friday night, saturday morning - the candyskins

Actually, "Saturday night, Sunday morning" would be more appropriate.

Thanksgiving Holiday went well. I ate a lot of food and saw my family and had some quality bonding time. I've had a lot of sleep and have actually accomplished a lot in my spare time. Yesterday I went up to Garden Ridge and got a bunch of Christmas ornaments and decorations and things and spent all afternoon decorating the old tree. It's so cute. I got some red garland, accentuated with this loose star garland, multi colored lights, snowflake ornaments, those multi colored balls, and a few other mismatched ornaments that I've accumulated over time. What I'm most proud of are a few ornaments I spent some time making. Or decorating. I now have a Chelsea ornament, complete with a picture of Damon and Phil Daniels bonding (it's really funny to look at), a Sloan ornament, a Plunger ornament that says "XMAS EXP 2000", and one with Pacey's head from Dawson's Creek. I'll be making more with time, but for now I'm going to be content with the amount of kitsch on the tree.

Then last night Amanda and I followed plans to go see The Candyskins at the Galaxy Club. We were both broke, aside from a bit of money I could have scrounged for maybe one ticket. So she said for us to just throw it on the credit card and we could take care of it later. Okay. So we get down there and try to pay with the card, but come to find out they don't take Discover! Argh! So we went outside of the club with the Igor-ish owner of the club and put on our best little Baby Spice Angel faces, telling him what big fans we were. He was trying to be tough by saying stuff like "It's not the end of the world. You could be in Guatemala, you know." And we said "oh yes, of course, we're not getting mad, we're just upset that we can't get in...ho hum....etc." So he finally threw his hands up and said "go on in, I'll let you in for free this time". So Amanda and I ran to the bathroom and proclaimed ourselves "Liggers of the Week" and the hi-fived each other for being the best blaggers we knew.

The opening band, The Others, were as indescript as their name. But I can say one thing for them. They are not droney spacerock and for that I am grateful that we got to watch their poppy little set. Because I don't think I can handle another spacerock band for a long time. Anyways, the band members' girlfriends (I guess) spent the whole show dancing in a line in front of the stage, while the rest of us camped out at the tables in the back. The girls were so annoying! And they just kept wiggling their rear ends around and shimmying each other. I think my favorite part of the show was when they played a song called "Union Jack" and they had a DRUM SOLO in the middle of it!! It lasted like a minute too - how rawck is that? In all, The Others sounded like a very bad Supergrass b-side, on the verge of chewing hay as extras on Hee-Haw.

Then The Candyskins came on. It was the best band I had seen live in such a long time. If you haven't heard them, they sound like a cross between Teenage Fanclub and Dodgy, with a little Boo Radleys thrown in. The only song I really knew was "Wembley" which was really, really good. Nick (lead singer/guitar) didn't play guitar for it, so he did a lot of really cute hand movements. The bassist was a complete nut. They were jumping around on stage a lot acting like metalheads for a couple of songs. We came to find out later that they were just trying to act like a Metallica video they have on the bus.

Johnny brought a girl, Courtney, to the show who ended up leaving with us. Kind of funny. She had more in common with us anyways. She likes the same music pretty much and we all kind of have that same look. Round faces, shorter reddish hair, and dark clothing.

After the show, we talked to the band for a while and then Mark showed us the tour bus. It was really cool, they actually had a section that looked like the camper on top of vans that added extra room to the cabin, except this was on the side of the bus rather than the ceiling. The rest of the band came in after getting free drinks at the Angry Dog and we stayed up all night listening to Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim. Talking about everything. It was just one of those really random nights. I didn't get home until 11 this morning. I promptly took a shower to rid myself of the grime under my fingernails and then passed out in bed until 5 this afternoon. Before we left, Mark handed us free copies of their new album, Death of A Minor TV Celebrity, so I've been listening to that since then. It's really good. They'll be touring again in January or February so hopefully they'll pass this way again. I had fun.

Tonight I've just been mucking about online. Amanda messaged me to tell me to look at Trinket's site. They have a link to Trinket the Cat. Okay, can I gripe? You are a rock band, not the SPCA. The cat is dead. Deal with it. The cat's actual page is completely looney. It has links to the cat's "opinions" and "family". People! This is A CAT! This is not something that can code it's own stupid feline opinions. Some person actually spent time writing down the ideas of an animal, or what she perceived them to be. It is an animal. Can I reiterate this? My second gripe is that this is linked from the MAIN page of a band's site. How utterly unprofessional of them. "Yay! You guys like cuddly animals! How sweet! Let me buy your album now!"
One comment: People are lame.



Seek the Meek

This is Mark Cope, my new friend. Lead guitarist/keyboards/backing singer for The Candyskins. We spent a lot of time talking about everything from optimism to drum and bass to The Pickwick Papers. It was really good to sit and talk for a couple of hours with really no one around about your life and how you feel a lot of the time. His dad, Kenneth Cope, was friends with Paul McCartney and acted in a couple of Carry On films, as well as about 20 other films,including one where the movie score was written by none other than my main man, Dave Dee. (As in the head of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich - my favorite band.) Do worlds collide? Why yes, they do! Had I known that bit of information last night, I would have talked about the brilliance of Dave Dee for hours.
And his mom dated Sean Connery. That's like the coolest heritage I can think of.
Mark is, for the most part, a very nice guy and he can play two instruments and sing at the same time like noone else. No, he's no Antony Spacehog, but he's still quite a nice guy.
Oh yeah. Their new single, "Feed It", is on the Waterboy soundtrack. They hit the big time.