But It's Cool I'll Just Go Back to School -Marvelous 3

ITonight I was lucky enough to tune into the World Music Awards. I-yi-yi Ricky Martin! I am struck with Ricky craze like the rest of America with no shame. I remember when I was a wee little girl, I used to tune into Saturday Morning cartoons on Channel 8 and they'd play Menudo clips between cartoons. I totally thought he was just the cutest and dear God above, he got better looking. And normally I don't go for Latin guys at all. He's just so good looking. I can understand how provocative Elvis's hips were back in the 50s too -- after seeing the video a million times and then him perform tonight, he has a way with the swing. Ah. Ricky Martin. He drives me wild.

So Star Wars fever. It's catchy. I want to see it so badly but I don't think any of my friends want to see it yet. I'm going to call up Angie to see if she wants to catch a showing of it this weekend. I can count on my little sister to stand in line with me for an hour or two to sit in an overpriced megaplex and ooh and aah over the effects. We're cut from the same tree. We like the same things. She called me this morning to tell me she saw the "Freak of the Week" video when she woke up and that she now understands my crush on Butch. My sister is so sweet.

Everyone's home from college now. It's weird. The other night Amanda and I went to Barnes and Nobles to get an Atlanta Journal-Constitution and I ended up running into Joni, Tim, Brittany, and Carla. Joni was my very first friend when I moved to Allen. She was 13 and I was 15 and we've been friends ever since. The oldest friend I have. Tim is a couple of years younger than me and he used to go to my church. He wore ties and shorts everyday to school and people thought he was a freak. He used to hang out a lot with Christian (my high school sweetheart) and me. We used to drive around Allen in Christian's truck and shout things at people through the CB, which Christian and his dad had rigged to sit under his hood - it was basically a big speaker where we could yell things out of or play music through (our favorite was Archie Bell and the Drells' "Tighten Up"). I really got to know Tim when our youth group went on a camping trip to Lake Texoma. Yeah, he's nutty, but we really got along. I always told him I'd be in love with him if he were older. Running into him was so funny. No longer wearing the ties but had the shorts and the high top orange converse on. And facial hair! Eep! My Tim is growing up. He dropped out of college and is about to go to Cosmetology School (to which I replied "Are you gay!?") and he's got a prissy little girlfriend that didn't seem to appreciate the fact that I was gushing over him so much. I got his digits and we're going to hang soon. And Carla. Ahh. Carla. I also made friends with Carla my sophomore year when I moved to Allen. When I first saw an episode of Felicity, I immediately thought of Carla. She's pensive, thinks that man is against woman, and that she is walking art. I remember she just listened to a lot of REM and tried to analyze the lyrics. I was hoping she'd mature a bit, but she's still as lacking in personality as ever. Her little brother was my little sister's first boyfriend.  And she's the reason I met Leigh-Anne in the first place. So these are people who were all pretty vital to my high school existence. All congregated outside of Starbucks. Crazy.

Last night I went with Joni to Denny's and we caught up on the last few months of our lives. I only get to see her on school breaks now but without fail, we're as close as ever. She gave me a lot of good advice and listened intently to everything I was worried about. And I got to hear everything going on with her. She's got a boyfriend! I'm so happy for her. He plays soccer with her and they've been good friends for a couple of years now and he's just as cute as can be (from what I can tell by pictures). I'm so happy for her! We've made plans to see "Notting Hill" when it comes out and we're both going to get together for a night of microwave popcorn and coke and rent "Elizabeth" and have a chick flick night. And we're planning on organizing a few of us girls from Allen to go drunk bowling one weekend soon.

Today I felt sick all day and took some Robitussin that made me drowsy. I came back here and slept for a few hours and then changed a tire tonight. Wheee. Now I'm too wired to go to sleep after a Late Night date with Conan O'Brien. Tomorrow night is going to be good - Built to Spill are the musical guests. And Jarvis Cocker is going to be the special guest on Politically Incorrect.

I'm trying to grow my hair out past my shoulders. It hasn't been that way since I was 16. I'm not going to dye it or do anything silly to it so that it stays healthy and grows faster. I'm tired of feeling like a goofball and appearing like a bigger kid. I want to start looking my age and not like a 16 year old. I'm tired of acting that way too. I'm embarking on a move that will force me to spend less time socializing and more time focusing on my degree. In essence, I am tired of having actions that can be classified as "foolish" and I want to lean more towards the "normal" and "stable" side. There's nothing wrong with that. I probably had more fun back in the days where I got my big laughs from yelling at people through Christian's CB in Brookshire's parking lot than seeing pop stars get stupid after a show.

I'm hoping this summer will be a fun one though. I'd like to go with my Oklahoman friends to San Francisco/San Jose for a week or two. I'm going to move and get settled. I'd really like to go to Reading at the end of August for a weekend of the Dandy Warhols, Blur, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Kent, the Flaming Lips, AND Buckcherry. We'll see just how much money Chrissy can find within the next few weeks.