4 Trinket/Sloan The Point, Atlanta, GA Great show. Aside from Chris Murphy, resident asshole, pissing me off. They played "Honky Tonk Women" during the soundcheck and Andrew did a "Warthog" sounding version of "Good Golly Miss Molly". Too bad Mr. Murphy couldn't keep up on the drums. Guess he's not so great at everything is he? Had in depth conversation with Andrew after show about Freemasons and fell in love. Or harder.
5 Trinket Rome, GA I will never set foot in Rome, GA again. The town is a set for a horror movie. But Trinket played a great set and Tommy REALLY got into the bass. I've never seen a jam session with the entire crowd dancing onstage, but there's always a first.
11 Corn Mo/Valve Club Clearview, Dallas, TX Corn Mo! The greatest soloist in Texas! He plays accordion with a drumstick attached to his shoe (held in by the laces)  so he can kick a cymbal for the dramatic points. And he does Motley Crue covers. Right on.
Valve are pop perfection. They even did a Jeff Buckley and Weezer cover. My formative years covered in one short, but sweet, set.
12 Buckcherry Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX I REDISCOVERED ROCK AND ROLL.
13 Buckcherry Instant Karma, Houston, TX Houston is full of sleaze and grime but so is Buckcherry, and they put on a remarkable show regardless of the mic and monitor problems. Synchronized jumps and screams of vulgarity make me happy.
16 Buckcherry Boar's Head, Oklahoma City, OK The venue was in a strip mall next to a Famous Footwear. Beer was flowing like Niagara Falls. They even played an encore. And we got to party with a bunch of Hooters girls afterwards. Oh I love cliches!
18 Darlington Club Clearview, Dallas They didn't play their signature tune, "Jodie Foster". And they sucked hard. But a fat Gene Simmons look-a-like really got into it in the front row.
19 Chomsky/The Commercials Trees, Dallas Power pop at it's finest. Yay. Glen is so freaking hyper.
20 Corn Mo/Dooms UK/Riverboat Gamblers/Red Thred/Gospel Swingers Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX Another show for "my damn birthday". Thank you to Katie and Micheal and Erin and Amanda for sharing it with me. I ran into too many of my little sisters' high school friends and was a bit lit from my birthday presents from Erin, which ensued in a week of hell from my family. Yeehaw.
22 Wally Pleasant Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX The man is my hero. If I could hang out with Wally Pleasant everyday for the rest of my life, it wouldn't be enough. Debuted new song about getting a hit on VH1 and he told Amanda and I that we were the funniest people he knew.
25 Bicycle Thief/Weener Club Clearview, Dallas, TX More from my favorite cover band in the world. Every Weezer tune is relived at it's finest. Bicycle Thief are good too and the lead singer looks like Louis from Rialto. Definitely a good use of my $5.
27 Chomsky/The Commercials Curtain Club, Dallas, TX Chomsky ruled and the Commercials are extremely repetitive.