Copycat Chrissy

Erin put this on her site and I think it's cool so I'm pretty much copying off of her. (She's now suitably linked!)

Full name: Christina Dawn Comley. I was actually born with a different last name (Blair) but because my father was a deadbeat, my stepdad adopted us and it changed.

Nicknames/Pet Names: Dollface, Babycakes, Sexy (these are all from Buckcherry), Hot Tamale (from Christian), Angie calls me Butthead and Buttmunch.

Hometown:  Dallas, TX

Born:  Camp Lejune, North Carolina

Eyes: Hazel blue/green.

Hair: Brown and in need of a haircut.

Current Residence:  I guess you could say the Hearthside in Plano, TX.

Siblings and their ages: Angie - 17. Matt - 15. Carolyn - 3.

Where do you work?  I love my boss. I love my schedule. I'm self-employed.

Do you drink?  Whenever I can.

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?  Yes. After drinking.

Do you make fun of people?  Whenever I deem they deserve it.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?  Nah.

Best online friends:  Kate, Kris, Cat, Kari, Alison, Aaron, Lynda, Ifan.

Pets?  Like I need one more mouth to feed. Hell no.

Type of car you drive now:  Keef - 1982 Ford Club Wagon XLT. It's Primer and Prog and a beaut.

What was your first car?  1988 Ford Tempo. Named Dan because it was a Dan good car.

Toothpaste:  Aquafresh. I'm a fool for tri-colored action.

Do you get along with your parents?    They're peculiar. So sometimes. And sometimes not.

Favorite town to chill in?  Atlanta, London, wherever Buckcherry are.

What's your bad time of day?  Mid-afternoon when I need a nap.

Most humiliating moment?  1. When Butch Walker let me know that he knew I had a crush on him after reading my stupid website. 2. Repeatedly banging my head on the Candyskins tour bus. 3. Telling Buckcherry of my sexual pursuits. 4. When I mistook Tommy for Johnny Thunders and made fun of Johnny's pink shirt. Doh. 5. Paying good money to sit through over an hour of The Mummy. 6. Knowing what Hootie and the Blowfish are like live.  6. Having to pee after a Buckcherry party with nowhere to go except in some bushes in Houston. 

Craziest or silliest person you know?  J. Christopher Arrison. Crowder. Amanda. Yogimir Lonich.

What do you remember most about 1998?  Puking a lot in Austin. The hot hot summer. Marky Ramone.

What's on your mousepad?  I have a touchpad. Mice are for loosers.

Do you believe in yourself?  Yes. I have a fun life.

Newest cd bought?  Isola by Kent for my sister's birthday.

Pet peeve?  "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft. Whininess. Hypochondriacs. People with "agendas". Swing dancing. Overly emotional leechy people. CHRIS MURPHY.

Craziest/most exciting thing ever done? 1. Making an appearance on Buckcherry's tour video. 2. Hedonistic pool parties with stupid American Indie bands. 3. Sleeping at Dulles airport after witnessing the S&M debauchery of the 9:30 Club. 4. Talking to my cousin Vonda about anything period.

What's the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?   Counting back to where I've been for the past few Saturdays. (At music festivals in other states.)

Do you get motion sickness?  Never.  I could spin around and never puke.

Are you a good friend?  As Stephen Duffy said, "I love my friends." I hope I am. I can tend to be a bit on the flighty and distant side, but I still think I know the coolest people on earth.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?  Yep. My big pink belly bear from Neiman-Marcus circa 1986.

What's your zodiac sign?  Aquarius.

What do you wear to bed?  Concert t-shirts, Gap pajama pants.

Have you ever been in love?  Yes.

What's on your bedroom walls?  Well, when I have a bedroom with walls, posters of Duran Duran, Blur, Corn Mo, Bernard Butler, Jon Spencer, Sloan, and pictures of my friends.

What do you notice first on someone of the opposite sex?  Shoes. Eyes. Hair. Smile.

What kind of shoe would you be?  One with a travellin' sole. And loudly colored.

What's under your bed?  Pictures of Marky Ramone and the Intruders, magazines, kleenex, and socks.

Funniest/weirdest/strangest thing anyone's ever said about you:  1. That I'm not smart enough to be a secretary. 2. The meathead from American Analog Set said "That Chrissy is fucking nuts!" 3. I wasn't date material because I didn't like The Verve. 4. Slash expresing his desire for me.

The most embarrassing thing you've done while drunk?    See also most embarassing things ever done.

Recent news?  I need a new tire for Keef. I am relocating out of state. My sister can't finish her junior year at Allen High School because of bomb threats. I can't stop coughing at night. I am guestlisted for Buckcherry shows for life.

Croutons or Bacon Bits?   Croutons. Dried pork products don't do it for me baby.

Shampoo or Conditioner. Both. My hair is so fine I go whole hog.

One pillow or two?  As many as I can get my hands on. Four preferrably.

Adidas, Nike or Reebok? Adidas. I'm a fool for triple stripe action.

Glass half empty or full?  Half full! Squealch it for everything it's worth.

Coke or Pepsi?  Coca cola because it's basic. Pepsi on occasion. 

White or chocolate milk?  Chocolate milk is so good.

Lefty or righty?  Right handed.

Chocolate or vanilla?  Depends on what it is.

Thunderstorms - scary or cool?  Cool.

Dream car:  Anything with a lot of power, good gas mileage, and something that wouldn't require me to throw all of my money into it.

If someone were to write a play about your life, what would the title be?   Chrissy Stardust.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?    Somewhere within the continental United States, married, thinking back to what a stupid kid I was 10 years ago.

For the girls:  would you ever ask a guy for his shirt?  I got to wear a King Crimson shirt the other day and that was kind of neat.

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?  Writing a tell-all rock bio and having people love and hate me. Or an archaeologist. Or a history teacher. And a cool mom that can make killer PB&J sandwiches and invite the neighborhood kids over to listen to old records.

If you could have a tattoo, what would it be and where?  A star on my hip.

Favorite salad dressing: bleu cheese.

Favorite sound?  A big key change in the middle of a song. Yogi singing anything Zepplin. The Happy Cats tune on The sound of George Jetson's car.

... scent?  Rain. Or men's cologne like Fahrenheit or Contradiction.

Favorite alcoholic drink?  White Russians.

... sport to watch?  wrestling or soccer.

Favorite perfume or cologne?  Estee Lauder's Pleasures or Opium.

... website? and Amanda's Domain of Pain.

... subject in school?  History and Literature.

... movie you've seen recently? Go. Breckin Meyer's character just killed me.

... movie ever?  The Philadelphia Story. I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Mary Poppins. Smoky and the Bandit. Anything Indiana Jones.

Worst recent movie?  You've Got Mail. Two boring hours delving into the boring lives and pointless emails of two boring people. I was hoping to be shot in the face to avoid Meg Ryan's frantic gestures (how CUTE!) and Tom Hanks beating around the bush and avoiding the inevitable. And the soundtrack. Argh! It's pathetic when the Cranberries are the best thing on there.

Least favorite subject?  Trigonometry.

Favorite ice cream?  Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla.

... and soft drinks?  Coca Cola.

... type of family game to play? Poker.

Favorite Spice Girl?  Ginger before she left, Posh now.

Favorite TV show? Mork and Mindy. Partridge Family. Dick Van Dyke. The Monkees. Bosom Buddies. Welcome Back, Kotter.

Favorite bar/hangout?  The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA.

Favorite colors:  Blue and orange.

Favorite types of music?  60s beat/mod. Indie pop. Neo-trash rock.

What's your favorite quote?  "Lose the pretension and rock your ass off."

Favorite food:  Cheese.