november 27, 1999


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i really should be in bed. oh well.

it's 4 am and technically, it's the 28th, but considering the fact that i haven't gone to bed yet, i still count this as saturday.

anyhoo. today i actually went out and had fun. amanda went to the airport to meet marcus, a friend of ours that is now living in LA but used to be the road manager for trinket, during his layover.  i missed out on that, because i never got the message about his flight, but she drove over here after that and we actually hung out. i miss her so much! it's not the same thing to hang out with your best friend only at shows, where you're surrounded by beer-drinking louts and can barely hear the person next to you because of the music. but today we had a nice lunch and caught up on everything and it was so nice!

after we stuffed ourselves to the gills (and rick springfield's "jessie's girl" was playing in the background as a double bonus!! i really honestly love that song.) we headed to rajesh's to say hi and see what was going on. and ended up staying there the rest of the night recording the first single for the vicious itches.

the vicious itches have been a project that amanda and i have talked about for almost two years now, but we've never actually done anything about it. it's our riot grrl band, not to be confused with our other side projects: spinal chord regeneration (our metal band), unbeaved (our trash rock band), the plungers (the cult band to end all cult bands), our christian britpop cover band, and any others we've come up with out of boredom.

so we used the casio sk-1 for the basic drum track (which was killa), i played bass (ha! i've only picked up a bass once before in my whole entire life), amanda played guitar, i sampled my vocals, and raj did everything else. we nicknamed him "pepto" and told him that for every promo shot he'd have to be in the far back, so we really did look like a chick band.

and our end result is awesome. sure, it's a bit rough, but it's so funny. we had rajesh's dad listen to it, and i think his exact words were "rajesh, you've played stuff a lot worse than this. and you paid for it." and if that's not some sort of compliment, well, then what is?

after amanda left, i worked on the cover art for our single. (raj is burning copies for each of us tonight) sure i kind of ripped off the styles of two of my favorite artists, but oh well. it's bright and colorful and it's not like this is going to be mass produced or anything.

oh. the song is called "b.l.u.r.s.u.x." the ironic part is that all three of us are pretty blur ridden and are only griping out of love. really. we'll have an MP3 up sometime soon and i'll link that if you're really interested.

so anyways. we spent the rest of the night wandering around wal-mart looking for recordable cds and then went to kinko's to make the album covers. they look good, if i do say so myself. the back cover is really cute, but i forgot to upload it tonight, so that will have to wait for another day.

tomorrow we premiere our musical endeavor up at CD World in addison. amanda's going to play it over the store's system to see how people react. i can't wait to see all the cringing faces of kids buying their little blink 182 albums. heh heh.

now that it's going on 5 am, i think i'm going to wind down and pass out. nighty-night.


pet sounds - the beach boys.

shake your money maker - the black crowes

the ego has landed - robbie williams

first band on the moon - the cardigans

our father who art in hell
(the story of jim jones) - insider information on the jonestown massacre from a guy that accessed secret fbi documents back in the day. it's a really interesting read so far. if you're into guyana and all of that good stuff.

I found out that my mom is going to have a baby GIRL! Another sister! They're thinking of naming it Sabrina or Samantha...and I'm not too sure what I think about either of those names. Sounds too catty, you know?

Thanksgiving was fun. I abided by my only tradition that I've kept my entire life, and that's watching the Macy's parade on Thursday morning. Honestly, I cannot remember a year where I haven't done that, and if it seems like I won't be able to tune in, I freak out. Yes, I am a traditionalist when opportunity allows me to be.

I am super psyched about Christmas. I can't wait to get settled into the new place within the next couple of weeks and have a nice tacky tree to stare at. I don't understand this bout of domesticity that's infiltrated my seemingly immature life, but I guess I'm growing up. Which is actually pretty cool.

I haven't gone to any concerts lately. Don't really want to. Why waste my money on a bunch of locals downing beer after beer when I can be doing something more constructive with my time? And I wonder why I didn't figure that out before.