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I should take it with a grain of salt...

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The last time I saw Chomsky play was at Q's Blackout Lounge. When they got onstage, Glenn, who plays a hyper-active guitar, went up to the mic and said "We're a Cornershop cover band, Sanskritti Politti". My God, that was funny.

Tonight we're going to see Chomsky again at Dollar Drink night up at Club Clearview. Lots of single people trying to get laid with an indie power pop band playing in the background. Disheartening? Well, kind of.

Let's talk about disheartening. I went to Racetrac, which is a gas station that sells things for super cheap, the other night to buy some smokes. I went in with my passport as I had left my driver's license in my pants pocket from the last show I had been to. Anyways, that is inconsequential. Point is, I had valid identification, right? Well, LUKE, the shift manager, refused to sell to me because it wasn't "valid". When I showed it to him, it was obvious he had never SEEN a passport before. And he couldn't even read what it said. ie "where's the expiration date?" "In the field that says 'Expiration Date'." Anyways, he refused me, and this African man behind me, straight into America for the first day (he said so) and grabbed my passport and told Luke that he was raping me of my identity and that my passport was the most important legal document in the world. Luke disagreed and said he wouldn't take it, with no reason given. I asked for one. Then I told him he was full of bullshit, wrote his name down and said I'd be calling HIS manager to dispute this, and that ignorance is not an excuse when claiming that a freaking Texas driver's license is more valid than a passport. He asked me to leave the premises. I was not yelling, I was simply stating the facts and asking for justification. Guess it's hard to utter something beyond "cuz I said so."

I walked out and as we were sitting in the car, the African man was in the parking lot, YELLING at Luke.

Amanda then went in with HER passport and asked for the same. Luke nearly lost it. So she pulled out her driver's license and told him he was full of bullshit, or something like that.

I'm going back tonight with passport in tow. I hate that Luke.

My friend Jay is in town and we're all taking him to a new restaurant. I kid you not, this place is actually called "Love and War in Texas". Amanda and I went the other night just to check out how cheesy it was - and it IS. A neon "Don't Mess With Texas" sign hangs proudly on the wall and polished oak is everywhere. And the menu - they actually serve antelope and boar. It's pretty gross, but it's still kind of funny to think that there's raw antelope meat in a freezer in the same town I live in. Lucky, lucky me.

The other night I got to interview Bobby Conn for a documentary. Bobby Conn is a self-described anti-christ who sings songs about the apocalypse and Jesus set to funk. He wore a white sating Fila tracksuit, wingtips, and ambervision glasses. He also developed a theory on a continual cash-flow system while serving a prison sentence for mail fraud a few years ago. Something about real estate for non-existent property in Florida, or something like that. Anyhow, Bobby was great and I had a blast. It was weird to have a camera following us around and a lot of my questions were forced because I knew that people would be watching. We BSed our way through most of it, including a trip to 7-11 where he ranted about celebritism and how fake it was and how it was sad that noone wanted a celebrity like him. He says this as he unzips the jacket of his fila jacket and bares his stomach and chest, which he puffed out to where he looked like a pregnant lady. Yes, sex appeal at it's height.

I'm really pissed off at CD Now right now. I never recommend buying from them and my friends have heard me rant about how much it sucks to buy from an online music store because there are people like our friends that work hard in their independent stores and need more money for rent and beer and singles. (Yes, in that order for these guys.) And why on earth are you going to buy an indie album from a place like CD Now? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of keeping with the integrity? Yeah. So. Anyways, I was stupid and preordered a copy of the new live Sloan album and what happens? Stupid album is backordered and it doesn't look like I'll be getting it anytime soon. Grr. I don't ask for much, but when Sloan is released, I want it then.

On the other hand, I am in absolutely NO RUSH to get a copy of Blur's "13". Oh la di da, it's beautiful and trancey and it's their most "honest" effort yet. Bite me. I saw the limited edition box set for sale this weekend and didn't think twice about grabbing it. I left it there for some other sucker. No thanks. At all.

I DID score a copy of Buckcherry's album. Advanced copy, might I add. It's SO good!! This is the best album to come out in a while. Yes, it's indulgent, but so is Blur. This is just a more "yowzah" sort of indulgence instead of the "whine" indulgence. Yes. Buckcherry baby. Coming to an arena near you. It will so not catch on outside of the US, but that's why I like it. It's straight up american shit rock. Yowzah indeed.

I've got to get home. Paycheck to pick up and cashed and a night of antelope, Luke, and bad puns a la Glen. Yay.