november 04, 1999


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wow. what the mid-cities can do to a girl.

as you can tell, i haven't exactly updated my site in a short while. i've been too busy doing what most people in hurst-euless-beford do: nothing.

that's right. i've been pulling one of those average twenty-something hanging around acts with my old friends. i feel like i should be in a john waters film or something.  we drive around to each other's houses/apartments, eat out, sometimes go to a movie, help each other out with get the gist. and i'm not complaining. i was severly lacking in the flexibility to just be able to goof around with a little gaggle of friends. so that's what i'm doing now.

my gaggle includes myself, jason, and rajesh.  jason and i "kind of" dated when i was 18 or 19, and i like him far more now that i don't have to be his flava of the week. we have an understanding: he'll be nice to me and if he says something completely macho or lame, i yell at him.  it's kind of fun, especially when you know jason.

and rajesh! how much do i love this boy?  he treats me like a queen, shares software with me, and will sit up talking with me until the wee hours of the night.  the best kind of friend to have. i've known him just about as long as i've known jason, and have hung out with him many times before with the old gang before they moved to LA, but that was mostly in the group at his infamous kwanzaa parties, driving late on a friday night through ghetto dallas to see if we would make it out alive, and stops at denny's. i never really hung out with him one on one until recently because i lived in north dallas and he lives in bedford, which is about a 40 minute drive, but now that he's like 5 minutes away, well, wa-hey! instant friends. the first night he came over here, i gave him my extra public enemy "fear of a black planet" postcard and he nearly tackled me with excitement because he was so happy. for the past few nights, he's been over here fixing up my laptop for me with software updates that i couldn't get my hands on before. it's the best. i am so content right now, it's almost scaring me.

work is okay. i mean, it pays pretty darn well and i got my first paycheck today. most of it went to rent, but i still have money left over and that is truly a marvelous thing. i'm doing tech support for an insurance company, only dealing with employees that have screwed up their logins for software or troubleshooting anything important that they can't figure out. it's all a joke really, because most of the answers on how to work through the problems are in a big database and you just have to access the information with the exact error message, but it's easy money and it's inspiring me to get off my duff and do something with myself.

so i think i'm going to start studying for microsoft certification. jason has all of the mcse manuals and is going to lend them to me. i just have to pay for the tests. i can do this. yes, it will be tedious and a pain at times, but good lord above, i will be using my brain and will be making more money and that can only be a good thing for me.

i haven't really been to any shows in a while. i know that there are a couple of local things going on this weekend, but i think i'm going to pass on them unless i have nothing else to do.  i dunno...i'm kind of burned out a bit by seeing the same people in the same bands weekend after weekend...and yes i have fun, but i need to be a bit more conservative with my funds. and half of the time, i go home pissed off from a show because i see someone that isn't on my a-list or get irritated from how late it is and how drunk everyone gets. including me, i get irritated at that too. so for now i'm going to relax and not worry about it and if i really want to go, then hey, cool. if not, i'll see you kids out later when i'm feeling less like an old codger.

however, next weekend i am hopefully going to be taking a stand-by flight to atlanta to see SLOAN! and then that tuesday afterwards, a sign that god truly loves me in the form of a show: stereolab and olivia tremor control. and then wally pleasant is playing the wednesday after that.  yeah i'll be broke but definitley a little more enlightened.

i'm reading a clockwork orange with the last chapter finally put in the back. the copy i had read before was the original american version (which had the final chapter omitted), so this is kind of exciting. 

tonight i'm going out with jason because he's only got two weeks until he ships out. that's right, he is joining the army, which is something i'm not too happy about, but that is definitely another story for another day. in the meantime, i'd better get changed and gussied up because i look like a freight train derailed on my poor tired little face. or i feel that way anyways. getting up at 5 am for work just does nothing for the coloring on your face, just an FYI.


lingus - amnesia. it's brad laner (from medicine)'s project and i can only sit here and drool at the pretty noises. how the man can make so many different sounds come out of a guitar just baffles me.

leisure noise - gay dad. eh. it's kind of overrated, but there are a couple of catchy pop tunes. to be honest i'm really disappointed because i expected something more t-rex/roxy musicish for some reason. but it's not bad. just ... less than thrilling.

dandy warhols rule ok! - i finally got my hands on another copy of it since i lost my original in the great cd steal of 99. what a perfect album. i cannae get enough of it.

beyond the bridges - sloan. sweet jesus, i am in love..