Someone better get insurance to take good care of me - Sloan

Twas a good weekend. Aside from the fact that I'm worried about my brother. And I miss him. I was going through pictures today and realized that I didn't have any recent shots of him. I have loads of Angie and Carolyn, but not one of him. Which makes me feel guilty. The only "quality" time we've spent together in the past year is that few days in December/January that he spent with me. And most of that time was spent at Denny's or just messing around. I wish I could drive to Utah and just spend a couple of days with him or at least call him. I'm going to ask Angie how to get in contact with him. He needs to know that at least one person out here cares about him.

But back to the past few days. Thursday night was the first "Children of the Corn Mo" night. Corn Mo and John from the Dooms and Dooms UK all played.  Corn Mo and John teamed up for a cover of "Hunger Strike" by Temple of the Dog, a classic performance to say the least. My new favorite bartender introduced me to the wonders of a Screaming Orgasm on the rocks. It was a fun night.

I got home really late and slept throughout a majority of Friday. Friday night was the opening night of Idle Hands at the Dollar Movie. Ladies and gentlemen, it's not just a movie. It's a FILM. In the paper, it described it as a cross between Scream and Cheech and Chong's First Movie. I wholeheartedly agree. It featured stoner kids getting baked to Sublime, lots of fake blood, and a very special performance by the OFFSPRING doing a cover of "I Wanna Be Sedated". Now tell me, can any moment in cinematic history match that? I didn't think so.

Afterwards, Amanda and I headed down to see what was billed as Chomsky/Go Metric USA at Trees. Chomsky were all there and as usual they were great. They're releasing an album next month which I am very excited about. Melissa came up and brought me my camera which I had left behind at the Sleater-Kinney show. Thank you!! And then it happened. I looked up and saw a new drumkit on stage. This was not TJ's drumkit. And some small guy with yucky facial hair was loading up more stuff. We sat there kind of dumbfounded for a minute or two and realized that the only person on stage we recognized was Mitch and Eric. Amanda counted seven people in all. I started talking to Mikey and made a comment about going to see Menudo after the first wave of cuties hit puberty, and he said "well there's always Ricky Martin". I hardly think Mitch is the Ricky Martin type. I totally would have thought Crowder would have had that sort of charismatic duty for himself. But that's just me making silly Mark-ette wishes.

Anyways, the "not Go Metric" band was actually pretty good. I liked it. Not in the same way I liked Go Metric, but I *can* appreciate pretty music and I think they did a remarkable job for the most part. Some of it was too slow for me, but I got into it other than that.

The next day I went to Wal-Mart and did a little shopping and had that film that was in my camera developed. A few shots of the Sam Houston statue from February, and the rest of the Sleater-Kinney show. None of Sleater-Kinney, mind you, but most were of GMUSA and my friends and me.

That night I went by myself to the Hi-Fi Drowning/Tomorrowpeople show at the Galaxy Club. Some band called Swampjaw played first. They were TERRIBLE. Think Metallica/Megadeth with a lead singer that grabbed his crotch a lot. Double ugh. I had to leave after a couple of songs because it was annoying me so badly. The Tattoo Convention bombarded Deep Ellum this weekend too, so it probably wasn't too safe for a girl to be walking around by herself. I saw some kid in a Pixies shirt that looked more terrified than I was though, so it wasn't just me. I got back into the club and waited for Hi-Fi Drowning and David came up to me. David works at the club and came up to me in February and told me he loved brunettes with blue eyes and would I be his valentine? And David looks like Dee Dee Ramone. And is about the same age.

I was not David's Valentine.

Anyways, David said I looked lonely and if I needed a drink to let him know. He's assistant manager and will get me drinks whenever I want. Woohoo! I said no thanks, just because it was that nagging motherly voice in the back of my head telling me it wasn't polite. Manners, I think that's what that was.

Hi-Fi Drowning came on and I moved to the front with a handful of people and stood there with the lights and the noise just floating around me. It had been so long since I had felt like that. I came to realize that yeah, I have fun at silly loud rock shows, but there's no QUALITY there. The essence and spirit is fun, but too much time is concentrated on image. But dammit, there is really something to a few people sitting with their instruments and understanding how to manipulate what they know to create an amazing feel and an innovative sound. And to look around and see a few other people with the same look on my face was the best feeling. I didn't feel guilty for my friends sitting bored by themselves. I didn't feel bored because the guitar solos were going on too long. It was a good night to be by myself and APPRECIATING something. So wonderful.

The Tomorrowpeople came on next and in the few minutes between sets, I met some guy at the bar named Mike who turns out to be the Sports Editor for Fox. We bonded over favorite bands and he told me that Fox are always looking for contributing writers and if I was interested, he could look into the arts side of his company and let me know if there were any sort of internships that he could hook me up with. He didn't try hitting on me either. It wasn't a come on. He was just nice and friendly and an honest to goodness cool person. Sometime soon we're going to have lunch and talk more about Robin Zander and Blur. Mike is the coolest.

The Tomorrowpeople were next and they also surprised me by being good. They were poppy, catchy, and had stage presence. It was like seeing a national act on tour rather than just a few local guys getting up there to entertain their girlfriends and buddies.

When I was leaving, I thanked David for offering me the drinks and that I'd see him around. He asked me into the office with him and told me he overheard me talking to Mike about what I did, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in applying for the opening that the club has for an Office Manager and Booking Agent. Shit! Yes! It would be a fun job, at least for now, until I find something else that I wanted to pursue as a career. I'm supposed to call up there this week and talk to Mitch about it. David also told me that anytime I'm thinking about coming to a show at the Galaxy Club to let him know first, and I'd be guestlisted for any show any time ever. David Rules.

Needless to say it was a great night.

Today I sat around cursing Microsoft Network for not letting me dial in until Leigh-Anne called and invited me to go hang out doing whatever. We went CD shopping and she bought the So I Married an Axe Murderer soundtrack and the first Phish album. When we got into the car she asked me what we should listen to first, and I ripped that ...Axe Murderer soundtrack out of her hand and popped it in. Ah! Boo Radleys! Suede! And there was no way in hell I was going to sit in a strapped seat listening to Phish. Hell! We grabbed some food at Sonic and our car hop squealed "Is that Suede?" when she heard the stereo, and for that I gave her a big tip. She said she found Head Music (domestic version) at CD World yesterday and that it was so good. Yipppeee. They got it in early!!

After that, we went to the Dollar Movies and saw Idle Hands again. She loved it. Of course. She might like Phish, but she's no fool. Leigh-Anne and I have spent a lot of time at that theater. In high school, our goal was to see Happy Gilmore as many times as possible, and she remembers the count being somewhere around 15 or 16. My Sweet Lord. No wonder either of us were terribly popular. We were annoying.

Tonight I watched reruns for a while and did some grocery shopping around mindnight. I couldn't be bothered before that. When I got back here, I cleaned up the kitchen and tried to organize things better for tomorrow. Aaron's arriving around 2 pm. I'm excited. I'm just praying everything is going to be fun for him while he's here.

I talked to Erin tonight. She's happily unpacking her stuff at her new home and we just chatted about a lot of stuff. Today she saw our old youth pastor, Wally. I am so excited! He's now the new Single Adults Minister at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas. And since I'm now a single adult, I think I may just go down there one Sunday and visit him and check out the church. If there's one couple I love just beyond anything else, it's Wally and his wife Sandra. They were sort of surrogate parents for me when I was having rough spots with my family while I was in high school. The church changed leadership after my senior year and he was fired -- which brought on a lot of people leaving in the church, but he asked me to stay there and help out the youth group in the transition. I did as he asked, and Erin and I stayed there to teach a group of kids, most of which were the "bad" group. The new youth leader was a jerk and Erin and I stopped going, but I have always missed the comraderie of the group that we had under Wally's leadership. And I miss going over to his house for no reason and just hanging out and talking. Erin passed on his email address to me and I'm going to write him. It seems to be the perfect time.

I have to get up in a few hours and run some errands before meeting Aaron at the gate at DFW airport. However, the second episode of Cheers is on in the hour block and God knows I love my Ted Danson humor.


This Week
Monday - Aaron arrives.
- Children of the Corn Mo night at the Liquid Lounge.
Friday - The Spy Who Shagged Me hits the theaters! Yeah baby.
Saturday - FREE Hi-Fi Drowning show at the Curtain Club.

Wanting to Buy
Head Music - Suede

Kingsize - Boo Radleys. Listened to this yesterday and gaaaah it's SO good. I am a fool for not buying it before. If anyone wants to give me a copy, I'll be glad to take it off your hands.

New Moby album...forget the title and can't be bothered to look for it right now. Radio is probably playing it so much I'll hate it in a week, but I like it.

A new tire for my van.

This illustrated version of Bhagavad-Gita that I saw at the bookstore. Amazing artwork. However, I can't justify paying $40 for something like that right now.



Listening To
Navy Blues - Sloan.

- Blur. I listened to this at Borders yesterday and had to dig my copy out. Listening to it again after a while made me realize how much I DID like it.

Cheap Trick
- Cheap Trick. I've got that remastered version with the extra tracks including "I Want You To Want Me", which is one of my favorite songs. Letters to Cleo did a cover it at the end of 10 Things I Hate About You. No comment.

See You On The Other Side - Mercury Rev.

Heartbeat City - The Cars.