The Katies/Self/Marvelous 3

Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX

How much does it rule that you can get guestlisted by insulting out-of-towners by the pay phone outside the club? (Very Much!) They saved us $20 in tickets, so we baked them cookies. Even trade.

I don't remember too much about the Katies, but they ruled. I sold Merch for Self for a while, and made lots of friends.

Marvelous 3 brought a triumphant return of power pop to the Galaxy Club, seeing how every band that plays there has some sort of undying dogma and/or political statement. The kids just want to rock. Keep it simple. Angie, my sister, yelled out for "Alison" and they covered it, so that was an extra plus.

Party ensues off Regal Row into the wee hours of the morning.

2 The Katies/Self/Marvelous 3 Satellite Lounge, Houston, TX

I drove to Houston with an almost complete stranger, but we got there in one piece.  The Self soundcheck was cool because they covered "Bugman". Tacos were overpriced in the area.

The Katies ruled my world. I heart Gary Welch because he's SUCH a southern rebel/badass I cannot help but love him. My favorite line from the night was "Houston, I'm happy as SHIT to be here tonight." And what's not endearing about that?

Self were even better and I was dancing most of the time with some stupid college kids but having the time of my life.

Marvelous 3 were good too. My favorite part of the night was when Jayce jumped into the crowd and started screaming Limp Bizkit-isms with a baseball hat sideways on the top of his head.  Then I talked to Slug for a long time and was lured to talk to Butch drunk (not a good idea) and then went back to Self's hotel to crash for free on their hide-a-bed. Yay!

3 Pavement Trees, Dallas, TX

So I get home from Houston and there's an email waiting for me from someone who read my page asking if I wanted their extra ticket to Pavement. Sure!

It was an okay show. Malkmus really didn't seem like he wanted to be there, but I didn't expect him to pull a Gary Welch and profess his love for the town or anything. Trees was too crowded for it's own good and every high school in the area dumped it's school buses at the front door, because I've NEVER seen that many high school kids at a show.

Famous Face in the Crowd: Dennis Rodman. He stood next to my sister and acted like a jerk. She shook his hand before he left. How weird is that?

8 Elvis Costello Coca-Cola Starplex, Dallas, TX

Aside from it being overpriced and at the wrong venue, it was a beautiful show. Steve Nieve is an amazing piano player and it's unreal how GOOD Elvis's voice sounds in real life, still after all these years. He did "I Want You", and that was all it took to have me crying like a baby.

9 Chomsky/Flickerstick/The Adventures of Jet Trees, Dallas, TX

Let me preface this with I HATE TX/OU weekend! Stupid out-of-towner traffic made us miss all of Chomsky except for the last song and a half. Flickerstick were bad. Jet grated my nerves beyond belief. The "indie redneck" boy in the crowd kept us entertained -- any boy that wears dark denim and a big belt buckle with his thumb through a belt loop has my complete attention.

14 Beta Band Trees, Dallas, TX

Damn Scotsmen cancelled.  Because I can guarantee that the only people that would have been there were me, TJ, and Nick. How it sucks to get to a club and find out there's no show. Damn damn Scotsmen.

updated October 15