You Were Kool As Hell Like Email But Still Timeless Like A Letter - Marvelous 3

Keith and Josh

My boys! Look at them! That's Keith and Josh from Buckcherry, and for those of you that were doubting my sanity for travelling so far to hang out with them so much, don't they just look sweet? I can't wait to see them again. Ah. My boys.

Today I started a temp job at a small Chemical company in Dallas. I worked on creating a database for them and went through a bunch of their files finding invoices that were overlooked in the past couple of months. Boring. Boring. Boring. The office staff are nice enough and they like me a lot, but it's a family company for the most part and I don't know about the set up. It's only for a little while, I have to remember that, so I think I can deal with it. They're starting me out for two days and to help the Office Manager catch up from being in Hawaii for two weeks and I think they're going to bring me back next week.
In the meantime, I have an interview at the London Tavern tomorrow to just get a part-time waitressing job for the time being. It's my favorite dive in Dallas, just because of the juke box (lots of Madness and Pulp and an overabundance of U2) and although I was kicked out when I was underage, I still like the vibe of the place. However, there is an incredibly wenchy waitress that remembers the fact that I was underage and she shot me a million dirty looks tonight when I was filling out my application and talking to the bartender on duty. Get over it. 

I'm watching Leno right now and Hugh Grant is being interviewed. I used to have SUCH a crush on him while I was in high school. And I can see why. His little quirks are so cute. I've been looking forward to seeing Notting Hill at the end of this week, and this is psyching me up even more. I'm a sucker for the stutter and the unruly wavy hair. Yes, Hugh Grant is a himbo. Who cares?

This weekend was nice.I did a temp job on Saturday where I watched two model homes on the Plano/Allen/Frisco border - lots of new real estate there - while the realtors were at a company picnic. The house that had the office in it was 3,500 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 car garage...really nice. The decor was AWFUL but for extra cash, it wasn't a tough job by any means.

That night I went with Katie, Micheal, and their friend George to see ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead (yes, that is the name of the band. Elipses and all.) They're a very chaotic band from Austin that play Dallas every couple of months. One of the guitarists is the spitting image of Johnny Thunders. Last time they played at the Liquid Lounge, they got thrown out of their own show, and on Saturday they had to cut the show short because they broke their own bass drum from going at it too hard. I recommend them to anyone that gets a chance to see them. It's an experience.

It was at Rubber Gloves in Denton, which is one of my favorite places to see a show, even though it is in the ghetto. Everyone brings their own drinks and the better shows are on the outside stage. Katie and I were outside talking when some redneck came up to us and introduced himself. Gary told us he owned a big piece of land off of the Tollway and Beltline (HOW? Is it behind Magic Time Machine or CD World? Come on.) and then told me I was cute and did I have a boyfriend. I lied and said yes, and he was like "well where is he?" and then told me again I was cute. Thank you I told him and then he offered Katie his half-drank Sunkist orange soda as a token of friendship. What a keeper.

I got home after 4 am and couldn't sleep, so I watched the BBC adaptation of Moll Flanders. It cut off after a few chapters and I'm left hanging until next week. I was none too happy about this.

I overslept until 2 pm when I woke up, turned CNN on for the news, and saw the World Music special on. They played a clip of "Electricity" by Suede (I AM DYING FOR HEAD MUSIC. I NEED MONEY.) and then showed a whole Blur interview promoting 13. ON CNN!! Granted, Blur looked like they hadn't bathed since the last time I saw them, but Alex and Graham were making goo-goo eyes at each other while Damon rambled on in a stoned voice about Gospel music. Blah Blah Blah. And Dave was just cool and Dave. Thank you for not being pompous. I left that afternoon for the mall and used the Express Account to get a couple of new shirts - a really cute black v-neck and a baby pink tank top with a built-in bra -- miracle of miracles!! Then I went next door to Bath and Body Works and stocked up on Plumeria scented stuff like hair spray and deodorant. It was nice to get out by myself and squander my credit limit on making myself more girly.

Then I went out again that night to see Cruel Intentions again. I couldn't help myself. I've got this terrible fascination with Teen Flicks right now. Especially ones with Fatboy Slim in the soundtrack. I am out to see as many as I can, but there are too many to keep up with. I will win, I will.

I found a book today that I'm going to get as soon as I get paid. It's called Kaleidoscope Eyes and is about the history of psychedelic music and brings it up to modern day (I think date of print was '96). It goes from the Beach Boys to Barrett to Roxy Music to Kraftwerk to Jesus and Mary Chain to Blur to Flaming Lips. There was a big two page spread on an interview with Wayne from the Flaming Lips and it was great. At the back was a huge concise index of psychedelic albums and I was surprised to find that I owned quite a substantial chunk of what was recommended. Rad.

Aaron is coming to visit me next month. I have so much to do before he gets here! I'm pretty sure he'll be here for the two days that I'm planning on going to Oklahoma City and Tulsa to see Buckcherry on the Fuel tour, so that will get us out of Dallas for a couple of days. Maybe we can plan something else too. I really need to start planning SOMETHING!

It's after midnight and I'm nowhere near being sleepy. And I have to get up at 6:30. This is no good. So I think I'm going to read my Gen-X Fairytale until my grunge filled head drifts off for a night of slumber.

Geniuses of Crack by Jeff Gomez.

Much like I am a sucker for teen movies, I get sucked into any sort of Gen-X book I run into. This one's abount an indie band from Virginia who leave home and go to LA to sign with a major label and watch their lives spiral into chaos. The characters include Mark, the oversensitive lead singer, Corinne, a mallrat, Gary, a band member who scours thrift stores for Atari memorabilia... need I go on? I pray it turns out to be better than Bongwater (which was a flop of a book). It was only $3 -- $5 cheaper than the copy of Moll Flanders I went to Half Price book to get. (Didn't want to have to wait for next weekend. Guess I will.)

Listening To
Hey! Album - Marvelous 3. I think I've listened to this album more than any other this year. And the more I listen to it, the more I like it. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

Appetite For Destruction - Guns N Roses

Utopia Parkway - Fountains of Wayne. If you don't find this to be one of the catchiest pieces of pop EVER created, you have some severe issues.