Your New Cuckoo

- Cardigans





Take It From The Man - Brian Jonestown Massacre

First Band On The Moon - The Cardigans

In A Bar Under The Sea - dEUS


Henry Rollins - tonight, Galaxy Club

Dee Snider from Twisted Sister - 21 January, Canyon Club   (probably won't go because it's a sleazy bar inside of the Bronco Bowl)

Cake - 6 February, Arcadia (want to go even though it won't be a big thrill to see them)

WESLEY WILLIS! - early March, venue TBA.  (I would't miss this one for anything)

The Donnas - 19 March, Galaxy Club (I might be at SXSW at this point, who knows, but I'm going to see them at least once, so there)


19 January, 1999
Texas weather is sure screwed up. Last week it was bitterly cold and this week it's a balmy 75 degrees. I keep reading emails about people having to shovel snow and crashing their cars into snowbanks, and all I can say is to move to Texas. You may develop a cold with all of the weather changes, but you will never see any legitamite amount of snowfall. And anytime the roads ice over, everything shuts down!

Tonight we are going to see Henry Rollins at the Galaxy Club! Only good things happen there. Amanda and I are going to ask him to pose for a picture with us. I hear he's actually a really decent nice guy, so I'm hoping tonight will be a good night for him and we can talk about Joe Strummer.

Last night I was looking at the lineup for the South by Southwest conference this year, and I'm getting so excited!  The Hi Fives, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Right Said Fred, Pansy Division, The Donnas, Swirl 360, Sparklehorse, a band from Manchester called Vietnam, Inc., Carmina Piranha from Portland (sounds cute), MERCURY REV, and best of all ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!! That is so going to be the entire justification for going down there, if the others weren't enough. I missed Robbie last year at V98 when the stupid office didn't get the Dandy Warhols' guestlist in time [grumble, grumble] but I'm not going to let this opportunity go by unseized. It's just a matter of a simple drive to Austin and I'm so hooked up.

I worked out yesterday. I rode an virtual reality exercise bike for 2 miles. It felt like a video game and now my thighs and knees hurt. I am so addicted to the bike though, I have to go back and ride more. I have class tonight and tomorrow night until late, but Thursday when I get out of my English class, you know where I'll be.

I think I'm breaking my addiction to my TV. I forced myself to turn it off last night after the Simpsons went off and went into my bedroom, which I spend zero time in other than sleeping, and organized some of my stuff. When I woke up this morning, I was amazed at all the space I had and how much cleaner everything was. I had piles of clothes scattered everywhere (still waiting on my bedroom furniture from my parents) and yearbooks stacked up underneath photo albums and things like that. Amazing what closet shelves can hold! Now to just borrow a vacuum from my folks.

The sun is beating through my office windows and I feel like taking a nap. Not good, considering I have classes and a concert to go to tonight. I'm going to feel like crap in the morning. I just know it.