September 01, 1999




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My parents have been gone since Saturday morning and I've actually enjoyed the week. No ghosts have eaten me alive or slimed my boudiour (I just wanted to say that and I probably spelled it wrong) so that's a definite plus in my side of the ring. Amanda's stayed with me every night except Sunday, when she went home to kindly record the "Fire In My Heart" video for me on 120 Minutes. She is too good to me.

Regarding the video, yes, it's silly. Yes, it shows a lot of Gruff's face and nothing else except a computer graphic rocketship landing and taking off. And jellyheaded aliens with one eye. But Huw's guitar! And Cian's rock throwing endeavors! And GRUFF! What perfect hair. What a perfect lovely face. I happily dubbed it onto the compilation video to end all others last night. I should have put it at the beginning to save myself the effort of fast forwarding to find it, but I didn't. Oh well.

power to the pop!And what's on this videotape? Ahhh, well...
Supergrass - "Alright"
Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" (one of my very favorite songs in the whole wide world)
Buckcherry interview and "Lit Up" video from 120 Minutes (featuring Yogi in gold lame and sea kelp. mm mmm mmmmm.) Also the performance of "For The Movies" on Conan, which was awful. Except for Yogi's "glamourite in heat" get-up.
Marvelous 3 interview and "Freak of the Week" video from 120 Minutes
Goo Goo Dolls - "Dizzy". Have you seen this!!? It's so freaking hilarious. Johnny "I'm skanky with a big neck!" Rzeznick (sp?). in full action hero character. He's as great of an actor as he is a songwriter. Interpret that how you like.
Super Furry Animals - "Fire In My Heart". Gruff's reverse poncho is nice. The video is like the coverart to Boston taking a step beyond. Like a very modern version of prog. Beauty, eh?
Blur - "There's No Other Way" American version. With the bubbles and water rings and Graham looking like a gimp. Damon too.
Black Crowes ... last single...can't remember the name. But Chris Robinson is cooler than anyone I know and I had to have it.
3 songs from my pirate copy of the Dandy Warhols live at La Luna in 1995. Zia looks like she's doing the pee pee dance and slaps her ass for attention. I hate her so very much. Pointy and short and upset whenever the attention is diverted away from her. Ugh. Peter, however, looks great. Bowlcut and pink t-shirt. And he's not begging for attention like the rest of his band. The cameraman also figured out how to do special effects with his camcorder, so there are trippy slow-motion sequences that SHOULD be released as a real video. It kills me everytime I watch it.
311 - "Do You Right". From one of my brother's tapes. Another one of those that I shouldn't like but it's so damn awful and funny I have to choose it as one of my favorites. The Mexican guy is dancing in front of a graffiti wall while the lead singer wears a Starter jacket minus a shirt in front of a waterfall and there's a monkey in it and a silhouette of a woman at the beach. Tacky!! I love it.

I've still got quite a bit of space on there, so we'll see what else I add to it.

Still making preparations for my Chicago trip. I'm helping a Welsh student in Mississippi figure out which flight to take to Chicago and which hotel to stay at. Mind you, I've never been there, but I figured I'd better help him as it seems the fates are destined to be completely against him (A WELSHMAN IN MISSISSIPPI!). My friend Cat is going to be in the middle of moving that weekend I'm there, so it's not going to be a good day to spend a substantial amount of time together. Shane is kind of going through a rough patch, so I'm not sure if I'll get to meet him. One good thing is that Warren (Marky Ramone's tour manager and old cohort of the Ramonies themselves) told me he'd give me the number of his friend there to escort me around. And he happens to be a cop! A PUNK ROCK COP!! You better believe I am going to call this guy. Hell yeah.

I don't think I mentioned the last Marky Ramone and the Intruders show from a couple of weeks ago up here. I love those boys immensely. I've been friends with them for a year and a half now (yes it HAS been that long!) and I always get extremely excited when they'll pass through again. As usual, cheese was brought up in conversation with Marky (with new haircut - frizzy ends never looked this good on anyone else), Angie developed a crush on Smokin' Ben Trokan and talked guitar techie stuff with him (we told her it was a good way to chat him up and it seemed to work okay). Johnny Pisano was his usual wicked witty self and Warren was as hilarious and sweet as ever. He gave me most of their free drink tickets and got my new digits. I love those guys. Also ran into the same guy we always run into at Intruders shows that produced one of the Ramones last videos. He is now working on the new Motorhead video and asked me if I'd consider being in it. BITCHIN!!!! Alas, I haven't heard back from him so maybe I'll email and see what happens. A chance to hang with Lemmy. Who would've thunk it?

I'm Getting Old
I was searching around today and found the web site for my old Junior High. I'm glad to see that Mrs. Horseburger is still librarian. I was library aide in 8th grade and she spent most of her time holed up in her office on the phone. Chris Collins used to steal a bunch of books and money out of the library fines box to buy Whatchamacalit bars at lunch. I wonder how he's doing these days.

Taint Me
Collection is Growing
I'm obviously still buying back my lost CD collection, and have gone a little crazy in bargain bins since Friday. Considering what I've bought back, I really haven't blown that much money, but it's made a dent in my savings. Ugh.
* Radiator/Outspaced - Super Furry Animals. $16.99. Justifiable for the fact it's hard to find and it was a double album.
* 4 Nights at the Palais Royale - Sloan. $6.99. Double live hard to find album for that cheap. God was smiling on me that day. Surely.
* One Chord To Another - Sloan. WITH THE PARTY ALBUM! Completely unscathed too. And all for $1.99. Nyah nyah.
* Summer Sun EP - Kula Shaker. $1.99. I haven't owned this in a couple of years, but since it was so cheap, hey, why not?
* There Are But 4 Small Faces - Small Faces. $8.99. Kind of steep considering the rest of the bargains, but oh well. It has one of Mac's compositions on it!
* Feelings Are Good and Other Lies - John Taylor. $6.99. I have been looking for this thing all over the place, and I find it sandwiched between two copies of STP's "Tiny Music" at Wherehouse Music in West Plano. It's wonderful. I heart John Taylor to the extreme.
* Velvet Underground and Nico - $5.00. The perks of being good friends with a guy who owns a music store. He gives you stuff half off.

Then the rest of these came in the mail...
Irresistable Bliss - Soul Coughing, Whiplash - James, Split Enz - Best of..., Doolittle - Pixies (yay!), How To Operate With A Blown Mind - Lo Fidelity Allstars

Methinks I shall stay out of record shops for a while. At least until Sept 21, when all that is good will be released.