Coffee and TV

Well today I went to an interview and was told yet again that I was some sort of child prodigy when it came to technical matters, and that they would love to have me on board. I'm happy to know that I'll have a paycheck with my name on it. I feel bad because they're starting me out temp-to-hire and have big plans on hiring me full-time to make their company more Y2K compliant (which is something I know I can do -- we talked about it this afternoon in my interview and I felt more like a consultant than the person that they were screening) and I know for a fact that I'm not going to stick around for too long. I feel like such a jerk. Maybe I can sit down with them next week and tell them my intentions for moving and we can work something out.

But at the same time, I feel like a big burden has been removed from my shoulders. Money will come to me again. I so appreciate being paid and being able to pay bills.

Tonight I went with Joni to the Dollar Movies to see Cruel Intentions. I've been meaning to see this since it came out -- it's that penchant I have for Teen Flicks -- but finally got around to it tonight. We were in line getting our cokes and popcorn when I turned around and saw Travis Akin behind me. He graduated with me and had quite possibly the driest wit of any person I've ever known. I saw him over Christmas Break when he and John met us up at the Inwood Theater to see Velvet Goldmine, but aside from that, I haven't really said a word to him since my junior year when we had English together. Me: "Hi Travis. How are you doing?" Travis: (smiles) "Marginal." Me: "Ah, good to see things are the same." He also saw the Teen Scream and Sex Romp of Cruel Intentions with his friend.

Anyways, the movie started out with 20 minutes worth of previews and then the movie started with Placebo being blasted loudly through the sound system. I was loving it. During Sarah and Selma's big kissing scene, "Coffee and TV" was playing softly in the background. And "Bittersweet Symphony" was cranked at the end during Ryan Phillipe's memorial service. What a great soundtrack. How I wish I had access to my CDs right now. I can't wait to be settled again, I'm just going to sit there and embrace my imports and special editions and place them all back on their shelves. It's going to be a day to remember.

As far as the movie was concerned, even though there was too much oomph from Sarah Michelle Gellar, I liked it a lot. I like Reese Witherspoon a lot - she's actually cute and has a certain amount of charm and isn't a lot like the other actresses that are in our age group. And she doesn't have a perfect body! I think it's great. She's just very normal and I totally dig that.

Ryan Phillipe has cute legs. And a cute walk. And really bad hair.

Tomorrow I'm working a temp job for a few hours for some extra cash and then I think I'm going with Leigh-Anne to a club. Not sure yet. We'll see how tired I am. And how much money I can spare for frivolous things. If I don't go with her, I'll probably fork out another $1.50 to see She's All That again at the dollar theater. Synchronized Fatboy Slim prom dance scenes! I love it.

It is now time for me to attack my abdominal area with some stomach crunches for a few minutes. I am actually planning on getting up early to go jogging. Am I okay? Yes! I rationalized today that I'm tired of feeling so sluggish and idleness is the way of the foolish, so I'm going to use idle time to start being more productive. And the first thing I can think of improving is my own body. Maybe those hips and thighs will shrink a little bit. They say your bust line goes first, but I don't mind. If it means that I'll have less of a tummy, I don't care if I shrink to a 34A. And to eat and live better is just ... better for you anyways. My grandmother would be proud.