they wanted to dance. Note: Thursday nights are Goth Nights. Unless you want to dance to the Cure, well, I wouldn't suggest going. We stayed for 15 minutes and I wasted $10, but we had to get out of there. We went back down to Club Clearview and found Amanda and watched Weener, the Weezer cover band while the boys went off into another room and danced to some Eurotrash. Weener were great! Yes, they are all dorks. Yes, they have no image. But they were so much fun. There were lots of drunken idiots in there crashing into us, but the songs were right on and their guitarist does a mean Matt Sharp impression, so I instantly took to him. He wore a Smith and Wesson shirt! Can a boy get any cooler? Oh, he had a Blur sticker on the back of his guitar too. Let me reiterate this: he is the coolest dork in Dallas.

The next day I went to work extremely tired and everyone in the office was at each other's necks. It was one of those days where Mercury must have been in retrograde or something. We had a planned happy hour at Jack Astor's that evening, so I went to that and had my share of nachos and strawberry margaritas. Never mind that I'm still a month under the legal drinking limit. It helped when I sat down beside a Dallas cop and hugged him and called him "Dad" as he flashed his badge to our waiter. Happy Chrissy. Thanks, Dad.

After that, I got home and Courtney was there waiting for me. Amanda showed up and we went out to Ft. Worth to see Go Metric play at the Satellite Dish.  I was watching the opening band, thinking the guitarist was really familiar looking. He was jumping around the stage and dancing in a shirt and tie, and when he turned around I noticed that Blur sticker on the back of the guitar again. Yep. Weener guitarist has a real band too. They sounded like a nicer poppier Superdrag.

After the show, the three of us girls and George went to Sean's house and recorded a tape of George snoring on the couch, with Brian Jonestown Massacre rave music in the background. Real high quality stuff.

Saturday we went shopping and I had one of my infamous CD binges. I hate it when I do that. But I got a bunch of stuff, especially out of bargain bins, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. That night we saw Velvet Goldmine AGAIN and I fell asleep right after the Curt Wild festival scene. $6.50 down the drain. What a waste.

Sunday I relaxed and cleaned up for a while. Dad (my DAD Dad, not the cop) cooked a big dinner, so I went home to eat and do laundry. Angie (my sister) and her boyfriend Brent rented "Can't Buy Me Love" and it rekindled my love for Patrick Dempsey.

This week will hopefully be quiet. There's a Dave Davies chat tonight that I am going to log into (My Name Is Chrissy, and I AM A DORK), and hopefully get into bed at a decent hour, long before I get sucked in - as usual - to Conan O'Brien. Last night he had David Arquette on as his guest and Arquette   stripped to a pink sweater and pulled a fish out of his glittery boxer shorts. Two of my favorite comedians. I love them both so. I get to register for my Spring courses in an hour, which cause me great amounts of excitement. I called earlier today to see what I needed to bring for registration, and after giving them my social security number and basic personal information, they told me that I had to give them a PIN number I've never had to use before that they gave me in the Fall of 1996. Hmm. I gave you my social security number. That is my ID number for the school and for the country. What more do you need? Then they told me that they never received my transcipt in the first place, when I know full well that I went to Allen to pick it up and I distinctly remember dropping it off. So I asked them, why did you let me into your school without my transcript and let me take a couple of semesters worth of courses? Why didn't you "catch" it then? Do those courses not count? And the lady replied with "I need your PIN number to give that sort of information out." Uh-huh.

Going back, back, back to school again...



David Arquette is the coolest man on earth.