Blues Explosion Let's Go

- Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


Acme - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
Best purchase I've made since my coffeemaker.

Definitely Maybe - Oasis.
It's still one of my favorite albums. Shut up. I stick with Oasis on this one.

The Lonesome Crowded West - Modest Mouse.



The DNA branches out into nothingness

I found out that one of my aunts went on a date with some sort of cowboy, fell in love after one date, and moved to the dead center of nothingness in Oklahoma to be closer to him. He is not talking to her though, but "she just knows" that he really loves her back. One date! And she has two kids - a 14 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. I'm sure this is going to be great for their personal development.

My parents are moving to Whitesboro, TX. Which is the dead center between Denton and the Oklahoma border. The land of nothingness. My own personal idea of hell. I cry at the thought of them living in such a god-forsaken piece of country. I thank God I am more cultured than I could have been, I pray for my sister that she won't grow up with a twang (which she probably will), and for my brother so he won't go off on a shooting spree at Dairy Queen, one of the two establishments in their fine community.

27 January, 1999
My "Understanding Humanities Through Film" class RULES! I have the coolest professor who I had a couple of years ago for Humanities. She is like Gwyneth Paltrow on crack and is just ubercool.

For my class, we are supposed to get the AFI (the American Film Institute, not the punk band) Top 100 List, pick a movie we haven't seen, watch it, and then write a journal entry based on how it applies to different aspects of film we are studying. This week we're to pick from the Top 10.

1. Citizen Kane - Agreed. This is the best.
2. Casablanca - Agreed. Wonderful film.
3. The Godfather -  This is where I admit I've never seen it. So I can't say one way or another.
4. Gone With the Wind - I guess. It's just that I want to slap stupid Scarlett O'Hara for being so prissy. She is one of my pet peeves. But the characters don't make the movie, as a whole.
5. Lawrence of Arabia - Haven't seen it. I am pathetic.
6. The Wizard Of Oz - DISAGREE. HATE. LOATHE. I have never liked this movie. I hate the set. I hate the songs. I hate the story. I hate the actors. The Wiz was at least entertaining. That should have been listed instead.
7. The Graduate - This is my choice for my first journal entry.
8. On The Waterfront - Have wanted to see this for a long time.
9. Schindler's List - I never saw all of this. I'm not sure why. It's only recently that I've gotten back into the mode to sit through a complete movie. So this will be viewed soon.
10. Singin' In The Rain - One of my all-time favorite movies. Donald O'Connor really left an impression on me as a kid. I wanted to one day marry a guy that was a cross between him, Danny Kaye, the composer-cartoon-guy (what was his name??) from 101 Dalmatians, and John Taylor. 

Number 11 on the list was It's A Wonderful Life. Why was this not higher? It's a great film. No, you may be tired of it after seeing it every Christmas, but as a film itself - it's absolutely brilliant. And Star Wars? That was like Number 15. It should have been much higher. I was glad to see Some Like It Hot in the top 15 though - it's still one of my favorites.

Doing my homework is going to be fun. I can sit there in the comfort of my home and plan to watch a movie every Wednesday night or something like that and do my write-ups then. I can't watch movies to watch them with other people in the room - one of my biggest pet peeves is talking over the radio/television/movie. Can't it wait? If it's on, then watch it. If you want to talk, turn it off. This doesn't apply to everything, but I've been known to get surly even during a Bernard Butler video when my family was talking in the background. So my friends, if I lock myself at home for a night, don't take offense. I'm trying to get my homework done.

Last night I cut Amanda's hair for her. I call it "New Wave Mullet." It looks really good. Think Debbie Harry. Amanda's going to show me the finished curled product tonight. Exciting. Maybe I'll pay my way through some sort of art school by cutting and dye-ing people's hair. That would rule.

You know I'm just kidding.

Only a couple of days until the girly slumber party. Yay! Then on Saturday is the big Tripping Daisy show where Mark Crowder is going to get a 4 Real sort of surprise.


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