Drinking at the Mixer with Mark and Keith

boo radleys (Charles Bukowski is Dead)





WAKE UP! - Boo Radleys
One of my very favorite songs on the face of the earth ever is "Joel". Little known fact.

"My Favourite Game" - The Cardigans. I've got it on an old CMJ and have been listening to it non-stop. Will purchase Gran Turismo this week.

Isola - Kent. Found promo at CD World for $4.91! And I was willing to pay full price if I found it anywhere else. Right on.


I've turned into a WB Junkie. I like watching Dawson's Creek and Felicity. They make me laugh. And once you start watching, you get addicted. I tuned in last night to Zoe, Duncan, Jake and Jane and my favorite guy from Felicity was on it. Iiieee! Scott Foley, who is the one of my latest guilty pleasures, played the older brother of a pissed-off girl in a wheelchair that Zoe had a crush on. I'm hooked on the show forever because the wheelchair girl was telling Zoe about her brother's band, and said "If I have to hear 'Champagne Supernova' one more time I'm going to wheel myself out the window." My sentiments exactly. Dubba-dubba-hell yeah.

Contemptuous Sardonic Felicity Watchers Society - See? I'm not the only one that likes this! They're degreed and neurotic and obsess over this just as much as me. In a completely non-obsessive laid back sort of ha-ha way. Just go.


18 January, 1999
And what, I ask you, is funnier than late 80's Duran Duran videos? Not much. Amanda brought her VCR and the Decade video over last night and we sat around laughing until our eyeliner was smeared down to our cheekbones. "Wild Boys" and "A View To A Kill" are two exemplary pieces of film that everyone should watch repeatedly. I remember watching early Duran Duran videos when I was a kid and thinking that leather and lizards were a part of sex. Seriously. And my fascination with guns? Probably springs from the fact that John Taylor (the man I want to father my future children) was force commando in a couple of videos. And I hate Simon LeBon more than ever, Amanda was right in predicting I would feel such.

Then we watched a video I got in the mail a while ago of the Dandy Warhols playing live at La Luna in June of 1995. The first part of the tape was really messed up, but the last three songs were in place: "Dick", "Grunge Betty", and an early version of "Boys Better".  So funny! Peter had the old haircut, dancing around like Jay Ferguson in the "Underwhelmed" video, and Courtney was wearing suspenders and pin-striped pants. So bad.

So when we get together and have the Dallas girls slumber party (which is going to be SOON) I think a good idea would be to play the Duran Duran Drinking Game and then the Dandys video for dessert. What do you girls think?

I'm irritated with my parents right now because they bought a 100 year old house up near Sherman. Over an hour away. Are they stupid? The commute to west Plano is going to kill them. So they're not going to be around very much, they're going to be blowing their money on renovating some old house. Hi, have you ever seen The Money Pit? Yeah, remember that one? The one you guys laughed and groaned at and said "That's us." Well, the irony should have been noticed sooner because you are now paying the mortgage on two houses. And two of your kids are in high school. Moving to a hick town in the midst of those formative years are going to screw them up. So what are you going to do to avoid that? Get them their own apartment?! Yes, give a 15 and 16 year old their own place. Smart.

I'm not happy with this decision. It doesn't directly affect me, but mom, dad, use some common sense. You complain that you never get to travel and that you want to see Europe and do  something other than Colorado road trips, but you go and blow your money on something that is going to eat you alive. I know you've always wanted an old house in the country, but wait a few years. Oh wait, too late for that. Never mind.

I told Mom I was probably going to go to London over Spring Break and she was very excited. I guess she can live vicariously through my travels, although it makes me sad that she puts herself in a position that will never allow her to see it. When I get married one day down the road, I'm going to get married far away and spend more money on plane tickets for my family than my actual wedding just so that they'll get out of the house. I'll probably take Angie to England after she graduates next year, if she wants, we'd have fun together. But my poor mom. I just get frustrated with her martyr within.

School starts tomorrow night. Afterwards Amanda and I are trucking down to Deep Ellum to see the one, the only, Henry Rollins. Oh yes. Maybe if there's time afterwards we'll stop in at the Ruby Room and see DJ Josh (Yeah! Fuzzy from the Adventure Club!) spinning and catch the lesbians in full action to Primal Scream. Too bad we missed Clint Boon of the Inspiral Carpets getting down to "Dancing Queen" last week, but noone thought we would want to know this sort of thing existed. All of you suck.

Great fact of the week: Frito-Lays put out a new type of Lay's - Cheese & Onion. You can get a big bag of them for $1.99! They are dee-licious. Groove is in my stomach.