Jumping Fences

- Olivia Tremor Control


Dusk At Cubist Castle - Olivia Tremor Control.

The Masterplan - Oasis. I want to know who thought it was a bright idea to include "Swamp Song" on their best of b-side compilation? Give me a break.

The Dandy Warhols Rule OK? - If I have to tell you, you are really an idiot.


Filth - Irvine Welsh. I was reading it a while ago, but put it down and forgot about it. It's now in my flourescent orange backpack that I carry to school. Yippee.

Still Life With Woodpecker - Tom Robbins.  Did you know that Elvis Presley had a copy of one of Tom Robbins' books beside his toilet when he died? Classy, isn't it?

Dec. 98 Issue of Select - My friend Ian is in the Ignition section with his old band, Snowpony. He quit. There's a really cool fashion layout inside too, outlining the changes in fashion in Britain in the 90s. Cute.


20 January, 1999
Chrissy hugged Henry Rollins! Pass it on!

Last night's show was absolutely fantastic. I was laughing for three hours straight. Rollins has such a way with words, and even though a lot of it was just comedic re-telling of people and places he's gotten to know, a lot of it was still quite motivational.   Essentially, "Go out, make something of yourself because life is short", which I thought was really nice. It's not often you can go and sit somewhere with a bunch of strange looking people and come out feeling like a better person (or at least the inspiration to be one) so I look at last night as a really rare occasion. I'm so happy I went.

Started back to class last night. It felt so good to be sitting in a classroom with a bunch of people who choose to spend their free time learning and to have a teacher who was eager to share the knowledge with everyone.   If I could quit my job and go to a university all day, I would in a heartbeat. However, I don't have a college fund or a patron to fund this desire, so I'm stuck working 40 hours a week to pay the rent and bills and put myself through school. You know, I am much happier I am doing it this way. It's a lot more work and it's something I can pride myself in, once I'm finished.  I was in school for a little while after I graduated, but kind of dropped out from boredom and apathy. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go, so I just flaked out and left the country for a couple of months.   It was good for me - a real, true bonafide learning experience, one of those "I found myself after I went off to Europe" type of things, but when I came back I just got frustrated and my family problems took over and it was all a mess. In October, I felt like I was finally getting that grasp of reality again when I got my own apartment, and now I feel like I'm taking a right step for my own future. It's nice to feel that way. You have to have a degree, whether it be an associate's or doctorate, to get a good job these days, no matter which field you are choosing to enter.  And college is good just to better yourself. You are paying for the priviledge to be introduced to new ideas you would have never come across. I think it's a blessing that I get another chance to go. I just wish, in many ways, that I had gone the easy route in the beginning. If that were the case, I would be almost finished by now. But then again, I've seen a lot, I've met a lot of interesting people, I've lived through a few circumstances soaked with desperation ... and that's made me who I am today. So in retrospect, I wouldn't change anything, but it would have been nice to think that at age 18 I would have had more common sense than I actually did.

Alas, the immature grow up. And still have fun.

20 minutes left in the day before I get to school and spend four hours in an intro to graphic applications class. Oh boy. I'm excited that it's a graphics class, but four hours at a time is overkill.  And I'm missing all the good WB shows tonight. Grr! Somebody keep me posted on Dawson's Creek, will you?