Okay So You're A Rocket Scientist...

All is well within my world.  Aaron has been here since last Monday and we've spent a lot of time at the movies and clubs. Last Friday we tried to see The Spy Who Shagged Me on the opening night, but all of the tickets were sold out by 3 pm that day. What a letdown. We did see it the next day and it was great. I think we were the only people who didn't appreciate the bathroom humor (haha it's a cup of shit! ah. kill me!) but anything Seth Green said killed me. And the Alan Parsons Project joke? I was dying.

Also got to see Go! at the Dollar Movie the day it "premiered" there and enjoyed the comedic stylings of my other favorite actor (the first being Seth Green): Breckin Meyer once again, but at a discount price.

Sunday afternoon Amanda had a blow-out on the Tollway on our way to see Wally Pleasant in Ft. Worth. Dammit! We lopped off the highway and changed the tire in the heat and got really sweaty and had to drive back to her house on the donut. Her mom is in England right now, so we got to use her Honda for the rest of the day. It's just like a souped up golf cart and I love it. I think the next car I get is going to be a Civic. They are the best.

Wednesday the three of us piled into the all-mighty golf cart and drove to Oklahoma City to see Buckcherry at the Boar's Head again. It was a nice comfortable ride, but the tape player in the car didn't work and we were held at the mercy of radio stations in rural Oklahoma to hold our attention. Pretty much anything worked, but there's only so much Shania Twain one person can hear before becoming violently ill. And I pose this question on you like I posed on Amanda: What's the difference between Shania and Sheryl Crow? Food for thought. And don't get me wrong. I don't outright hate her or anything like that (she's really not that bad) but the damned song was played at least once an hour on all country and pop/rock stations. I personally love the dance mix.

Luckily, we talked to Rick (their manager) outside and he put us on the list so it saved us $15 each that we would have had to pay had the show not been SOLD OUT. They played a sold out venue. Talk about new experiences with the Buck. Granted, they were opening for Fuel and that's why most of the kids were there, but I'm sure our boys walked away with some extra cash in their pockets that night, and that makes me glad.   The crowd really really sucked. I threatened two boys behind me and told one as I grabbed his ball bearing necklace around his neck really tight that I'd rip his undeveloped testicles off if he kept bumping into me. He stopped. We left promptly after Buckcherry's set and avoided Fuel's show and went around the back and cooled/dried off.

josh's stomach Now I've seen some really weird things in my life, but Buckcherry's fanbase never cease to amaze me with their antics. Guys offer their girlfriends to the band for the night. Girls pull their breasts out in an attempt to go on the bus, where they will satisfy one of the guys. Women throw themselves in front of doors and cars to keep the band there longer. And for some reason, Fuel fans were doing something along the same lines, and we were stuck amidst a group of over-hormonal middle American girls doing whatever they could for attention. I got Fuel's autograph for a girl I'm on a mailing list with, constantly asking Amanda which ones were in the band. I had no idea what Fuel looked like. What does a band like Fuel look like? Well I'll tell you. Blonde, Blonde, bald, and bald with a goatee. And a couple of them seemed to be pretty coked up. Charming. This drunk middle-aged woman threw herself in front of the car that they were leaving in, and the drummer got out and said "I don't mean to be a dick, but I've been on tour for 6 1/2 months and I don't appreciate this."  It was a very sub-Spinal Tap sort of moment. Absurd.

We left around midnight and went back to the hotel and relaxed for a while. At 3 am we walked across May Street to the super Star Mart with the snazzy laser light show decor and bought some snacks to relieve our hunger. The security guard there asked us if we had the munchies and probably thought we were really high. We weren't. We were just stupid and giggly. On the way back we were passing a party in a room and looked in and saw Christian. Christian, who we run into at every show here in Dallas and we travel 200 miles and he's sleeping in the same building as us. Disturbing. We didn't say hi and just ran up to our room. Which was next door to Pound, the band who actually opened up for Buckcherry and Fuel earlier that night.

I got to catch up on MTV and VH1 while at the hotel and that was good because they had a Behind the Scenes special on TLC and like I told the two of them, TLC are so cute! Their single is one of my top songs of the year so far.

The drive home was really boring and it seemed to take forever. When we got home I tried to start my van to go to the store, but it appears that I left my lights on from the day before and the battery is now dead. Double suck. I really don't have the money to deal with that right now. Sigh.

It's Awesome 80s week on TNT and I'm kicking back with Aaron watching the Breakfast Club. A night to behold!  All the poofy-haired angst that a person could ever want. I love it.