Here Comes the Nice
And so begins a new journal. Or a continuation of the old one at a new location. However you look at it, welcome to Installment One at Location B.

Today was a ... strange day. My dad and I got into an argument on the phone sometime in the morning while I was busy at work. It completely screwed my day up. For a while, at least. Mom and I had a long talk about things, which was really nice. By the end of the work day, things had wrapped themselves up rather nicely.

Tonight, Angie, Matt and Carolyn came over. My folks wanted to go out and eat so I invited the kids over so I could make dinner for them. I made my famous (okay, not so famous, but it will be) garlic parmesan pasta stuff for them with garlic croissants and salad. They were so thrilled. Turns out mom's not cooking much these days because she's so busy with work. How sad! I really enjoyed making food for them, it's that motherly side in me resurfacing again. For years, I made dinner. The joys of being a latch-key kid. It was really nice to cook for people who kept "mmm"ing and "ahhh"ing over what I had created. Makes you feel really good. And when they showed up at the door, mom and dad brought me a vase of fresh pink roses with baby's breath! They are beautiful. I guess they did it to compensate for such a bad day. I love getting flowers. Not all of the time, but it was so nice for them to bring them by.

After that, I made some cookies to bring to the office tomorrow. I cheated and used the slice-the-dough pillsbury kind (sugar cookies with the green Christmas tree shapes in the middle.) Carolyn (who is three) went crazy pointing out the trees to everyone. Note: I love kids. To pieces. I can't stand animals, I never want a pet. Ever. But kids. I love kids. She wanted me to read my Dr. Seuss books to her. Over and over again. Never got tired of it either. She is the cutest. We all sat around watching "Shindig! presents The Kinks" (to which Matt exclaimed 'This is the Jolly Ranchers commercial' when they played "Tired of Waiting" [groan]) and then "A Life Less Ordinary". My poor brother had to sit there with Angie and I both squealing like idiots anytime Ewan McGregor was on the screen. Yes. I'm in the club too. Hardcore. I could watch him for hours and hours.

But enough of that. My parents came back and picked the kids up around 9 or so. Mom borrowed some CDs from me too! Radiohead's The Bends, Jeff Buckley's Grace, and The Quiet Man soundtrack. Yes, The Quiet Man. The John Wayne movie co-starring Maureen O'Hara. The only John Wayne movie I LOVE. The Duke goes back to his childhood Irish cottage and falls in love with a neighbor. Oh Innisfree ... I used to watch that movie constantly when I was a kid. That soundtrack can make me cry at the drop of a hat too.

I read my first romance novel. I got it for $1.96 at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. Entitled Husband Hunting 101. Understood why I shirk away from romance novels the way I do. Page after page of mindless lust, women reading more into men's emotions than what were really there. When a man looks at you, he doesn't see the pain and hurt of having a hard childhood or your sensitive sweet caring side. He looks at you, you look decent, and he wants to do you. It's that simple. Don't fool yourself into reading more into it. Don't fool yourself into thinking that sleeping with someone is the way to their heart. The whole book just got to me after a while. Heroine works at a lingerie store, hero is in advertising. They hook up. She's a homebody, he's a womanizer that fears commitment (referred to as "The big 'C' word" every other page). It honestly repulsed me and on more than one occasion I just had to throw the book down and laugh through my fits of hysteria. I think from now on, I'm going to stick to the classics. And for now, I'm going to finish out my Ray Davies biography.

Introduced the kids to T-Rex tonight. They both liked it. Especially Angie. Oh yeah. Her band just recorded an album! In the liner notes, she thanked God, Graham Coxon, and Me! I almost started crying when she told me that. That really makes me feel really really good.

Going to bed now, after I curl up with a good book and one of my Christmas Tree cookies. Carolyn drew me some pictures tonight, so I'm going to hang them up beside my bed. She is the sweetest thing on the face of the earth. I'm so glad I have my family.


The Obsession Returns...

John Taylor (Duran Duran, Neurotic Outsiders) - Do I have to say anything else? The man still makes my knees shake, 14 years after my crush developed. Yes, I was 6 years old. He was the reason I learned how to kiss. If I ever disappear, you know I've run off to LA to find him.