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Right now I'm reading a book called Youth In Revolt. I found it at Half-Price books on one of my crusades to find the book with the lamest gen-x plotline I could find. It's basically the fictional journal of a 14 year old boy in California that thinks too much and falls in "love" and ends up screwing his whole family's life up. I've read about a third of it in the past few days, most of my reading time being when Aaron was hogging the laptop playing the Squares game. (If you want a copy of it, email me. It's so addictive, I swear there's crack in the coding.) I really should be back to reading my book, but I'm kind of tied to my laptop right now and I can't be bothered to get off the bed and pick the book up which is only like four feet away.

Learned something new tonight while watching Entertainment Tonight: Ricky Martin is a buddhist. Who would have known?

Tomorrow Geri Haliwell is co-hosting Regis and Kathie Lee. Interesting. If I am awake (which I doubt) I might watch it.

Chrissy's kind of in a slump tonight, so don't expect anything too witty to show up in today's entry.

I'm trying to get back into the groove of daily life without having that special someone here beside me. Amanda and I kept busy this evening by looking for Buckcherry articles at Barnes and Nobles. Magazine racks are so intimidating when you're out of touch like I am. I used to spend quite a substantial portion of my income on import magazines and kept up with the UK charts and the new up-and-coming bands. Well, I've been kind of on the broke side for a while, on top of being disinterested in a scene that had nothing to do with me, but I went back to my old ways today when sitting on the floor, reading Uncut. Travis coming out with a new album? Shed Seven have a greatest hits? What!? Not that I like either of those bands really, but still -- little things like that really irritate me because I have no idea they're transforming. We went through every interesting magazine on the racks (including Cosmo Girl, the new teen version of the magazine complete with Ben Affleck stickers!) and then headed to Texas Auto Spa to wash her mom's Honda before she got back from England (tomorrow). Amanda had that blowout a couple of weeks ago and since then she's just taken the Civic everywhere. We named her car in the tradition of things (her Intrepid is named Jesse after the character in "Check Your Head" by Buckcherry and Uncle Jesse on Full House, my van is Keef because it's ugly these days but still runs -- sometimes -- like Keith Richards) and she wanted to name it after Nicky Wire and Nikki Six. I suggested we give it a more stripper name, since we were en route to see Buckcherry, and the Civic ended up being dubbed Nyki. Very apropos.

Anyways, we washed the car at the car wash and vacuumed it and put citrus air freshener inside. It's cleaner and the rank scent has been replaced by an overpowering fruity smell. So I guess that's improvement.

Wednesday we are going to drive to Austin to see Buckcherry (yes, again) at Stubbs BBQ. Then they're going to be spending a few days off in Dallas and we're going to be able to go to Six Flags like we planned on last month. Amanda said that Rick said we could ride in the tour bus to get to the amusement park too! BITCHIN! To show up at a major amusement park in a tour bus with a buzz band is going to be such a cheap thrill. Best of all, we won't have to deal with parking costs. Hu-haaaah, like Will Smith says.

Last night was really awful for me, because I was really lonely for Aaron. I stayed up as long as I could waiting for him to call, but thought it would be smart if I just put the phone close to my head and dozed off. I got to sleep around 4 am and woke up at 6:10 when he called and grabbed it on the first ring. He arrived home about an hour before that and still called like I asked after talking to his family for a bit. I was so happy, but incoherent because I was still half asleep. He chatted away and I told him thank you for the note that he left. This was so cute! I was doing dishes when I got back from the airport, talking to Amanda, trying to keep busy so I wouldn't cry, and I opened the cabinet to put away the cups, and there was a note folded up waiting for me to read. I was completely surprised. It was the sweetest, most romantic note I've ever been given, but not crossing that over-saturated yucky side of love that makes me want to barf. It was the right amount of sincerity and humor, complete with a "PS Chicken Butt" and words of encouragement. I was so happy. Anyways, I told him on the phone it wasn't too smart of him to put it in the cabinet, because I'm not known for keeping up with my dishes in a timely manner, and it could have been DAYS (at least) before I found it. He said, no, I know you, and whenever you get mad or upset, you keep busy by cleaning to keep your mind off of the situation, and I knew you'd do dishes right away. God. He knows me! We talked for a few minutes and he eventually had to go, and I cried myself back to sleep, missing him terribly.

He told me not to be a whiny baby (my nickname for him) and look at me. I need to stop being such a wuss. I really am more sensitive than I like to admit. I wish I could blame it on hormones or something, but they're actual valid emotions. Grrr. No blame, just lame.


Dangerous Beauty

Rufus in all of his curly haired Venetian glory

I was up late last night and tuned in to HBO and saw Dangerous Beauty for the first time. Rufus Sewell as Marco the Venetian lover/hero. It was wonderful! I'm a sucker for period tales about forbidden love and smarmy characters, but this was actually exceptionally good. Rent it.
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Shower Your Love - Kula Shaker. US Promo.

One Chord To Another - Sloan.

Houses of the Holy - Led Zepplin.

13 - Blur. (Go to the official Blur site and download the e-single for "Coffee and TV" and get really sick of the chorus like I did! Come on, it's fun!)


We went to the Gap the other day and Amanda bought me something I've been wanting for a couple of years - an ANORAK IN A SACK! It's bright orange and has zippers and cool pockets and is perfect. Perfect for festivals later this summer. The sack has a clip on it so it can fit on your belt loop and everything! How handy is that? It's so nice.

I finally got my free video from UBL that I was supposed to get a couple of months ago when I ordered the Buckcherry album. It's 20 minutes of "live" footage. It's live footage, but the backing track is from the album. It's really cool though.